14 Best Highlighters

Not to be a Debbie downer, but it's a fact of life that with each passing year, gravity takes its toll on our complexion. Our cheekbones become more sunken in, our under-eye bags get darker and lower, and our skin turns sallower.   See list


October 7, 2013  |   1:10 PM  |  44 COMMENTS
NARS x Guy Bourdin Collection Gives New Meaning to the Term 'Product Porn'

We didn't think it was possible, but the NARS cosmetic line just got sexier. I know, I know -- NARS has never been shy about finding inspiration in the bedroom (Case in point: their Orgasm blush for that perfect shade of just-got-laid rosiness).   read more


October 4, 2013  |  12:10 PM  |  1 COMMENT
First Look: CoverGirl's New 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Capitol Collection

To say that fans are excited about the November 22 release of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is like saying that Miley Cyrus sticks out her tongue sometimes.   read more


October 1, 2013  |   2:10 PM  |  2 COMMENTS
8 Best Blushes -- and the 6 Worst

If there's one product in your makeup bag that can immediately brighten your complexion, it's blush. In fact, most makeup artists will tell you that your face makeup isn't complete until you've dusted a rosy glow across your cheeks. And then, presto change-o: What once was tired, sallow-looking skin is healthy and radiant.   See blushes


September 25, 2013  |   5:09 PM  |  88 COMMENTS
The Real All-Star Makeup Bag Essentials from TotalBeauty's Top Reviews

Real, honest reviews about beauty products -- that's what you'll find in our one-of-a-kind beauty product database. It's pretty much the most comprehensive list of every beauty product on the face of the planet and it delivers the real scoop on how a product works (or doesn't) for women.   read more


September 23, 2013  |  12:09 PM  |  2 COMMENTS
This Is Not Your Grandma's Smoky Eye

Makeup artists have been flogging the smoky eye since the beginning of time (or at least since the invention of eyeliner). And for many of us (myself included), the smoky eye has been our default going-out look for more than a decade. This all adds up to one thing: the smoky eye is getting borrr-ing.   read more


September 20, 2013  |   7:09 AM  |  5 COMMENTS
Think 'Store Brand' Means 'Generic Garbage'? Think Again.

Take a minute and visualize your makeup bag or bathroom sink. When was the last time you added a product to your beauty regimen that was ... store brand? Did you just turn your nose in the air? I'll be the first to admit that some of us have an aversion to store brand products. Maybe it's the blah packaging, the half-hearted promise that it's "just like" whatever you really want to buy, or we simply don't want to be thought of as cheap, but many of us will happily pony up a couple extra bucks to buy brand name everything.   read more


September 19, 2013  |   8:09 AM  |  6 COMMENTS
15 Best Concealers

To con-ceal/ Verb
1. Keep from sight; hide.
2. Keep (something) secret; prevent from being known or noticed   read more


September 18, 2013  |   9:09 AM  |  90 COMMENTS
Editors' Pick: 7 Best Foundations

Sometimes, when testing and reviewing face makeup, like foundations, it can feel like we're acting as referees in the ring of the WWF -- that's "Women Wear Foundation," of course. We have to make sure each match is a fair fight between the products. That each foundation being tested gets equal face time and is compared ounce-to-ounce and price-to-price. Why? Because the makeup you spend your hard-earned money on should put up a good fight and make you look flawless. That's why our editors put them face-to-face to see which ones were the clear winners before you give any of them a go.   read more


September 17, 2013  |   9:09 AM  |  127 COMMENTS
11 Haute, Not Hippie, Vegan Beauty Products

No animals were harmed in the making of this makeup   read more


September 9, 2013  |   8:09 AM  |  2 COMMENTS

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