7 Yoga Poses That Can Give You a Sore Back

That girl on the yoga mat next to you may look impressive as she bends and stretches beyond imaginable limits, but there's really nothing worth envying if by pushing to get those extra inches of reach she gives herself a sore back. Big no-nomaste, if you know what we mean.   See more


April 16, 2012  |   9:04 AM  |  22 COMMENTS
Can a Real Girl Get Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Body?

Before you sign up for those spendy yoga classes or personal training sessions, look at what the famous "Friend's" at-home yoga workout did for our writer   See my journey


March 23, 2012  |  11:03 AM  |  32 COMMENTS
Stretches That Will Ditch Your Aches and Pains

Maybe you're sore from hitting the gym like a maniac. Or perhaps you're dealing with chronic pain you can't seem to shake. Here are 7 simple stretches that'll put an end to your aches and pains so that you can start the New Year feeling great   See moves


January 4, 2012  |   2:01 PM  |  71 COMMENTS
Can Kim Kardashian's Trainer Whip a Real Woman into Shape?

Find out if 30 days with the reality star's bootcamp trainer can transform one woman's body into a toned, fat-burning machine   See my journey


November 8, 2011  |   8:11 PM  |  39 COMMENTS
Post Pregnancy Exercises: Get Back Into Shape In No Time

Congratulations, you've just had a baby. And you're in for a big change. No more shopping in the maternity section, or convincing yourself that you're "eating for two" anymore. Welcome to the world of post-pregnancy. Now it's time to lost that weight by performing post pregnancy exercises to help you get back the body you once had. It may sound like a daunting task, but it is doable. Valerie Waters, a celebrity trainer whose clients include Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Garner offers some encouraging words, "Forget what you hear about celebrities getting back into shape in two to three works after giving birth." That being said, it's time to look into post pregnancy exercises that will take you from fuller to fitter sooner than you think.   see exercises


October 10, 2011  |   3:10 PM  |  2 COMMENTS
Postpartum Fitness: How To Lose A Baby Belly

For a lot of people, the belly is one of the hardest spots on the body to lose weight. And most often, it's the last spot to lose the fat. It doesn't help that your body has gone through post pregnancy changes, but the good news is that you can still get your body back after the baby. Here are some tips that will tell you exactly how to lose a baby belly. Warning: you may find yourself digging through your closet looking for all those cut-off tops from the nineties after following these exercises.   see tips


October 6, 2011  |   7:10 PM  |  10 COMMENTS
Mission: Can I Get Kelly Ripa's Body?

Before you judge me on wanting to look like the five-foot-two, less-than-a-hundred-pounds Kelly Ripa, hear this: I fully understand on a fundamental level that I will never, ever look like Kelly Ripa. I'm sane. Reasonable. Not short, or naturally thin. Oh, and I'm a brunette (wink!).   See what happens


October 4, 2011  |   6:10 AM  |  60 COMMENTS
Stressed Out? Here's Your New Workout

We know -- you can't make it to the gym because you're slammed at work. Or your neck and lower back hurt from sitting at your desk all day. Or you'd just rather plop on the couch and watch TV.   See the moves


August 28, 2011  |   5:08 PM  |  45 COMMENTS
The 5 Workouts Celebrities Swear By

Have you ever been sitting in the movie theater, watching the Oscars, or flipping through gossip magazines and just thought, "Celebrities seem to have it all, don't they?" Fame, money, washboard abs. Life is a peach for the ladies of the red carpet (personal scandals aside). However, before you get jealous of gorgeous celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Eva Mendes for their enviable bodies and income brackets, you should know they work hard for their assets -- particularly the ones men ogle over and we dream of having.   See secrets


July 11, 2011  |   8:07 AM  |  51 COMMENTS
7 Arm Exercises for Immediate Results

Arm workouts for women just got a lot more effective thanks to celebrity fitness guru David Kirsch   See workout


June 27, 2011  |   8:06 AM  |  70 COMMENTS

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