Makeup Tips: Day to Night Makeup in 5 Minutes or Less

Scenario: You're at work. It's 4:55pm and you've had a long, perhaps sweat-inducing day thanks to accounting department Susie giving you lip in front of the big boss. While you're fantasizing about your favorite sweatpants your husband calls saying you need to meet him and his coworkers for drinks at a chi chi restaurant straight from the office. You take one look in your compact mirror and panic.   See tips


12 Gorgeous Asian Eye Makeup Looks

Ditch your frustration about applying eye makeup by embracing these looks that'll play up your specific eye shape   Get tips


The Best Red Lip Makeup for Your Skin Tone

Red: The color of passion, the color of love. It's probably the sexiest color around and when painted on your lips, it's dynamite. Like with all lip makeup colors, certain shades of red look better on some skin tones than others. Because of this semi-frustrating fact, we are constantly asked by readers to help them find the best red for them.   See looks


Beauty Products to Enhance My ...

In a day and age where we are constantly exposed to glossy, (ahem) retouched magazine covers and celebrities who have "look amazing at all times" practically written into their contracts, it's easy to get down on yourself. We're all guilty of spending tons of money searching for beauty products and procedures that are going to magically "fix" what we don't like about ourselves. With that said, we think it's time to start loving ourselves a little more and using beauty products that simply enhance, not mask, our features, shall we?   See products


Best Movie Makeovers of All Time

Cue the music. Hold your breath. Fight those tears. It's time -- time for the geek or the tough-girl or the under-privileged/secretly gorgeous duckling to swim as a swan. You know it's the best part of the movie. When the scullery maid gets transformed into a princess. When the tomboy FBI agent turns into a beauty pageant queen. When the nerd becomes the most popular girl in school. Despite being grown women, we all love a good movie makeover, don't we?   See Makeovers


5-Minute Makeup Looks for Your Skin Tone

Nine-to-five fact: When you've got deadlines, you'd rather spend time in line at Starbucks than doing your makeup. Any gal on the go knows the importance of that first sip of java, the extra three minutes in the shower, or that morning run that gets your blood pumping before the eight-hour (if you're lucky) grind. So, doing your makeup in the morning shouldn't require a significant time block, agree? Basically, if making up your face has made it on to your iPhone "to do" list, it's time you got the memo that perfectly pulled-together makeup looks can be accomplished in five minutes or less -- so no need to block out the better half of an hour.   See looks


3-Product Makeup Challenge

It's 6pm. And you just got a last minute invitation to dinner with friends. There's no question -- you're in. Except for one problem -- you don't have time to run home and touch up your makeup , and you only have lipstick, one eyeliner and powder in your purse. What's a girl to do? Easy -- get creative and make those makeup products multi-task.   See makeup looks


2010 Halloween Makeup and Costume Ideas

Retire your usual (yawn-worthy) cat or witch looks for one of these new Halloween makeup and costume ideas   See looks


Edgy Hair and Makeup Looks to Try for Halloween

Our prediction for this year's most popular costumes:

1. Lady Gaga
2. Snookie   See looks


Real Women Makeover Hall of Fame

There's something so satisfying about seeing before and after makeover photos juxtaposed. Whether it is celebrities or real women, there's a wow factor about seeing what subtle or profound hair and makeup adjustments can do for someone's outer and inner glow. And for those of us who are on the perpetual self-improvement quest, these makeover photos make us ask ourselves, "Am I in need of a makeover too?"   See makeovers


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