Serena Williams Comes Clean About Her Diet Dilemmas

Serena Williams is a fitness pro, but that doesn't mean she always sticks to a strict diet. The tennis champ admits that she sometimes has a hard time eating healthy.   read more


April 18, 2014  |   6:04 AM  |  COMMENT
Korea's Plastic Surgery Industry Has Created a Passport Problem

Korea's obsession with plastic surgery is well-documented. But here's something we hadn't thought of: What if your plastic surgery is so good, that it makes you unrecognizable? And what if that makes it impossible for you to actually get into your home country?   read more


April 17, 2014  |   6:04 AM  |  COMMENT
Lorde Does Not Suffer Photoshopping Fools

• When will the world learn? Lorde hates it when you mess with her face, so stop doing that. The 17-year-old wunderkind called out yet another magazine for Photoshopping her a bit too far. She took to Twitter to say that she's pretty sure she's got a new nose in the shot.   read more


April 17, 2014  |   5:04 AM  |  COMMENT
Does Kate Upton Not-So-Secretly Hate Her Boobs?

• In a quote that sounds suspiciously un-Kate Upton-like, the Sports Illustrated model supposedly said that she wishes she had smaller boobs. "I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life as I would love to wear spaghetti top braless or go for the smallest bikini design," she allegedly told The Sun. "I'm like, 'Oh, man, it would be so much easier,' especially if people didn't constantly bring them up." [Marie Claire]   read more


April 16, 2014  |   5:04 AM  |  1 COMMENT
6 Best Body Firming Products -- and the 2 Worst

Of all the wacky things sci-fi scientists are working on, whether it's creating adamantium-infused bones a la Wolverine, or perfecting human cloning, we sincerely hope they're also working on creating miracle skin care products that you can massage on your "trouble areas" to make cellulite instantly disappear.   See products


April 14, 2014  |  11:04 AM  |  21 COMMENTS
This Is What Real Natural Beauty Looks Like

Are there boundaries to how we like our "natural beauty"? It seems everywhere you go, there are ads touting the idea that women should embrace their natural charms. But is there a limit to all that naturalness? What about armpit hair? Photographer Ben Hopper's photo series "Natural Beauty" attempts to find out.   read more


April 14, 2014  |   6:04 AM  |  COMMENT
Artisanal Fitness: Cringeworthy or Cool?

The latest ridiculous fitness trend? Artisanal Fitness. And yes, of course it's out of San Francisco.   read more


April 11, 2014  |   7:04 AM  |  COMMENT
Men Want Kim, Women Want Gwyneth

As the old song by the Waitresses goes, "I know what guys like, I know what guys want," and these days, what guys want is a woman that looks like Kim Kardashian, at least according to a new survey from British lingerie company   read more


April 11, 2014  |   6:04 AM  |  4 COMMENTS
Did Beyonce Photoshop Her Instagram Photos?

• Did Beyonce Photoshop herself a crazy thigh gap? Not likely, but somebody did, and she looks mighty wobbly in these photos taken from Bey's Instagram. [The Frisky]   read more


April 11, 2014  |   5:04 AM  |  COMMENT Awards 2014: Best Body Products

Scrubs, body washes, razors, lotions ... when it comes to essential beauty products, your body racks up a sizeable shopping list. To save you from scouring eye-crossing shelves in the drugstore aisle or endlessly weighing the pros and cons before making a pricier prestige buy, we've scrubbed, slathered, swiped and spritzed to find the absolute best beauty products for your body on the market.   read more


April 8, 2014  |  12:04 PM  |  COMMENT

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Whether you're a diehard nature girl or you're the godmother of your plastic surgeon's children, taking good care of your body is the best way to stay beautiful for life. Eating well and exercising are always a great step in the right direction, but what do you do for your mother's cellulite that has taken up permanent residence on your thighs or a sunburn that just won't quit? Whether chronic or temporary, these beauty issues can put a serious crimp in one's positive body image. Before you get bogged down with the minute imperfections that your best friend swears she can't see, visit the body guide at Total Beauty for expert advice.

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