How to Care for Your Sensitive Facial Skin

If you have sensitive facial skin, you know how difficult it is to maintain. Sunscreens can cause an outbreak. Makeup can irritate it. Even sensitive skin treatments can cause bad reactions. But don't worry just yet, there's a silver lining out there (hurray!). There are ways to treat and even cure some of your worst sensitive facial skin issues. And to start you off, here are a few tips to help you get beautiful skin gently.   read more


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Why Organic Skin Care Products Are More Than a Trend

Going green these days has become less of an eco-friendly sacrifice and more of a hot new beauty trend. Organic beauty collections are popping up all over the place, to the point where some of the best products out there are the organic versions. So when it comes to your skin, get ready: there are a whole slew of reasons why organic skin care products are the way to go.   read more


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The Best Products For Sensitive Skin

Having dry sensitive skin can present a big challenge when it comes to finding the right products to use without causing irritation to your skin. Fortunately, there are more products for sensitive skin on the shelves than there were ten years ago. According to Los Angeles dermatologist Dr. Kathryn Johnston, hypoallergenic skin products are a must for those with dry sensitive skin. Most products contain fragrances and chemicals that can exacerbate acne and sother skin problems, so it is best to stick to products made for sensitive skin. Basis is a dermatologist-recommended soap for sensitive skin and contains aloe vera, which helps with acne and sensitive skin. For those that prefer liquid cleanser, Dr. Johnston recommends Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash, an oil-free liquid cleanser for sensitive skin.   see products


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Which Foundation Formula Should You Be Using?

In recent beauty news, we learned that the topsy-turvy economy isn't stopping people from buying foundation. It probably correlates with the fact that if we can't afford facials and expensive skin care products, then we at least have to have winning face makeup to cover up imperfections and even things out a bit.   Take quiz


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Get Personalized Skin Care Advice Here

Skin type changes over time. Weather, hormones, traveling -- even products -- can disguise your true skin type, says New York City dermatologist Dr. Debra Wattenberg. Diagnose your true type here, then find out how to correctly care for it.   Take the quiz


August 16, 2008  |  12:08 AM  |  42 COMMENTS
Quiz: Does Your Foundation Suck?

How many times has your foundation looked great at the beauty counter, then "off" the next day? We talked to celebrity makeup artists Gita Bass and Molly Stern and Procter & Gamble senior scientist Sarah Vickery to help you figure out what went wrong. Take the quiz to find out what kind of makeup your skin really needs and get expert tips on making your skin look its best.   Find your match


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'Oh-My-God-What-Is-That?' Skin Emergencies

Our two-minute guide to what you shouldn't pick at, as well as pro regimens on improving true skin emergencies, with advice from derms Dr. Kenneth Beer, Dr. Jeanine B. Downie and Dr. Kathryn Frew.   See skin emergencies


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Sensitive Skin Care Guide

With the limited number of skin care products and practices that suit sensitive skin, it becomes extremely important to understand the particular skin condition before adopting any specific skin care advice. Total Beauty's skin care guide aims at educating its readers about sensitive skin, enabling them to understand and identify their skin condition so as to adopt practices and products that best suit them. On this guide you can find a wide range of in-depth articles written by a panel of renowned dermatologists and beauty experts covering every aspect of skin care. The guide also includes resources to identify particular skin conditions, medical opinion on common skin ailments, and specialized routines for sensitive skin. Some skin conditions can also make your skin prone to allergic reactions from common compounds found in cosmetics and daily use skin care products. In addition to offering analysis of products to avoid, Total Beauty also offers complete guidance on available replacements for these products.

With the availability of usable information and professional guidance, sensitive skin can also look ravishing and flawless. Start using the available resources on Total Beauty today to keep your skin healthy and beautiful forever.

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