The Right Skin Care for Every Age

When it comes to skin care, most of us fall into one of two camps. There are those of us who never change our routine, using the same ill-suited face wash and moisturizer from our high school days. Then there's the other group, who embrace treatments like Botox and acid peels before there's a wrinkle in sight.   Find your regime


November 12, 2013  |  11:11 AM  |  89 COMMENTS
True or False: Sleeping on Your Face Causes Wrinkles

Don't cross your eyes, they'll freeze like that. Don't go out with wet hair, you'll catch your death of cold. Don't sleep on your face, it causes wrinkles. All of these adages have become part of our every day parlance -- despite the fact that none of them are true -- according to a new study at least.   read more


August 7, 2013  |   9:08 AM  |  4 COMMENTS
Aaaand I'm Officially Starting to Use Eye Cream

There are moments in life when you realize, "Uh-oh, I'm not fresh-faced and 20-nothin' anymore." Like the moment you see a close-up of yourself and can't look away from the crow's feet. Or when you notice the first sun spot has emerged on the top of your hand.   read more


May 3, 2013  |   4:05 PM  |  15 COMMENTS
The Best Anti-Aging Eye Creams

One of my least favorite questions of all time is this-- Are you tired? Sure, sometimes I am tired, and yes, when I am tired I rarely make any attempts to disguise it. But most of the time, the clue that's probed the question isn't the extra large coffee that I have a death grip on or my obvious lack of peppiness; it's those pesky dark circles under my eyes.   read more


May 1, 2013  |   6:05 PM  |  12 COMMENTS
Stop Freaking Out About Aging (and Start Using These Products)

My mother, whom I happen to adore, used to annoy the crap out of me by spouting truisms like, "Youth is wasted on the young."   Use these now


November 15, 2012  |   3:11 PM  |  15 COMMENTS
How to Look Hot in 10 Years

I have a 35-year-old friend who tells me all the time to enjoy my crow's-feet-free eyes and sunspot-less skin. She waxes poetic about "when she was my age" like she's my grandmother, wistfully telling me stories about a time before she had to spend $300 a month on anti-aging serums and night creams.   Look hot in 10 years


November 5, 2012  |   5:11 PM  |  14 COMMENTS
7 Worst Anti-Aging Night Creams

See which popular night creams our readers say suck   See night creams


September 10, 2012  |   1:09 PM  |  53 COMMENTS
6 Face Yoga Poses That'll Make You Look Like You Had a Facelift

Ryan Lochte, KStew the "Trampire," and the election are trending right now. You know what else is spreading through the digital world like a cute cat video? Face yoga.   Try face yoga


August 31, 2012  |   5:08 PM  |  21 COMMENTS
How To Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Neck wrinkles become more noticeable with age, particularly when the collagen and elastin in the skin begin to break down. The main cause of these wrinkles is sun exposure, as too much exposure to ultraviolet rays will speed up the breakdown of collagen and dries skin out, heightening your risk of premature wrinkles. One thing you can do for neck wrinkles is to wash your neck daily with a moisturizing soap that does not contain any fragrances or harsh chemicals. Next, make sure to take supplements or eat foods rich in Vitamin C in order to build your collagen and fight free-radicals that attack skin cells. Read   read more


July 25, 2012  |   7:07 PM  |  3 COMMENTS
The Best Fillers For Wrinkles

As many women age, a majority of them will find that they have more lines and wrinkles on their face. While facelifts and plastic surgery are a popular method for treating wrinkles, many other women are turning to fillers for wrinkles as an alternative method for fighting aging. The reason why many people are opting for fillers for wrinkles is because they are less invasive and results are not permanent, which prevents the chance of any permanent damage being done. Radiesse and Restylane are two of the most popular fillers currently on the market, and when done in conjunction with anti aging skincare products, the results are often phenomenal. Read   read more


July 18, 2012  |   7:07 PM  |  2 COMMENTS

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