10 Best Spa Treatments in the U.S. -- Recreate Them at Home

There's something about getting a spa treatment that's transcendent. The entire ritual -- from the exhilarating moment you enter the sanctuary to the melancholy phase of checking out -- is indulgent and exhilarating. Especially when you're at a top-notch destination like the ones featured in this story. These award-winning spas are some of the best in the United States -- and for good reason. They're not only breathtaking to behold, but offer signature spa treatments steeped in either ancient methodologies, new wave thinkings or a combo of both -- all guaranteed to cure what ails you, and feel (mostly) heavenly in the process.   Do them


At-Home Fixes for Skin Care Emergencies

Remedy skin care issues from pimples to bug bites with these homemade herbal and floral recipes   See recipes


9 Unnecessary Skin Care Products

We live in the infomercial era. As vulnerable consumers, we are lead to believe that something is wrong with us if we don't resemble a celebrity or supermodel, but that there is something we can buy to fix whatever is "wrong" with us. And worldwide, there are probably over 10,000 skin care companies trying to convince us that we need a different cream for each body part -- from our pinky toes to our upper lip. But hey, we're not saying these skin care products are total hogwash and that you should stop using them stat, we're just saying that less really is more, and if you want to keep it simple, you can by ditching superfluous products and just using a few key items.   See products


Busy Gal's Guide to Skin Care

Ok, first it needs to be stated that we do not endorse, support, or approve of purposeful skin care neglect. We do however understand, sympathize for, and commiserate with the woman who has too much on her metaphorical plate. Squeezing in facials and obsessing over a strict anti-aging routine takes serious amounts of "me"-time. Who's got that? Truth is, many of us don't.   See tips


9 Most Expensive Skin Care Creams

Designer lipstick? $29. Top-of-the-line eyelash curler? $19. Eternal youth in a jar? Evidently, the sky's the limit. While beauty and skin care secrets go from today's obsessions with Botox and sunscreen all the way back to Cleopatra's milk-and-honey baths, maintaining a youthful appearance has always involved smooth, hydrated skin. That said, although the world's most legendary beauties regularly get expensive facials and splurge on high-tech treatments, we bet even they think twice about dropping an entire grand on a palm-sized tub of anti-aging moisturizer. (You read that right; we said "an entire grand.")   See the list


9 Worst Summer Skin Care Products

Warmer, sunnier, longer days equal more skin exposure, which means you need to protect yourself from the elements while trying to look your best in the sweltering heat. Since you spend more time pool- and beach-side in the summer, you use things like sunscreen to keep burns away, and you likely rely on self-tanning products to fake a faux, bronzed glow. But what happens when these skin care products don't deliver?   See products


11 Questions You Should Ask Your Dermatologist

It's no secret that there's room for improvement in our health care system and our approach to wellness. The worst is when you go to the doctor's office and get rushed out of there -- totally forgetting to ask all of the burning questions you meant to ask (that is, if you're fortunate enough to have heath insurance). We would like to help you out in the skin care department, so that next time you go see your dermatologist, you'll be savvier and know all the right things to ask. And if you've never seen a dermatologist, you should consider going to one to maximize the health and beauty of your skin. See the 11 questions you should ask your dermatologist now.   See products


Anti-Aging Exclusive: 'How I Erased 10 Years'

TV personality and busy mom, Dayna Devon reveals skin care secrets that have taken years off her face and body   See secrets


Father's Day Special: Best Grooming and Skin Care Products for Your Dad

The time of year where we give thanks to dad is just around the corner. Yup, Father's Day (June 20th to be exact). And beyond your own dad, you might be celebrating the father of your children too.   See products


Are Salon and Spa Treatments Worth It?

Nothing has us running for the hills more than the idea of doing a skin care treatment like a bikini wax at home -- cue horror movie soundtrack. There are some things you can do safely and easily at home, but then there are certainly hair care and skin care treatments that should be left to trusted professionals. Case in point: Loving the trendy lob (aka long bob) is one thing, but deciding to do it yourself by plopping a fruit bowl on your head (visions of the Jack in the Box commercials are running through our minds) is definitely not recommended, and will most likely demand a trip to the hair salon afterwards anyway. So leave the scissors to the pros by going in for a haircut. On the other hand, something like a deep conditioning treatment you can do at home by simply using your fave conditioner and a shower cap. Doing this once a week will help maintain shiny, healthy hair.   Get tips


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