The Yummiest Smoothie Recipes You Won't Believe Are Full of Greens

We're willing to bet the first that comes to mind when you think of a refreshing, delicious summertime smoothie isn't a glass of murky, green liquid. How'd we know? A little survey told us. A recent poll found that just nine percent of Americans are on-board with green-colored juices, while 25 percent of us actually fear it. So, how do you embrace the going-green trend without plugging your nose to gulp it down?   read more


The Only 3 Moves You Need for Sexy, Sculpted Arms

Ah, the warmer weather we've been waiting for has finally arrived. Which means it's time to replace the arm exercise you were getting with the remote control (I think I'll miss you most of all, "Pretty Little Liars"), with actual arm exercises -- hand weights and all.   read more


5 On-the-Go Snack Mixes to Fuel Your Day

Let's face it -- we don't always have time to whip up a healthy snack, and more often than not, we turn to the quickest, easiest and not-so-healthiest solution (read: something from the nearest vending machine). In lieu of that solution we spoke with nutritionists and dieticians Franci Cohen and Nicolette Pace, who created five easy, healthy snack mixes you can take anywhere. "Snack mixes are ideal because you get a concentration of energy and calories," says Pace, "but they don't take up much volume in your stomach so you don't bloat." So instead of reaching for a snack-size candy bar when you're crashing at your desk midday, swap it out for one of these snack mix recipes you can make in bulk and eat all week long (just don't go too crazy with portion sizes).   read more


5 Reasons You Should Never (Ever) Pull an All-Nighter

Ah, the all-nighter. You think you're a badass for staying up all night on a caffeine-fueled bender, but whether you're wrapping up a deadline in the wee hours or dancing on tables at an after-hours speakeasy, sacrificing just one night of sleep is hell on your body.   read more


6 Relaxing Yoga Poses to Try at H(ommmm)e

Let's address the Ganesh (err, elephant) in the room. You wear yoga pants regularly. But you actually practice yoga...maybe...once or twice a month? For busy women everywhere -- no matter how much you love the calm feeling after an hour and a half of breathing, stretching, and focusing -- it's tough to squeeze in a yoga class as frequently as you'd like.   Start breathing


Your Monthly Flow Chart: Fitness For Every Part of Your Cycle

Aunt Flo, the dot, the curse, whatever you call it, it's your period. And when you're feeling all crampy and bloated, the last thing you feel like doing is downward dogging in a crowded yoga studio. But guess what? Hormonal changes can actually give you an advantage at the gym at different times of the month. So we reached out to endocrinologist Dr. Florence Comite and exercise physiologist Dr. Tim Coyle at ComiteMD in New York to find out what really happens to your body during each phase of your period. Then we roped in celebrity trainer Kristin McGee, certified master personal trainer Danielle Girdano and strength and conditioning coach Brandon Mentore to break down the best workouts for each phase of your cycle. Here's the rundown on how you can maximize your fitness goals all month long.   read more


Master the Art of Napping

I don't have many regrets, but the most glaring one is not embracing the scheduled, mandatory pre-school and kindergarten naps. Now, the ridiculous sleep deficit I carry (thanks to years of late-night cramming, poor life choices, and an early morning commute with no end in sight) won't let me forget it.   read more


How to Feel Calmer -- Instantly

We all have those moments. Your boss asks you to come in on a Saturday, your car decides not to start, or maybe you dribble coffee all over your favorite shirt. Next thing you know, a wave of emotion is welling up inside you -- anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety. In the heat of the moment, you want to yell, throw the nearest handy object, or just break down and cry. It can be difficult to deal with those strong emotions in a healthy, pro-active way.   read more


5 Ways to Use Summer to Boost Your Mood

It's been six months since you made those ambitious new years resolutions and if you're anything like us, you haven't given them a thought since you packed away the faux-grass after Easter. With demanding work schedules and the stress that comes with every day life, it can be easy to catch the "half-way blues" -- the feeling you get at the mid-point in the year when you're in need of a kick-start to get back on track for a healthy and happy life. Thankfully, the summer season can be just the kick-start you need.   read more


11 Healthy Smoothie Ingredients You Need to Start Buying

Some people can't start their day without a venti-sized quadruple-shot latte. Me? I can't get going without my morning green smoothie. Go ahead. Call me a crunchy, lentil-lovin' yoga snob like my co-workers do. But nothing gets me going in the morning like a kale-almond butter-blue-green algae-banana smoothie. It's my (healthy) crack in a blender.   read more


Chill Pill: 5 Simple Tips to Help You Stress Less

Stress for me is pretty much a constant. With dozens of lists constantly running through my head and never enough time to check everything off, my nerves are racked. Of course, it probably doesn't help that I plan everything from my workout schedule to my closet organization. I even plan my 30-minute power nap -- which usually just turns into a stress session full of additional list making.   Get tips


5 Ways Positive Thinking Can Change Your Life

See the glass half full, find the silver lining, look on the bright side...there are endless platitudes and clichés that are so regularly recited, they don't seem to carry much meaning. This seems especially true on the days when metaphorical rain pours down on your metaphorical parade, or when a storm cloud seems to be hovering over your head for days on end. But taking a closer look at optimism reveals these everyday turn of phrases actually have the right idea in mind. When put into routine practice, positive thinking can change your whole life for the better...and in more ways than one.   read more


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