The Best Sunscreens for Your Skin

As a beauty editor, I get a lot of questions about sunscreen. "What are the best sunscreens this season?" "Which ones should I keep stashed in my purse, glove box, and desk drawer?" "What's the best sunscreen for oily skin?" "Does organic sunscreen really work?"   See sunscreens


May 16, 2012  |   7:05 PM  |  45 COMMENTS
How To Eliminate Blackheads

If you want to eliminate blackheads, the first thing you have to do is practice regular exfoliation in your regular skincare routine. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells, which helps get rid of build-up on your skin. By regularly exfoliating, your skin will become softer, smoother and brighter, not to mention that it will be less prone to breakouts. But with all the different scrubs and exfoliating products that are on the market, you want to make sure that you make the right choice. Read   read more


April 7, 2012  |   4:04 PM  |  11 COMMENTS
Tips For Fading Acne Scars

Acne is tough enough to deal with, but those little red marks that are left behind can be even more of a nuisance, which is why you want to get to work on fading acne scars right away before they have a chance to become permanent. Of course the key to not having acne scars is to not get acne in the first place, which can sometimes be a challenge if you do not know what is causing your outbreak in the first place. Diet, skincare regimen and hormones are a few contributing factors to look at, so be sure to read   read more


April 7, 2012  |   3:04 PM  |  4 COMMENTS
'How I Cured My Cystic Acne'

Dealing with acne as an adult is like a cruel joke. Shouldn't acne be something you leave in your past, along with scrunchies and bad taste in boys? And I'm not talking about the monthly hormonal zit or two. I see bright red pimples and inflamed cysts all over my face, all year round.   Read her diary


April 6, 2012  |  10:04 AM  |  47 COMMENTS
The Best Supplements For Acne

If over the counter spot treatments are not helping your skin, there is a chance that your acne could be a result of your nutrition, which means that you may want to consider taking supplements for acne. Vitamin A is one of the best supplements for your skin. It aids in the growth of new skin, can reduce fine lines and has been successfully used to treat acne. Vitamin E is also great for skin, helping with red blood cell formation and fighting lower grade causes of acne. If you are not a fan of swallowing pills, you can consume certain foods that contain high quantities of the recommended vitamins. Check out   read more


April 3, 2012  |  11:04 PM  |  3 COMMENTS
The Best Products For Rosacea

Okay, so your dermatologist has confirmed your worst fear: you have rosacea. While there is no miracle cure for this skin condition, the good news is that with all the products for rosacea that are available, you can treat and control your skin in order to maintain a healthy complexion. Do not let your rosacea get the best of you: read on to find out which products are the best for your skin.   read more


March 31, 2012  |   7:03 PM  |  3 COMMENTS
Essential Vitamins For Healthy Skin

There are certain essential vitamins for healthy skin that your body needs in order to look and feel its best. Creams, serums and other topical products can only do so much for you. It is what you put inside your body that is essential to both your health and beauty. Read on to find out which vitamins will give your skin that gorgeous and healthy glow.   read more


March 30, 2012  |  12:03 AM  |  4 COMMENTS
How To Prevent Chest Wrinkles

This may not be something that has caused you much concern until recently, but at some point many women find themselves wondering how they can prevent chest wrinkles. So what exactly are chest wrinkles? They are a natural part of aging, and occur when your skin starts to become thinner, dryer and less vibrant, causing the proteins and collagen in your skin to deteriorate, which results in more wrinkles in your skin.   read more


March 29, 2012  |   4:03 PM  |  4 COMMENTS
The Best Laser For Wrinkles

Not everyone can easily adapt to the regimen of avoiding sun exposure and moisturizing daily in order to prevent wrinkles, but luckily they can take advantage of the next best solution: a laser for wrinkles, which can help to erase the signs of aging and any past damage that has occurred to skin. There are many different lasers on the market designed to help treat wrinkles and combat the signs of aging. One laser for wrinkles is the Palomar laser, a fractional ablative laser that uses pulses of light to deliver long term results in one quick treatment. It penetrates skin to just the right depth, promotion collagen production in order to diminish the appearance of fine lines around the mouth and eye area. Many people are resorting to this laser in place of the standard Botox treatment, which does not have long-term results. For more on Botox, read   read more


March 29, 2012  |   4:03 PM  |  1 COMMENT
The Best Organic Soaps

Many over the counter soaps contain harsh irritants and chemicals that are damaging to your skin, which is why many people are looking into organic soaps as a safer alternative for cleansing. There are numerous benefits associated with natural soaps, which include avoiding common skin problems like chronically dry skin that are experienced when using regular soap. Pangea Organics has a line of organic soaps that contain only whole plant essences such as lavender and Canadian pine in their products so that your skin can benefit from their healing and therapeutic properties. Check out   read more


March 29, 2012  |   3:03 PM  |  6 COMMENTS

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