Um, What Exactly is Oil Pulling? And, Should We All Be Doing It?

When I got to my friend Colleen's house for dinner last night, she opened the door, waved a lot and didn't say anything. Odd? Yes. But, as she seemed to be swishing something around in her mouth at the time, it made sense (ish).   read more


November 22, 2013  |   7:11 AM  |  9 COMMENTS
13 Best Body Lotions Under $10

When it comes to what we put on our faces, we'll splurge on the latest anti-aging cream that promises to work miracles on those crow's feet and clock far too much time in the bathroom dutifully performing each of the six steps in our skin care regimens.   See lotions


November 21, 2013  |  12:11 PM  |  89 COMMENTS
Like Gwyneth, 51 Percent of Women Are 'Rocking a '70s Vibe' Down There

Love her or loathe her, when Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on a recent episode of "Ellen" and admitted to her close friend (and about a gazillion viewers worldwide) that she eschews waxing and the like in favor of a "Rocking a '70s vibe" down there, it was the beauty admission heard 'round the world.   read more


November 19, 2013  |   9:11 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Burt's Bees Regrets Unfortunate Label That Some Say Invites Sexual Harassment

In its nearly 30-year history, Burt's Bees has made a name for itself as an "Earth friendly, natural personal care company." They use natural ingredients, minimal processing and operate under a business model known as "The Greater Good," whereby all "company practices must be socially responsible."   read more


November 19, 2013  |   8:11 AM  |  13 COMMENTS
The Evils of Photoshop Made Evident in a 37-Second Must-Watch Clip

We hear about the evils of photo retouching all the time. Heck, we even snicker at some of the more egregious "Photoshop fails" that get "leaked" onto the Internet (no doubt by underpaid, under-appreciated underlings). But, while eradicating a cystic zit from a cover girl's face or making her look like she got just a little more sleep may be nothing more than a modern day "smoke and mirrors" technique, when the tools are used to completely overhaul a person into some unattainable ideal of "beauty," things get warped. And that's scary.   read more


October 31, 2013  |   8:10 AM  |  2 COMMENTS
File This One Under: With this 'Push Up Bra' for Men, You've Officially Seen it All

This just in: there's a push up bra for men. Not only does the garment in question lift the "girls" (boys?), it's there to shape, accentuate and flesh out nearby muscle groups as well. Boy, and we thought we had it good with Spanx.   read more


October 29, 2013  |   8:10 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Guess Which Parts of Our Bodies Age Fastest? (Hint: They May Wobble to and Fro)

Researchers at U.C.L.A. have exposed what they're calling a "biological clock" embedded in our genomes. By using it as a barometer, they were able to identify that certain parts of our bodies age more quickly than others. The   read more


October 22, 2013  |   8:10 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Russian Tampax Commercial: Too Direct or Simply Awesome?

Remember when tampon commercials focused on pretty much everything other than the topic at hand?
  read more


October 14, 2013  |   9:10 AM  |  21 COMMENTS
Taraji Henson Talks Moisturizer and Poop (Yes, Poop)

Apparently, there are two things in life that actress Taraji Henson can't stand: scaly feet and a stinky bathroom.   read more


October 9, 2013  |  11:10 AM  |  COMMENT
You're Not Hallucinating: 'New Baby Smell' Is a Thing

We've all read studies about how pheromones are the deciding factor in how we chose a mate -- that the way someone smells (even on a subconscious level) influences whether or not we're attracted to them.   read more


October 4, 2013  |   9:10 AM  |  4 COMMENTS

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