The Hottest Trends to Wear This August

Close out summer with a bang by wearing August's edgiest trends. Click on each image to see how you can get the look and be on-trend all month long!   read more


August 5, 2013  |   4:08 PM  |  COMMENT
Think Tampon Commercials Aren't Funny? Think Again

If you only have two minutes to fritter away today, use them to watch this laugh-till-it-hurts video from tampon delivery service Hello Flo.   read more


July 31, 2013  |   5:07 AM  |  COMMENT


July 30, 2013 | 11:07 AM | 4 COMMENTS
We Tried It: L'Oreal's New Sun Oil Spray

Back in the day, it was perfectly acceptable to slather yourself in baby oil and roast in the sun like a rotisserie chicken, flipping over every half hour for an even, golden-brown glow. And people would openly gawk, admiring -- even envying -- your sun-baked skin.   read more


July 30, 2013  |  10:07 AM  |  COMMENT
How Jennifer Aniston Made Her Body Stripper-Worthy for a New Movie

Jennifer Aniston is known for lots of things; her hair, having played Rachel Green, having been married to (and unceremoniously dumped by) Brad Pitt, all the never-ending will she re-marry/have kids speculation and, let's face it, her yogatastic figure.   read more


July 30, 2013  |   6:07 AM  |  COMMENT
Quiz: What's Your Skin Missing?


Quiz: What's Your Skin Missing?

You probably have a standard regimen for your face, but when's the last time you gave a thought to your skin below the neck? It needs attention too, so take this quiz for expert tips on what your skin could use.   read more


July 29, 2013  |  11:07 AM  |  COMMENT
The Bikini Ready Diet That Fits Your Schedule

Remember when bikinis were the last thing on our minds? It seems like just yesterday we were bundling up in wooly scarves and drinking hot chocolate like there was no tomorrow. Newsflash: It is tomorrow. The temperatures are rising, the summer getaways are booked ... wake up and smell the sunscreen because bikini season is here. And despite the midnight snacking and vending machine trips, your weekend uniform for the next three months or so is about to be a two-piece. But don't panic -- and step away from the crash diet please.   read more


July 25, 2013  |   7:07 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Lady Gaga Goes Makeup (and Clothes) Free in New Photo Shoot

We'd all been treated to a break in the incessant coverage of Lady Gaga for quite a spell -- a spell which was broken wide open two weeks ago when the 27 year-old was papped on the streets of her native NYC wearing what amounted to little more than her skivvies (oh, and some "statement" boots).   read more


July 23, 2013  |   8:07 AM  |  COMMENT
Sick To Death Of Shaving? This Revolutionary Spray Could Change Your Life

Here's a fun fact for your Monday morning. Over the course of her lifetime, an average female will spend 72 days (!) shaving her legs. Factor in the underarms and bikini area and you're probably devoting nearly 100 to this most mundane and loathsome task.   read more


July 22, 2013  |   7:07 AM  |  1 COMMENT
8 Tips for a Streak-Free Self-Tan

We get it: everyone feels thinner -- and maybe even prettier -- with a tan. And that's especially true this time of year when you'll inevitably be wearing a swimsuit in public at some point.   read more


July 15, 2013  |  10:07 AM  |  COMMENT

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