Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Fortunately for you brown eyed gals out there, most eye shadows and colors will look great with your eyes. Brown does not have an opposite or complementary color on the color wheel, so just follow these simple makeup tips for brown eyes that will work on any occasion. If you have deep brown eyes, medium to dark eye shadow shades work best on you. Colors that look great include plum, charcoal and deep green. If you have more medium colored brown eyes, violets and bronzes work quite well, whereas if you have lighter brown eyes, try champagne tones with violet, bronze and brown liner. Read   read more


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Makeup Artist Tips For Flawless Skin

Everyone has something they want to hide or change, whether it be their nose, blemishes on the skin or thin lips. This is where the makeup artist comes in. It is their job to conceal flaws and enhance beauty features in order to fake perfection. However, not everyone can afford a celebrity makeup artist, but we can all certainly learn a thing or two from this list of makeup artist tips. One suggestion from celerity makeup artist Carmindy is to skip using a black eyeliner and instead aim for an offbeat color like slate. Black, interestingly enough, has a tendency to narrow the eye shape, while slate opens it up. After lining your upper lash line, swipe a shimmer white shadow into the inner corners of your eyes in order to catch the light, making them appear bigger and sexier. Finish off the eyes by using an eyelash curler and follow up with two coats of mascara. If skin is your main concern, one of the recommended makeup artist tips is to use a concealer brush to cover up pimples, but do so with quick motions. Set in place with a skin tone matching powder for added coverage. Read   read more


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The Best Eye Shadow Makeup Tips

Many women do not know the basics of eye shadow application; many think that all you have to do is swipe some color onto your lids and finish off with eye liner and mascara. However, there are different tricks and suggestions you can follow, particularly when it comes to apply different colors of eye shadow. These eye shadow makeup tips will help you figure out what style works best with your lids, as well as teach you how to properly apply shadow to your lids. First off, blending is key. You typically will be using three different colors: base, highlighter and main color. Start out with a lighter color, such as a taupe, and brush that color over your entire eye up to the brow bone. Next, apply your lid color (a medium shade), then apply highlighter (typically the darkest color) over the crease for added definition. Read   read more


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Tips For Proper Makeup Application

Most women wear makeup on a daily basis and think they are doing it correctly; however, did you know that there are actual steps when it comes to proper makeup application? Prior to putting on any makeup, you always want to start with a primer first. This serves as a base for applying your makeup and provides a smooth surface, ensuring that your makeup stays on your skin longer. Next you want to apply foundation, either liquid or powder, and let it sit on your skin for about one to two minutes in order to let it settle. Dab concealer on any spots or blemishes that need extra coverage, then dust translucent powder across your face in order to seal in your makeup and prevent excess shine. Read   read more


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Ingredients to Look For In A Facial Mask For Dry Skin

Many people use facial masks for oily skin and acne, but did you know that you can also do a great facial mask for dry skin as well? Dehydrated skin can occur from harsh weather and everyday wear and tear on your skin, which is why doing a facial mask can help revive and rejuvenate your complexion. When shopping for a facial mask for dry skin, be sure to look for some of these ingredients. Honey is a great moisturizer that is extremely effective when it comes to keeping skin soft and supple, so your pores will quickly absorb a honey based product. Lather Honey Oisture Mask with Propolis Extract can be used once a week to give your skin a boost. Read   read more


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The Best Make Up For Dry Skin

Different skin types require different types of make up: there are certain formulas for oily and combination skin, just as there is specific make up for dry skin. If you suffer from dry skin on a regular basis, there are many great foundation products that will not only give you the coverage that you seek, but they are also loaded with moisturizing and hydrating benefits to improve the state of your skin. Mac Mineralize Satin Finish SPF 15 Foundation provides buildable coverage with a luminous finish and contains vitamins A, C and E to help condition skin. Read   read more


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Make Up Health: Shelf Life Of Your Cosmetics

Been using the same tube of mascara for the past year? It might be time for you to get rid of it. Sadly, even cosmetics have a lifespan and are not immune from expiration. To practice better make up health for your skin, here is a helpful guide that breaks down the shelf life of each product in your beauty cabinet. Eyeshadow, fortunately, is one of the beauty products that does have a longer shelf life. It can last up to three years, but if you find that the shadow is crumbling everywhere and does not apply smoothly, it is time to toss it. Powder can last up to two years, while concealer is good for only twelve months. Read   read more


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Tips On Lighting For Makeup Application

Lighting is key when it comes to applying your makeup because you want it to look as natural as possible. If you apply makeup in the wrong lighting, you could end up with makeup that is too dark, too light or the wrong shade for your face. In general, the ideal lighting for makeup application is natural light, since we spent most of our time in the natural sunlight that is outside and that comes in through windows. Try to set up your mirror next to a window or if you have the option, do your makeup on the patio, porch or in your yard. Read   read more


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Natural Beauty Tips For Everyday

There are many little things we can do on a daily basis that help improve and maintain the condition of our skin and beauty. These natural beauty tips are easy to follow and offer long term benefits in order to maintain that healthy glow and help you avoid the signs of aging. First off, hydration. Drinking water on a daily basis keeps your skin soft, supple and moisturized, increasing the health and luster of your skin. It is recommended to drink somewhere around ninety one ounces of water a day. Vitamin E Oil is also important because it hydrates and improves the elasticity of skin. You can either consume it as a supplement in addition to your regular diet, eat foods that are high in Vitamin E or apply it topically. Read   read more


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Make Up Ingredients To Avoid

Many women wear make up everyday, and tend to forget about all of the different chemicals and preservatives that they are putting on their skin. Did you know that your skin quickly absorbs everything you put on it? Keeping that it mind, check out this list of make up ingredients to avoid in order to better maintain and preserve the health of your skin. For starters, methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl parabens are often used as preservatives in make up in order to inhibit microbial growth and extend the shelf life of cosmetics. However, these make up ingredients have been known to cause allergic reactions, skin rashes and parabens have been found in human breast cancer tumors as well. Another one to watch out for is Diethanolamine, which is used as a foaming agent, known to cause eye irritation, dryness in hair and skin as well as allergic reactions. Read   read more


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