Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance

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    Totally Conquers Stink when you love to SWEAT via workout or Dance your tush off at a club!
    by justhavingfun
    Hey, I love to sweat during any/all workouts but not stink. Glistening sweat is sexy, cool and makes you feel great, but then getting from point A to point B to hit the shower, you will not leave a trail of BO city funk on mass transit using this product, and Chicago weather is notoriously hot & humid or brutal cold that layering your clothes can make you perspire. It was $6 bucks today, however with coupons, I got it for $3.00. Great product AND DID NOT CRUMBLE! Second time I bought the powder scent. I alternate with Secret and Lady's Schick and no problem. Do NOT forget that your body changes every 7 years, pregnancy/post, etc... Always good to change up and/or use nothing for a few days per month.
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    by Cirbii
    I love mitchum. It has a great scent and great protection. I use it everyday. It is not flawless on the hottest summer days (I live in DC and we had multiple 90+ days this summer), but it holds up well compared to other deoderants. i would recommend switching your deoderant every 6 months so the bacteria in your body doesn't adjust. i feel like my body adjusted to mitchum, so now I go back and forth with another brand, but I still fully support it.
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    by elena_hernandez
    I have tried almost all deodorants out there in my short lifespan and I say that because I know people that are 55 years old and have used same deodorant for 35 years . I feel like they got lucky on first base or im to picky. I am not very sweaty stinky person but I like my deodorant to smell nice . I can say this mitchum does a very good job only down side I see is that you have to wait for it to dry
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    by chelly62112
    I have had under arm problems all my life, Lately I guess do to hormonal change I have really been struggling to stay fresher under my arms. I randomly went into Target and spent a hour trying to decide which deodorant to get and I decided on the Mitchum Clinical Performance, This really works for me if it cost $20 I would so buy it. Goodbye Secret and Dove!
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    by HandbagLover
    Mitchum's put out a great product in both women's and men's deodorants. I've used Mitchum's products since I was 25 yrs. old. Long time ago folks.
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