The No. 1 Fall Makeup Trend -- And How to Pull It Off

While summer was all about the soft pinks and bright corals, lips are getting a bold overhaul for the new season. Fall trends are calling for deep plums and rich mauves for your pout, and you'll find that there's a color for everyone -- even the Chapstick-wearer in the corner who dares to maybe wear tinted lip balm for a night out.   See trends


7 Hottest Fall Makeup Trends

The signs of the new season are here. Leaves crunch beneath your gray wool booties and Starbucks is offering their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte again. But you're not here to chitchat about the romantic elements of the season, are you? We didn't think so. So let's get to the stuff that we really care about right now -- like the burnt orange and electric blue colors that are popping up in eyeshadow palettes, the wine-stained lips we're seeing in fashion mags, and the revved-up cat eye that has us purring for the how-to's already.   See fall trends


11 Makeup Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making

In theory beauty editors shouldn't be making makeup mistakes. We interview expert makeup artists all the time, we try new makeup products daily, and we write about bad makeup on celebrities and vow never to do the same to ourselves. But in reality, even the most experienced makeup mavens can mess up now and then.   See mistakes


Cheap Swaps for High-End Makeup

Think you need to pay $30 or more for a decent blush or mascara? Not with these cheap makeup picks that work just as well as high-end beauty products   See makeup


10 Products That Hide (and Fix!) Skin Problems

We're going to go out on a limb here and guess that you're a multi-tasking type of gal. C'mon, admit it -- you tweet, text, and upload photos to your Facebook page simultaneously. You listen to books on tape while you drive. You watch TV while you workout. And you want your makeup to multitask just as well as you do, working to cover up and treat any skin problems you have.   See products


How To Do Your Own Bridal Makeup

It's July, which means we are officially about a month into wedding season! (Yay!) It also means that a lot of brides have been asking me how to do their own makeup for their weddings, with concerns ranging from, "I'm worried it'll melt off" (check out these melt-proof makeup tips) to "I don't know how to get my makeup to look good in photos."   Step one


Melt-Proof Summer Makeup Trends

Summer's here, and there's an extra spring in your freshly-pedicured step for good reason: We actually can't help but love this time of year because the sun actually increases our serotonin levels, the "happy" moderators in our brain that lift our mood. (And you thought your new, cheery outlook was just about all the pool parties, cute sundresses, and fun new makeup trends to try.)   See products


Asian Makeup: How to Combat Straight Eyelashes

There are some things in this world that are inexplicable: What really happened at Roswell? Or what came first, the chicken or the egg? Sure these may not keep you up at night, but one mystery Total Beauty was intent on solving involved stubbornly-straight eyelashes. When it comes to Asian makeup, the most common complaint is lashes that seem to be forever answering the question, "Where's the ground?" "Down there," they say. Straight down.   Get tips


Makeup: Beauty Brand Pronunciation Guide

When it comes to makeup and beauty brands, there are those good old, simple-to-say American brands like CoverGirl or Revlon. Then there are intimidating foreign names like Shu Uemura that can leave you feeling like Nomi in "Showgirls" when she says her couture gown is "Ver-SAYCE" instead of "Ver-Sa-Chee." Read: more than a little mortified.   See the brands now


Makeup: Beauty Editors Take It All Off

The staff at Total Beauty comes clean -- faced that is. See us remove our makeup   See pictures


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