Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

When your hair becomes dry and brittle, you do not need to spend all your money on an expensive salon treatment or invest loads of dollars on an endless array of hair products. There are simple home remedies for damaged hair that you can easily pull off right in your very own kitchen and most of them cost next to nothing. Combine two tablespoons of olive oil and six tablespoons of your best conditioner into a bowl, then slather on your hair, making sure to evenly distribute from your roots to the very tips of your hair. Once you have done this, pile your hair on top of your head and place a plastic bag or shower cap on top in order to seal in the moisture and heat, then leave on for four to six hours. Rinse and air dry. This is one of the most effective remedies for damaged hair and you should notice that your hair will already feel stronger and look shinier after just one treatment. Read   read more


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A Guide To The Best Shampoo For Damaged Hair

Many women suffer from dry, damaged hair as a result of styling products, heat and other factors, but all the damage is reversible if you use the right shampoo with moisturizing properties. Aussie Shampoo Moist has been referred to as the best shampoo for damaged hair because it moisturizes without weighing hair down and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth. Ion Inspired by Nature Luxury Moisture Shampoo is another great product that is one hundred percent vegan. It is free of fragrance and artificial color and is loaded with shea, mowrah and cupuacu butter which help to restore damaged hair. Having trouble deciding which is the best shampoo for damaged hair? Read   read more


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The Best Hair Color For Damaged Hair

Many women choose to dye their hair, but are often displeased when they discover that their hair becomes dryer and less healthy. You should try using hair color for damaged hair so that way you will help rejuvenate your hair in addition to coloring it. Loreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Hair Color is a great hair color for damaged hair that works to blend away stubborn grays, hides roots and helps prevent damage in the process. The formula is free of ammonia and deeply nourishes hair with a treatment that is infused with royal jelly for additional gloss and sheen. When coloring hair on a regular basis, you should also use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. Read   read more


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How To Maintain Healthy Nails And Hair

Many people want healthy nails and hair but are not necessarily familiar with the necessary steps they need to follow in order to achieve and maintain long lasting results. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is one of the most important components when it comes to having healthy nails and hair that shine. Consuming a diet that is rich in fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruits and proteins is essential for building up healthy skin and nail beds. You should also avoid smoking, as smoke exposes skin to toxins that accelerate the aging process of skin and also cause nails to appear more dull and gray. Invest in good hair products that will bring some life back to your strands. Read   read more


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The Top Cures For Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is something that many people experience at some point in their lives, whether it is due to age, stress or heredity to name a few. It is normal for the average person to lose between fifty and a hundred hairs per day, but when one loses more than that, it may be time to look into some of the top cures for thinning hair. While there is no single solution for this common issue, there are many ways to treat the condition and to help stop hair loss, regrow hair and cover bald spots. You can look into getting minoxidil, an over the counter treatment for hereditary hair loss. The foam is applied to the scalp twice daily and is one of the best cures for thinning hair, as results can typically be seen in just a few months. Read   read more


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The Benefits of Dry Shampoo For Oily Hair

Many people that suffer from the greasies tend to use dry shampoo as an alternative to regular shampoo. Dry shampoo for oily hair is an excellent alternative because it helps absorb oil and leaves hair smelling great, in addition to adding volume. Dry shampoo is also very convenient because you do not have to use water when you apply it. If you are trying to repair damaged hair, dry shampoo for oily hair helps prevent your hair from being damaged because you do not have to deal with blow drying and other heat styling efforts. Read   read more


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The Best Shampoo For Straight Hair

Just because you were not born with straight hair does not mean that you cannot have straight hair. Anyone can have perfectly straight hair if they use the right products. A good shampoo for straight hair will work to control and smooth out the natural wave or curl of your hair, giving you a sleeker look. When shopping for shampoo, you want to choose a formula that is specifically for smoothing or straightening hair. Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Shampoo is a great shampoo for straight hair because it works to tame flyaways and prevent hair from frizzing up. It contains pink lily and Asian silk in order to give you hair that is soft and touchable with anti humidity protection benefits. You should also follow up your shampoo routine with a good conditioner. Read   read more


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How To Restore Damaged Hair

There are many ways to restore damaged hair and many of them you can do at home. When washing hair, make sure that your weekly shampoo contains extra proteins and humectants in order to properly restore hair, and always apply a leave in conditioner to hair afterwards. Read   read more


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How To Find The Best Products For Damaged Hair

It can be challenging picking out the best products for damaged hair when you are faced with so many choices, but you should always look for products that are moisturizing or hydrating, as these tend to contain more nourishing ingredients and vitamins that heal and strengthen hair. Products that are cream based are excellent for restoring dry damaged hair, and if you are looking for a good shampoo, you should try Kerastase which is vitamin infused and contains cationic polymers that target damaged hair and remove frizz. You should follow up with a deep conditioner afterwards. Read   read more


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How To Get Perfect Wavy Beach Hair

Learn how to get wavy beach hair with little to no effort   read more


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If your hair is in good condition and is healthy, then your hair care regime will only need a few tweaks to keep your tresses looking great. One way to have healthy hair is to maintain a healthy lifestyle; your mane will be in better condition, naturally. Your daily diet should include plenty of water, as well as lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Opt for grilled or baked dishes rather than fried food, and limit your intake of cola or coffee, which have excess caffeine.

Perming, bleaching, or coloring frequently cause damage to your hair as they strip the shaft of its natural oils. Experts say that hair should have at least eight percent moisture for it to look silky and shiny. Using products meant for chemically treated hair can protect your tresses and make them look smooth and glossy.

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