How To Treat Fine Thinning Hair

For some people the cause of fine thinning hair is simply the aging proves, while for others it is genetics or some other factor. But just because your hair is losing some of its luster does not mean that it cannot be restored. One thing you can do is to rinse your hair with a can of flat beer after you shampoo with a volumizing shampoo. Why beer? The yeast content in the beverage helps plump the hair shaft, which gives your hair a thicker appearance. Be sure to rinse well afterwards in order to effectively get rid of that heavy beer scent. Read   read more


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The Best Hair Styles For Thick Straight Hair

There is no shortage of hair styles for thick straight hair, which is easy to style and take care of. What is so great about having this type of hair is that it looks good with just about any type of cut and can be pulled off on all sorts of occasions, from formal events to casual day wear. One of the hottest hair styles for thick straight hair currently is a long blunt cut with full bangs that just skim the top of the eyes. Celebrities from Ashlee Simpson to Heidi Klum have been seen sporting this stylish do, which also displays great versatility if you want to throw part of it back or do a side braid, with the bangs framing your face. Read   read more


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The Best Products For Thinning Hair

Hair loss is something that many people have to deal with, whether it be genetics or the aging process. Fortunately, there are some great products for thinning hair that are available on the market. When used correctly, these products can make your hair look fuller and more voluminous. One of the best products for thinning hair is Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Shampoo, a volumizing shampoo that contains rice and wheat proteins, which help thicken hair strands. Another great shampoo to try is Pureology PureVolume Shampoo. Another one of the best products for thinning hair is CRC Concealing Color, which helps conceal areas where hair is sparse, blending the scalp with the hairline. Read   read more


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The Best Dandruff Conditioner

Dandruff is caused by numerous things, from fungus to product buildup. Typically, most recommend to shampoo often and skip the conditioner, but did you know that by using the right dandruff conditioner, you can actually improve the condition and health of your scalp? Biolage by Matrix Biolage Anti Dandruff Conditioner is a great product that works to eliminate the symptoms of dandruff and prevents their recurrence with Pythrithone Zinc. Regular use will help control flaking and relieve irritation of the scalp. This works even better when paired with a dandruff shampoo. For great shampoo recommendations to pair along with your dandruff conditioner, read   read more


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Healthy Hair Oil Recommendations

Many people seem to think that oil (particularly on hair) is a bad thing, but there are numerous healthy hair oil products that are great for having shiny, healthy hair. Not only can these oils help grow your hair faster, but they can also minimize hair loss and reduce dandruff. Lavender essential oil is a healthy hair oil that is not only relaxing but nourishing as well. It works by helping stimulate the sebaceous glands in the scalp to produce adequate oil in order to keep the hair moisturized and healthy. When used in conjunction with the right hair products, lavender oil can have a positive impact on hair. Read   read more


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How To Have Beautiful Curly Hair

Many women dream of having beautiful curly hair, but not everyone knows how to get it. Fortunately, it is not as difficult to get and maintain it as everyone thinks. The first step to acquiring beautiful curly hair is to use shampoo and conditioner intended for curly or frizzy hair. Also, be sure to invest in a good anti frizz cream, shine spray or hair serum which help prevent frizz and keep hair in check. Blow drying hair with a diffuser is a simple trick that will help you get beautiful curly hair, as it will get the job done without making hair too dry or poufy. Read   read more


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How To Grow Healthy Hair Fast

If you want to grow healthy hair fast, there are some things you need to know first. One, just keep in mind that while there are certain things you can do to speed up the process of growing your hair out, there is no overnight fix. It will still take some time to grow your hair, but if you follow these steps accordingly, you will notice results in a faster span of time. One great way to grow healthy hair fast is to take supplements such as Biotin (promotes healthy hair growth and protects against dryness), Beta Carotene (for healthy skin, hair and nails) and Prenatal Vitamin combos (which contain large quantities of iron, folic acid and other nutrients that pregnant women need, and which aid in faster hair growth). You can also read   read more


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How To Prevent Oily Hair

The first step to follow when trying to prevent oily hair is to cut back on the amount of times you wash your hair. Do you wash your hair every day? Reduce that to every other day, or even every two days. By washing your hair too often, you are stripping your hair of essential oils, which it then hurries up and tries to produce more as a result of losing oil. By not washing your hair as often, you will be slowing down the response of your body and its natural tendency to produce more oil. Another way to prevent oily hair is to avoid shampoo that is hydrating or moisturizing, as these products often leave the scalp and hair more oily. Read   read more


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How To Rescue Dry Frizzy Hair

Dry frizzy hair is something that we have all had to deal with at one point in time, and during these hot and humid summer months, frizz is even more common. One of the best ways to treat dry frizzy hair is to apply a weekly hair masque, which will help give hair a boost by infusing the hair follicle with nutrients and moisture. Leave the masque on for a minimum of fifteen minutes, and apply heat to hair as well in order to open up the hair strand, which will allow it to better absorb nutrients. If possible, try to go easy on the heat styling during the summer months, as too much heat can cause dry frizzy hair. Instead, opt for more low maintenance hairstyles. Read   read more


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Tips For Straightening Wavy Hair

Straightening wavy hair is no simple task, but that does not mean that it cannot be done. All you will need are the right products, the best tools and of course, the patience and motivation to do it right. The first step when it comes to straightening wavy hair is to use a good smoothing balm or straightening spray. The best time to apply these products are while your hair is still wet from the shower, as your hair follicle is still open and able to absorb products. Straightening wavy hair can be a lot more difficult when your cuticle is sealed and the proper products have not been applied, as dry hair is more prone to frizz. Read   read more


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If you're like most women, then you're concerned about the appearance of your hair, and will do what it takes to take care of it. Starting now, it's time to banish dull and dry hair from your life, and take better care of your hair to get lustrous locks that will turn heads. To help you, Total Beauty offers you expert tips on hair care for shiny, glossy hair.

If your hair is in good condition and is healthy, then your hair care regime will only need a few tweaks to keep your tresses looking great. One way to have healthy hair is to maintain a healthy lifestyle; your mane will be in better condition, naturally. Your daily diet should include plenty of water, as well as lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Opt for grilled or baked dishes rather than fried food, and limit your intake of cola or coffee, which have excess caffeine.

Perming, bleaching, or coloring frequently cause damage to your hair as they strip the shaft of its natural oils. Experts say that hair should have at least eight percent moisture for it to look silky and shiny. Using products meant for chemically treated hair can protect your tresses and make them look smooth and glossy.

Look through Total Beauty's hair care section to discover great secrets for gorgeous locks. Total Beauty offers some of the best hair care advice on the web, so you can have great hair all the time.

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