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    Save Your money - Garbage

    These are a hoax - they turn colors from moisture, not from "toxins". I am shocked that Avon resorted to selling this stuff. Take one, put a bit of water on it and the next morning it will be black. As Barnum said, " a fool and his money are soon parted."
    gypsytejas | 78 reviews

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    Nothing but a Hoax

    I bought this from a friend as a favor because she works for Avon and honestly it doesn't do a thing. Those black specs are not toxins, they are dirt plain and! If you have healthy kidneys and liver, they are sufficient enough to filter all the toxins in your body. Like I said, I just bought these as a favor to a friend. Definitely won't be purchasing these again.
    cheetah11 | 154 reviews

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    All a clever ploy...

    These don't do a thing. I too bought them from Avon AND an infomercial. They claim to draw toxins out of your body, but the only "chemical reaction" happening it the moisture from your feet absorbing into the pad and allowing it to change color. If you rub salt water over a pad, it does the same thing as what you see when you wake up, soooo it's essentially collecting your foot sweat ( morewhy the recommend you wear socks over it... to sweat). Save your money and just eat better and exercise.
    PrdctJunkie | 23 reviews

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    Don't waste your time!

    These are horrible. I can't believe Avon sells these. The black isn't toxins! And they smell terrible. They contain some type of vinegar so you can imagine. I didn't feel any better after using these.
    didapr08 | 49 reviews

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    Loved it!

    I was skeptical at first,but curiosity got the best of me so I decided to try these patches. They were really easy to use and stayed on comfortably overnight. When I woke up the next morning and peeled them off,I was AMAZED at all the stuff in there! The next 2 nights proved to be just as effective,and I did notice I felt more cleansed and calm afterwards. I would highly recommend these patches more anyone that is highly stressed, has anxiety/depression,or is looking for a less-invasive way to detoxify their system.
    Iluvjoshgroban | 13 reviews

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    D-D-D dirt!

    I wore these overnight, but there was no dirt, anything. I decided to wear them under socks all day and then ugh! They lived up to the claim of removal, the green, gray, black gelatinous guck. I do not know what it was removed from my body, but there it was after all day wear. They should not claim overnight on clean feet for sleep, because nothing happens during that time. My 16 year old son had morethe same thing happen and he thought it was awful. I disagree; they obviously removed something from my body and I say thank you to the inventors. price wise; was it worth it? I do not know, but I believe so.
    CHELSEYGATO | 10 reviews

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    Not bad, but not for me

    i tried these out and did feel a little less under the weather after the treatment time was over, but i had the craziest dreams when i wore them! herbal remedies are not always safe and for everyone.
    josie281 | 5 reviews

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    do not know if it works

    There is no clear discription of what the patches do. The is not a clear way to tell if they worked at all. The patches seem to get moist by the morning time, however you do not know if it was detoxing or if your feet were sweating.
    ryhall007 | 1 reviews

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    don't work

    I tried these and there was a bunch of gross dirt, but it was not toxins, but just dirt.
    juliasmommy4 | 121 reviews

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