The Next Big Skin Care Trend: CC Creams

The biggest beauty product trend I can remember in my eight-plus-year career (and many more makeup-obsessed years prior to becoming a beauty editor) is BB creams. Just about every beauty company in the world spent the last 12 months formulating and then launching one of these tinted multi-taskers otherwise known as "beauty balms."   See CC creams


October 5, 2012  |   6:10 AM  |  48 COMMENTS
7 Worst Anti-Aging Night Creams

See which popular night creams our readers say suck   See night creams


September 10, 2012  |   1:09 PM  |  53 COMMENTS
6 Face Yoga Poses That'll Make You Look Like You Had a Facelift

Ryan Lochte, KStew the "Trampire," and the election are trending right now. You know what else is spreading through the digital world like a cute cat video? Face yoga.   Try face yoga


August 31, 2012  |   5:08 PM  |  21 COMMENTS
Why You Need a Daytime Retinol Now

The latest crop of retinol products don't fight wrinkles and discoloration while you sleep -- they do it during the day. Find out how to use retinol, and why you should   See products


August 20, 2012  |   6:08 AM  |  23 COMMENTS
6 Ways to Brighten Your Skin

I used to think my freckles were cute -- a splattering across my nose and cheeks that made me look young. They fade in the winter until they're almost undetectable, and then they reappear the first time I go out in the summer sun -- even though I wear SPF 50. While I never wanted to enhance them, I didn't want to erase them, either.   See products


July 6, 2012  |   4:07 PM  |  51 COMMENTS
 8 Ways Your Daily Skin Care Regimen Should Change Along with Your Menstrual Cycle

If you've ever experienced time-of-the-month breakouts, you know all too well about the close relationship between hormones and skin. What you probably didn't realize, however, is that you have your cycle to thank when your skin looks good, too.   See tips


June 29, 2012  |   5:06 PM  |  18 COMMENTS
Spray Tanning News: Is it Really Dangerous?

Bad news for all of us pale folks: There really is no such thing as a "safe" tan. We already knew that tanning beds and laying out in the sun were killing us slowly, but now it seems we need to add spray tans and self-tanners to the list.   See dangers


June 26, 2012  |   8:06 AM  |  26 COMMENTS
Skin Care Secrets from a Celebrity Facialist

What is it about laying down on a facialist's table that makes you feel so vulnerable? Maybe it's because you're inches away from your esthetician's face, with your pores, pimples, and lines hanging under a seriously bright light? Or maybe it's because the facialist always happens to have the clearest, most flawless skin?   See her faves


June 7, 2012  |   5:06 PM  |  55 COMMENTS
The Anti-Aging Ingredient More Important Than Sunscreen

You wear sunscreen every day (or, OK, most days), and you're proud of it. After all, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, up to 90 percent of preventable aging is caused by UV exposure -- and that means smoking, diet, and sleep barely matter by comparison. For the last few decades, everyone from dermatologists to beauty editors has been stressing the importance of SPF. "Wear sunscreen and you'll look younger" has been our motto.   See news


May 24, 2012  |   9:05 AM  |  50 COMMENTS
The Best Sunscreens for Your Skin

As a beauty editor, I get a lot of questions about sunscreen. "What are the best sunscreens this season?" "Which ones should I keep stashed in my purse, glove box, and desk drawer?" "What's the best sunscreen for oily skin?" "Does organic sunscreen really work?"   See sunscreens


May 16, 2012  |   7:05 PM  |  45 COMMENTS

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