The Cheater's Guide To Mid-Day Makeup Touchups

Who says cutting corners is a bad thing? Add these expert-approved tips to your makeup routine -- they'll make your life easier   read more


October 17, 2013  |   9:10 AM  |  COMMENT
The Makeup We're Hoarding in Our Fallout Shelters

At, we're (surprise!) total beauty-hoarding junkies. While this means we're constantly running out of counter space (and under-the-sink space, and medicine cabinet space, and pretty much every other space our roommates and significant others allow us), it also means we know what we like. And when we really like something, we find it hard to live without it. Case in point: One member of our editorial team recently bought an entire case of mascara on eBay after she found out it had been discontinued. Turns out, we all have a product we'd secretly like to stockpile in a beauty fallout shelter. Do you have a product you can't live without? Let us know in the comments below, and click ahead to see the one product we just won't give up.   read more


October 15, 2013  |  12:10 PM  |  3 COMMENTS
How to DIY Your Dream Vanity

Lusting after a vanity? You don't have to spend a just need a few key elements to create a DIY vanity. We've put together the ultimate inspiration slideshow for the diy vanity of every girl's dreams.   read more


October 15, 2013  |   9:10 AM  |  3 COMMENTS
The Ultimate Girls' Night Out Makeup Look

Ready to turn heads? This look is guaranteed to get you a double-take (or five).   read more


October 14, 2013  |   1:10 PM  |  COMMENT
The Best $4 Mascara You'll Ever Buy and Other Cheap Thrills

As beauty editors, we're particularly choosy about what products we spend money on. After all, why splurge on a pricey eyeliner when there's a $1 one that does the trick?   read more


October 14, 2013  |   6:10 AM  |  6 COMMENTS
Halloween Looks from the Runway

Chanel seemed to take the soundtrack of their SS '14 show, "Picasso Baby," pretty seriously with this splattered eye makeup look. Get crazy with that cheap eye makeup palette you've never used and go for a futuristic ( ...or '60s ... or '70s) look. For extra drama, use real paint like makeup artist Peter Phillips did. (Just be sure it's safe for your skin, or you'll be rocking a whole different look, like flesh-eaten zombie.)   read more


October 11, 2013  |  10:10 AM  |  COMMENT
How to Recreate Beyoncé's Hair Incident for Halloween

Beyonce has been my idol since I could hand a $10 bill to the clerk in exchange for a Destiny's Child single at The Warehouse (look it up, it was soo a thing. Which is why I've been Foxy Cleopatra and Deena from "Dreamgirls" for at least three Halloweens in a row. And I'm not alone on this. She has a tendency to be the inspiration of thousands of viral Halloween re-creations worldwide (Single Ladies dance craze, anyone?). So this year I got together with the Total Beauty team to take the Beyonce Halloween metamorphosis even further.   read more


October 11, 2013  |  10:10 AM  |  4 COMMENTS
Road Test: Olay CC Cream


Road Test: Olay CC Cream

When it comes to the lotions and potions we slather on our faces, we've got drawers full of 'em. Sunscreens, serums, skin-tightening, brightening, anti-aging, line-fighting -- you get the picture. Between applying our eye cream and waiting for an antioxidant serum to set in, sometimes our skin care regimen alone takes up ten minutes of our morning -- and that's before applying any makeup.   read more


October 11, 2013  |   6:10 AM  |  2 COMMENTS
Swapping Used Makeup Online -- Would You Ever?

As we all know far too well, buying beauty products is far from an exact science. You see a shade of lipstick that looks perfect, you get it home, it's horrific, you toss it into a bathroom drawer (with dozens of others like it) and go on about your day vowing to never again buy another lipstick. Until next time.   read more


October 10, 2013  |   5:10 PM  |  16 COMMENTS
Watch Your Back Sephora: Amazon Enters the High-End Beauty Realm

Remember when Amazon sold only books? Considering how all encompassing its offerings now are, that niche concept now seems almost laughable.   read more


October 10, 2013  |   8:10 AM  |  COMMENT

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