11 Bright Makeup Colors That Work on Everyone

Tell me if you've been here before: You see a picture in a magazine of a stunning fuchsia pink lipstick that looks AMAZING on the model, so you promptly rip out the magazine page and hightail it to Sephora with one mission: To get that fuchsia lipstick.   Get makeup


March 16, 2012  |   4:03 PM  |  77 COMMENTS
The Best Face Makeup Brushes

In order to achieve the ultimate look in flawless beauty it takes three things: technique, makeup and a good set of face makeup brushes. Doing makeup is like being an artist: if you do not have a good paintbrush then you will not make the best painting. The same goes for makeup brushes: if you want to look your best, you are going to need to work with the best. Read on to find out which makeup brushes will help you take your look to the next level.   read more


March 15, 2012  |  10:03 PM  |  4 COMMENTS
How I Get That Celebrity Glow

You can have your of-the-moment neon polishes and orange lipsticks. But whatever the season and whichever the year, beautiful, glowing, healthy skin is always paramount in style. That's why, regardless of "who" they're wearing or which pro did their makeup, red-carpet posing celebs and strutting cat walkers all seem to have a shine to their skin when the rest of us look lackluster. What are they doing that we aren't?   read more


March 15, 2012  |   6:03 AM  |  22 COMMENTS
Smokey Eye Makeup Application Tutorial

Smokey eye makeup application is one of the most popular makeup requests that makeup artists receive, yet one of the most difficult to achieve, due to the fact that not many people know how to create this look without making it look like they got a black eye. The first thing that you should do is apply concealer to the top of your lid in order to prep them for the smokey eye makeup application. Next, apply eyeliner to both your top and bottom rims. Check out   read more


March 14, 2012  |   9:03 PM  |  5 COMMENTS
How To Do Face Makeup For Halloween

The end of October is one of the best times of the year for makeup enthusiasts because it gives everyone the chance to go all out with their face makeup for Halloween, allowing them to be someone (or something) completely different for the night. But instead of spending more money on Halloween store makeup that you will use once, chances are you have all of the items you need to make a great Halloween look right inside your cosmetic case. If you want some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing, take a look at the   read more


March 14, 2012  |   8:03 PM  |  1 COMMENT
Editors' Picks: The Best BB Creams

BB creams are suddenly everywhere -- from giant signs in Sephora windows to the best real estate in the drugstores. And even us beauty editors (who have to be hypercritical -- it's our job) are excited about the new makeup-meets-skin care category.   See products


March 14, 2012  |   3:03 PM  |  118 COMMENTS
5 Simple Eye Makeup Application Techniques

Eye makeup can be one of the more challenging parts of a makeup routine, due to the fact that one wrong brush stroke or eye shadow color choice can take you from looking fabulous to freaky in a matter of seconds. Here are the top 5 simple eye makeup application techniques that are easy and effective in order to ensure that your eyes look their best, no matter what.   see techniques


March 12, 2012  |   3:03 PM  |  5 COMMENTS
7 Sexy Eye Makeup Looks to Try Now

Even though I'm a beauty editor, "going out makeup" has never been my strength. Whether I'm getting ready for a wedding or a fun dinner with my girlfriends, I always ask myself the same question: "Should I wear a smoky eye or a bright lip?" And since my husband finds lipstick repulsive, the answer is almost always the smoky eye.   See trends


March 9, 2012  |   1:03 PM  |  58 COMMENTS
The Great Celebrity Eyebrow Swap

You've heard it a million times: Great eyebrows can completely transform your look. But just in case you had any doubts, we did some instant celebrity eyebrow makeovers to show just how dramatic the change can be.   See brows


March 5, 2012  |   5:03 PM  |  47 COMMENTS
How to Contour Your Face

What's the secret to Kim Kardashian's prominent cheekbones, Keira Knightley's defined jawline, and Michelle Williams' dainty nose? Here's a little secret: It's all in their makeup artists' ability to   Learn how to contour


March 2, 2012  |   9:03 AM  |  35 COMMENTS

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