9 Sneaky Places Skin Cancer Hides

I should have known my trip to the dermatologist wasn't going to end well when I walked in and saw the derm's diploma was hanging lopsided on the wall. It should have been my cue that this man was not precise -- something you desperately need when it comes to checking for signs of skin cancer. After a handful of malignant moles and one basal cell carcinoma later, I am vigilant about coming in for bi-annual skin cancer checks. So when I found an unusual mole on my derriere (self checks are important too!), I knew I had to skip the embarrassment and get it checked out.   read more


Add These Spring Vacay Beauty Game-Changers to Your Packing List

Is there anything better than spring vacation? Jetting out of town during this time of year does wonders for your mind, body and spirit. But with every vacation comes the not-so-fun chore of packing the perfect beauty bag -- after all, you don't want to be tempted to go on a picture-deleting spree once you realize all your vacation pics feature frizzy hair and an oily visage. When you're heading off to your destination of choice, don't put a damper on your trip by packing the wrong products -- or, worse, forgetting some essentials entirely. We've put together a must-have list for four different types of locales with tips on how to make these products work specifically for your spring vacation destination.   read more


7 Ways to Save Your Skin During Allergy Season

Ah, springtime. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming ... aaand you're sneezing up your lungs, unleashing a flood of tears every two seconds and scratching your skin repeatedly. Yes, allergy season is officially upon us and allergists say we're in for a doozy this season, thanks to the atypically long winter.   read more


Quiz: Do You Need to Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine?

After enduring winter's snowstorms, cold snaps and bone-dry air, we welcome spring's arrival. But daffodils and sunshine aren't the only reasons we get excited for spring; the warm season is a breath of fresh air for our skin care regimens. We can chuck the thick creams and greasy balms we needed to protect our traumatized skin in winter for lighter, less intense products -- that is, if you've been taking proper care of your skin. If you've been going about your regimen the wrong way, then you may still require some special TLC as you transition to spring. Take the quiz to find out what spring skin care product you need.   read more


9 Perfect-for-Spring Homemade Skin Care Recipes

Cold weather is good for some things like skiing, snowmen and the occasional hot toddy consumption, but for your skin, it's torture. That's why, by the time spring comes around, your dry, cracked skin is fed up and ready for a little taste of spring time weather.   See recipes


5 Things to Do Now for Flawless Skin by Summer

For the most part I consider myself a planner, a list-maker, a generally organized type of chick. The exception? Whenever the seasons change.   See advice


Fake a Perfect Body With Makeup

It's a fact of life: Our bodies aren't perfect. We're not talking about muffin tops and love handles, but those other annoying body blemishes that make us want to run for cover -- bruises, spider veins, stretch marks and scars. You don't have to give up showing a little skin just because you have a regrettable tattoo or unplanned tan lines on your body. Just take a tip from the flawless-seeming Victoria's Secret models: When they strut down the runway, those amazing bodies are thanks, in part, to layers and layers of body makeup. We're not suggesting you spend all day contouring a six-pack that isn't there, but there are a few tricks you can steal to hide a tattoo from your in-laws or cover up bruises for a big event. Ready for a flawless finish? We've got you covered.   read more


How to Be a Bronze Goddess on Your Wedding Day

If you've seen the movie "Bride Wars," you're familiar with the hysterical scene where Kate Hudson's character switches out the color in her frenemy Anne Hathaway's spray tanning booth. What happens? Hathway's character steps out and realizes she's become Manhattan's first Oompa-Loompa.   read more


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