The Best Eye Makeup For Any Budget

The Best Eye Makeup For Any Budget

Makeup can get pretty costly when you add everything up: foundation, lipstick in endless shades, blush, bronzer, and of course, eye makeup. The best eye makeup does not need to be expensive, as you may want to experiment with an assortment of colors on a daily basis and want to keep the costs down. Loreal Hip was named one of the most inexpensive eye shadows of 2012 by In Style and comes in an impressive assortment of duos, giving you two fun colors for the price of one. BH Cosmetics also makes some of the best eye makeup that is also affordable. Their 120 Color Palette contains a rainbow of hues and currently retails for less than twenty dollars. Not all affordable eye makeup is the best, however. Be sure to read   read more


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Recommended Brushes For Eye Makeup Application

With all of the different brushes for eye makeup that are currently on the market, how do you know which ones are the best and which ones you can do without? Knowing which brushes to use will save you both a lot of time and a lot of money. There are six basic brushes for eye makeup that will get you through any situation. The first brush you will need is a lid brush that is natural-bristled, thin and tapered. This brush is great for applying shadow over your entire lid, and also works with your brow bone and lower lid. Next, you will want a crease brush, which has a bullet-shaped tapered tip to help create a smoky eye look. The blending brush is another one of the most important brushes for eye makeup because it helps blend colors together and will smooth away hard edges. Read   read more


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Makeup How-To: Egyptian Eye Makeup

Cleopatra was known far and wide for her immense beauty, and no doubt that included her Egyptian eye makeup, which has been featured on famous actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor when depicting the great queen. Ancient Egyptians were very particular about their eye makeup and popular shades of Egyptian eye makeup included gold, black and green. Heavy black eyeliner is a main characteristic of this signature look, which was used to make eyes look bigger and more defined. Line both your upper and lower lids, coming to a long, dramatic end just past the brow line on each side. Having trouble finding a good eyeliner? Check out   read more


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Recommended Foundations For Dry Skin

When choosing foundations for dry skin, you will want to go for a liquid or stick foundation, both of which are creamy and give your skin a more dewy feel and appearance. You can also opt for a hydrating powder, which is blended with ingredients that deliver moisture to skin and offer more coverage than regular powders. Foundations for dry skin will typically say that they are hydrating or moisture-rich on the label. As an added bonus, these types of foundation typically give your skin a natural looking, velvety finish and make skin appear more luminous while lessening the visibility of wrinkles and discoloration due to light-diffusing qualities. Read   read more


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The Beauty of Organic Lipstick

Some of you may be wondering, what exactly is the point of organic lipstick? Well for starters, many lip products on the market are filled with parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, lead and other harsh chemicals, which when used for prolonged periods of time can pose certain risks. In addition, supporting organic lipstick and other natural products is better for the environment, which helps create a healthier living space for everyone in it. For some suggestions regarding safer lip product options, check out   read more


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7 Underground Brands You're Not Using...Yet

CoverGirl. Maybelline. MAC.

These are brands that every makeup-wearing girl knows and loves. We've been saying, "because I'm worth it" for years and have stayed loyal to the brands ruling our drugstores and department stores for good reason: They have tons of cult-classic items that have wowed us since we bought our first lipstick. Hey, it's easier to go with a label you trust than some underground brand you've never heard of, right?   See brands


July 13, 2012  |   9:07 AM  |  50 COMMENTS
How to Prevent a Makeup Meltdown on Your Big Day

Planning a summer wedding? Avoid smudges, smears, or creases with these warm weather makeup tricks   read more


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DIY Makeup: Create Your Own Makeup Cocktails

Still searching for the perfect shade of lip gloss or foundation? It may already be in your makeup bag. Find out how to create custom DIY makeup like the pros   Find out how


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7 Makeup Must-Haves for the Gym

I have my fair share of dirty little secrets. Take, for instance, the fact that I'm a closet Battlestar Galactica fan or that I chow down on olives by the can. Oh, and here's another, I always wear makeup to the gym.   Get makeup


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The Week in Beauty

Are Republicans More 'Girly'?

Plus, Botox fights depression, the best Breast Cancer Awareness products, and moreWeigh in!   Watch videos


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