The Best Waterproof Eye Makeup

Whether it be the gym, a sappy movie or an unexpected rainstorm, our eye makeup is definitely at risk, which is why investing in good waterproof eye makeup is essential. Not only will it help your eye makeup stay on for longer periods of time, but it will also help prevent you from finding yourself in the midst of an embarrassing beauty disaster. In terms of mascara, LOreal Double Extend Tubes Waterproof is waterproof and will even stay put when you go swimming. It is available in different colors and is great when you need a super strength mascara to fight off the elements. Read   read more


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Asian Makeup Tips

Asian women have unique beauty traits, which includes their elongated eyes that are alluring and exotic. There are many Asian makeup tips and techniques that will help highlight your natural beauty features and help you look your best. If you have a yellow based skin tone, your options are endless when it comes to color choices, especially for the eyes. Play up your eyes by filling in the brow area with a brow pencil that is one shade lighter than the color of your hair. Using the pencil, create a soft arch and fill in sparser areas where hair does not grow. This works by enlargening the eyes. Read   read more


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Three Eye Makeup Brushes Every Girl Needs

Makeup brushes are one of the most important accessories in your cosmetics bag because not only do they make the application process easier but they also can improve the final outcome of your look. There are many different eye makeup brushes on the market, but if you are looking for the bare essentials, here are the three brushes you actually need to own. The angle brush is considered a multitasking brush because it fulfills many purposes, also making it an economical purchase. This brush can be used to fill in eyebrows for a fuller look, line the eyes, create definition and darken the outer corners of eyes. Read   read more


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Runway Makeup Tips and Techniques

Models on the runway always look amazing, but we never seem to know how to recreate the exact look that the makeup artist was able to pull off. However, this list of makeup tips and techniques straight from the pros that do the makeup for runway shows will ensure that you look as if you had your makeup professionally done, no matter what time of day it is. Many times when models wear fake lashes, they also have multiple layers of mascara on (try ten). Apply as much mascara on your real lashes as you can, then apply your false lashes so that your real lashes do not look patchy. Another one of the most popular makeup tips and techniques is when applying blush, use two colors of blush in order to get extra dimension in your face, and layer a lighter shade over a darker shade, or simply blend two shades that are similar in color. Read   read more


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6 Products to Buy this December

Holiday beauty products tend to steal the spotlight. Gift sets come in glitzy packaging; makeup collections are bedazzled, glittery, and all-around eye-catching. And I think that's why I gravitate towards the other beauty products that launch in December -- they're the underdogs, and many of them are so much more fantastic than the gimmick-ridden holiday launches.   See products


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Simple Makeup Tips For The Beach

Women love to wear makeup, but the beach is one of the more challenging locations when it comes to keeping our makeup on due to the various elements we must face, including the ocean, the wind and the sand. These simple makeup tips for the beach will help getting ready a lot easier, not to mention that they will help keep your makeup free of flaws for a longer period of time as you frolic in the sand and surf. When getting ready for the beach, skip the heavy foundation and instead opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Not only will your skin look more natural but you will also be protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Another one of the most simple makeup tips you can do at the beach is to avoid wearing lip gloss, since that has a tendency to cause hair and sand to stick on your lips, and instead choose a simple lip balm that will keep lips smooth and shiny without all the extra fuss. Read   read more


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Secret Makeup Tips From The Pros

We always idolize models and actresses because they look so flawless and perfect when we see them in magazines and on television, but did you know that many of them incorporate secret makeup tips into their daily routine in order to look the way they do? One beauty trait that many women are currently obsessed with is being tan, but many models on the runways admit to using fake tanning lotion and bronzer when they are at shows in order to give them that sunkissed look without actually having to go into the sun. In addition, fake bronzer helps make one look leaner and more defined by giving your body that healthy glow. Applying a treatment balm prior to lipstick is another one of the most popular secret makeup tips of the pros, because doing so gives more volume to your lips, making them appear finer and softer. Read   read more


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Asian Eye Makeup Tips

Many Asian women try to make their eyes appear bigger, but celebrity makeup artist Victoria Jackson suggests that Asian women instead focus their attention on accentuating and drawing attention to their slanted eyes. Jackson recommends enhancing what you have as opposed to changing your features. These Asian eye makeup tips and tool recommendation will help give you those gorgeous eyes. Avoid using black on eyebrows because it tends to look unnatural when paired with Asian skin tones. Lighter colors such as dark brown or mahogany tend to look much better instead. When drawing in brows, start from the inside of the brow and draw in individual hairs between your natural hairs, following up with fine and featherlike movements, in the direction of the natural hair growth. Use clear eyebrow gel to create a more groomer look. Check out   read more


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Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Fortunately for you brown eyed gals out there, most eye shadows and colors will look great with your eyes. Brown does not have an opposite or complementary color on the color wheel, so just follow these simple makeup tips for brown eyes that will work on any occasion. If you have deep brown eyes, medium to dark eye shadow shades work best on you. Colors that look great include plum, charcoal and deep green. If you have more medium colored brown eyes, violets and bronzes work quite well, whereas if you have lighter brown eyes, try champagne tones with violet, bronze and brown liner. Read   read more


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Makeup Artist Tips For Flawless Skin

Everyone has something they want to hide or change, whether it be their nose, blemishes on the skin or thin lips. This is where the makeup artist comes in. It is their job to conceal flaws and enhance beauty features in order to fake perfection. However, not everyone can afford a celebrity makeup artist, but we can all certainly learn a thing or two from this list of makeup artist tips. One suggestion from celerity makeup artist Carmindy is to skip using a black eyeliner and instead aim for an offbeat color like slate. Black, interestingly enough, has a tendency to narrow the eye shape, while slate opens it up. After lining your upper lash line, swipe a shimmer white shadow into the inner corners of your eyes in order to catch the light, making them appear bigger and sexier. Finish off the eyes by using an eyelash curler and follow up with two coats of mascara. If skin is your main concern, one of the recommended makeup artist tips is to use a concealer brush to cover up pimples, but do so with quick motions. Set in place with a skin tone matching powder for added coverage. Read   read more


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