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    Simply AWFUL

    Thank goodness Rite Aid will let you return even used makeup for a refund. I'm giving it a 2 because it does a good job of NOT settling into my lines. But I also need coverage, an easy package to handle... 1. First, the shade goes on at least two shades lighter than it appears in the compact. It must be because of that white stuff (the serum?), but I thought it would be transparent since the moreOlay serum I use is transparent, not white! So it's either that or the talc. So be sure to get at least a shade DARKER than what appears to match your skin. 2. Speaking of which, it is odd to have talc as one of the main ingredients in a foundation for older skin, which GENERALLY is dryer than younger skin. I mean, with the name "ageless", it must be targeted to older women, not a 22 year old. So if you have dry skin, exfoliate well and use a rich moisturizer. But even though I tried this, it still really emphasizes the tiniest bit of dry skin, making me look older. The talc seemed to absorb any moisture I managed to get. 3. Flimsy sponge will not completely wash out the makeup. I had a stain in it the first time I used it. It does not blend easily with a dry sponge. I've found using a damp sponge made it a little easier to blend, but I used a disposable one each time. It was a pain to wash that sponge they gave you everytime. 4. Packaging was hard to open, and there's no mirror. I almost broke it because I thought it should snap open & UP, like all compacts I've seen. But it has a screw on lid. 5. For a foundation so thick in texture, I expected much better COVERAGE. However, my liquid foundations and even tinted moisturizers cover better than this! I don't just need something that doesn't settle in lines, I need coverage. It also made my pores look bigger, like craters on the moon surface, and I have small pores! 6. Much more expensive than most drugstore foundations, and not worth that money. Thank goodness I got it back. I only got this stuff cause the Cover Girl foundation I wanted (TruBlend Whipped Foundation) was apparently discontinued. But fortunately, I found it at that was luck there. At Rite Aid, it was already all gone since it said "75% off-clearance/close out), so I was too late I thought. And I LIKE the whipped formula so much better. I really wanted the Simply Ageless to work for me. Must be the professional photographers, lighting, and make up artists in those Ellen DeGeneres commercials that made me decide to try this. Sorry if this is hard to read if the formatting and spacing did not come out right, and sorry if there's duplicates, but my review disappeared after just being there a minute ago!!! — 4 years, 5 months ago
    Supernaturalfan | 45 reviews

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    Perfect for my roseacea

    I have rosecea with very dry skin. I would normally have to slather on the moisturizer but not with this. I dont have to use a moisturizer. I start with just a little and I pat it on my cheeks and work my way out to my jawline. It blended well and covers my redness perfectly. I never rub it I just continue to pat it on then I use a buki brush to apply my advance radiance pressed powder. I look airbrushed. LOVE IT SO DON'T CHANGE IT — 4 years, 6 months ago
    TammyLM | 1 reviews

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    total dissapointment

    After seeing the ads (cleverly done by Ellen) I rushed out to buy this product. It felt good going on but did not look any different than any kind of non-powder I had used. A month went buy, and I don't wear makeup but maybe twice a week. Within a month, the foundation contents had a large CRACK in it. It was closed properly, but had a dried out look to it, with oil of olay supposedly in it. I morewas going past my limit by paying $14 for foundation on my budget, but this was not acceptable. I had not kept the receipt so I just had to throw it away. Very dissapointing. — 4 years, 9 months ago
    itskathy42 | 4 reviews

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    At Last!

    For years I've had trouble finding makeup that would work for me...I have a very blotchy skin but for the most part fair skinned. Most makeup I've used looks very caked on, but this goes on and seems to just blend in while hiding the imperfections. Also, I've found that "less is more", meaning I start out with a very very light hand and then just use a bit more if needed. Because of morehis, the container will last long enough that the price, to me anyway, is justified. (I wouldn't mind a bit if they did lower the price just a tad though!) — 4 years, 9 months ago
    Joni97103 | 1 reviews

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    Guess I need makeup lessons from Ellen Degeneres!

    Disappointed in this foundation. Bought the same color as another CG foundation but this is much lighter and doesn't give me the coverage my other foundation does. Packaging is hard to open and flimsy. — 4 years, 9 months ago
    sassy1957 | 7 reviews

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    Quite possibly Holy Grail for me!

    Usually CG fndn is waaay too pink for my skintone [Asian-medium-yellow], but I wanted to try this anyway, and I am SO glad I did! I bought it in Soft Honey #255, a tad darker than what I am on most of my face, but I have pretty prominent sundamage blotches that are right smack in the middle of my snoot, and they're REALLY hard to hide - putting too-light a shade over them only makes them look moreey and more noticeable. Plus, I've used this shade in other CG fndn/powders, and it's yellow enough for me. This stuff helps conceal them, not 'perfectly', but it blends SO well that the blotches are almost unnoticeable as blotches, it just looks like my face gradually gets darker toward my nose, but not weirdly [I'm TRYING to find a way to describe it, lol!]. I'm not sure if the Olay in it will help lighten the splotches, and I don't have any wrinkles to speak of, even at 40, but I will report back on how the discolorations are doing. This stuff goes on as a cream, and you need to let it set for a minute after blending, which it does like a dream! It also wears and wears, and I have a very oily T-zone, so extra points for that. It doesn't settle into any lines that I can tell [I have maybe 2 fine lines], or into my pores, which in the area on and around my nose are huge, so even more points. One of the only things that it loses points for is the price; $13 for CG foundation is a leeeettle bit too much, IMO. Also the packaging, it comes in a glass screw-top jar, the lid has a flip-top where you'll find a sponge [I use my fingers], but no mirror, and I have heard from others that they had a lot of difficulty trying to open theirs, so I guess I was lucky since I had no problems. I don't think it's scented, all I can smell if I stick it close to my sniffer is a very faint lotion-y smell, and I didn't see any frangrance listed, but you should check it if you have any issues w/scented makeup. Overall, this pretty much is my HG fndn! — 4 years, 10 months ago
    Charziparzi | 21 reviews

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    Does what it's suppose to do

    I have tried several liquid and powder foundations and everyone sat in my wrinkles. I like this, it goes on smoothly, the color is fine, and it doesn't sit in my wrinkles. Also it is very light and doesn't feel cakey. — 4 years, 10 months ago
    mrsgym | 1 reviews

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    Love it!

    I really like the way this goes on and the way it feels. I have also noticed that it does not sit in the fine lines on my face. I love this product... — 4 years, 11 months ago
    sunnshynee | 2 reviews

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    Covers Flaws

    I really like this foundation. The closest color to my complexion appears slightly yellowish. Next time I will consider perhaps a darker shade but for the most part the coverage is excellent. Most importantly the foundation doesn't ever feel dry or cake like and never settles into lines or creases. The foundation does give a flawless look and it evens skin tone. The Regenerist product in moree foundation is beneficial to skin. The product does what it says and is a good value for the money. The compact can be somewhat difficult to open; especially to access the sponge applicator. The challenge with this foundation is finding a good color match. Other than the small things I mentioned I do highl recommend this product. — 4 years, 11 months ago
    bern99 | 2 reviews

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    cover girl and olay team up

    I have used Olay skin treatments for years and was really excited to try this product. I first noticed the makeup in a magazine ad featuring Ellen DeGeneres and wanted to try it. Like a lot of other reviews stated, this product goes on much lighter than you would normally expect. I ended up using a bronzing powder over the foundation. I always have trouble in the summer with finding a moren that will not 'melt' when I am exposed to heat and humidity. The first time I used the CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation was truly a day for that test. In upper 90 to low 100 temps and with dew points in the low 70's, I had a day filled with errands and appointments and running in and out all day. The makeup stayed on and lasted the entire day with only a few blots to save it. I use Olay Regenerist Daytime moisturizer underneath and the foundation went on smoothly. The container was very difficult to open at first and has held up well. I also like the sponge applicator being in its' own compartment. This has been one of the better foundations that I have used in a long time. — 4 years, 11 months ago
    kiakat56 | 1 reviews

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