The Best Natural Beauty Products For Your Skin

Having beautiful skin starts with your skincare regimen. Using natural beauty products on your skin is not only better for you but just as effective. One of the best brands is L Occitane, a body and skincare company that offers products that contain natural and organic essential oils. She Essential is another brand that offers organic skin care products for the body, mind and home, and their items are paraben free but feel luxurious on your skin. Some of the benefits associated with using these products include the fact that they are easier on skin and not heavy, free of synthetic dyes and preservatives that often cause allergic reactions and breakouts. Read   read more


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How To Make Makeup Look Natural

Women love to wear makeup in order to enhance their natural beauty, but when we use too much or apply it incorrectly, we end up looking overdone and not natural at all. It is important to know how to make makeup look natural in order to achieve that effortless look. The first important step is to choose a foundation that matches your exact skin shade. In order to find the right color, do a test patch on your skin. If it disappears into your skin and you have trouble telling where the foundation starts and where your skin ends, then you have found the right color. You can also opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation if you are looking for a more natural and sheer look. Using a cream blush is great when learning how to make makeup look natural because it blends more easily into the skin as opposed to powder blush, which instead sits on top of the skin and can give one that cakey look. Read   read more


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Road Test: The Best Makeup on Pinterest

My obsession with makeup started when I was 14. I spent hours in the bathroom mirror creating what I thought were mini masterpieces. Big whoop, what teenage gal doesn't play with makeup, right?   Copy makeup looks


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The Pros and Cons of Permanent Eye Makeup

Many women are now getting permanent eye makeup done, but is it really worth it? There are numerous reasons as to why people are having this procedure done, some of the main ones being to save time and money. If you get permanent eye liner or eyebrow penciling done then you will be able to skip applying certain cosmetics on a daily basis, which brings us to the second reason that people will opt to have this done: saving money. By getting eye liner done that is forever, you will never have to purchase certain types of cosmetics ever again. Another bonus is that you will never have to worry about your eye makeup getting wet, smudged at the gym or streaking during the rain because it cannot be removed. Did you know that getting permanent eye makeup is similar to getting a tattoo? Read   read more


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How To Do The Perfect Peacock Eye Makeup Look

Peacocks are currently all the rage on the makeup scene, as people love the brilliant colors and textures associated with these beautiful creatures. It is no wonder that the peacock eye makeup look has become extremely popular. This step by step guide will explain how you can easily pull off this gorgeous eye makeup look with little effort. The fun part about doing peacock eye makeup is that there are an array of colors you can mix and match, depending on your personal preference. You can choose from various hues of blue, green and purple in order to achieve the perfect look. First apply a lid primer to your eye lids in order to create a smooth surface so that your eye shadow will apply easily and last longer. Next, take a rich purple color and apply on the inner part of both lids, then take a shimmery green eye color and sweep onto the rest of the lid. Read   read more


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Day Makeup Tips For That Natural Beauty Look

Women love to wear makeup in order to enhance their appearance, but some women are not aware of the fine line between a day makeup look and a night makeup look. For instance, a dramatic smokey eye might not look as appropriate at the office first thing in the morning as opposed to a nightclub. These day makeup tips will help guide you as you work on achieving the perfect day look that is natural and beautiful. For the day, keep your liner and mascara to the upper lash line and lashes. It is more natural looking and will also help avoid those smudged raccoon eyes that you normally get by your lunch break at the office. Cream blushes in light pink and peach shades blend better into skin and appear more natural as opposed to burgundy and mauve colored blushes. Foundation powder also goes on lighter and gives skin a natural glow as opposed to liquid foundation, which can appear overdone and make skin look slick under the sun. Read   read more


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Theatrical Makeup Tips

Whether you are a stage actor or just want to look bold and dramatic for the night, there are plenty of theatrical makeup tips you can borrow from the big screen that will help your makeup pop in the perfect way. Keep in mind that stage makeup is different from regular makeup because bolder colors and more makeup are needed in order to show up under the bright lights, so make sure the place you will be going to has a similar lighting set up, otherwise you may want to tone it down a slight bit. Always apply skin moisturizer prior to makeup application, as it will keep your skin from becoming dry and tired and will allow the makeup to last longer. Applying foundation that is two shades darker is one of the most important theatrical makeup tips, as it helps prevent you from appearing pale onstage. To amp up your hairdo to go along with your hot new makeup, read   read more


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Simple Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are stunning, and you want to make sure that you choose the right makeup colors in order to enhance the natural shade of blue of your eyes. These simple makeup tips for blue eyes will help give you that much needed pop so that you will stand out no matter where you go. Different colors will suit your look depending on your environment. If you are going to work or a more corporate and professional type of place, stick with brown, rose, lavender and neutral colored eye shadow. For nights out, you can pull off silver, gold, practically any metallic shade, icy pink and turquoise. When selecting an eye liner, opt for navy if you want a less intense but still dramatic look. Read   read more


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The Best Makeup For Under Eye Circles

We all have had those weeks where we missed on our beauty sleep because we pulled a few too many all nighters. There is nothing wrong with having a great night out on the town, but in order to mask those telltale dark circles and shadows, you will want to make sure you use the best makeup for under eye circles in order to get complete coverage. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer is a basic cosmetic bag essential that provides ample coverage for dark circles and spots. This concealer is yellow based so that it blends smoothly and provides instant coverage, infused with skin conditioners to protect the delicate skin under the eye area. Read   read more


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Your Ultimate Guide to Concealer

Turns out the secret to having flawless skin isn't getting regular facials and using $150 La Mer moisturizer. It's knowing how to apply concealer   Conceal flawlessly


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