Product Reviews: Best & Worst Frizz Fighters

Which formulas tame fine, thick, wavy and curly hair -- and which are a waste of money

We painstakingly perused your ratings and reviews of anti-frizz products to find out which ones made your repeat purchase list and which fell short of your expectations. Soak up the feedback and use it to your advantage next time you're shopping for the perfect frizz-fighting formula for your hair type and beauty budget.

By Charli Schuler

Frizz-Ease Straight Answer Straightening Spray , $5.99 rating: 4 Pros: "Aside from protecting my hair from the heat, it is very effective when straightening my hair." -- PF51099, member Cons: "This product somewhat helps wavy hair stay straight, but doesn't leave it soft or shiny. On the contrary, it leaves a stiff residue like that of firm-hold hairspray. Sprayed on wet hair, it's undetectable, but you'll feel like you're blow-drying with no product -- an unpleasant experience that causes breakage." -- Beth , Editor Alterna Hemp Straightening Balm , $19 at salons rating: 8.5 Pros: "This light lotion is a safe option for O.D.-ers who just can't stop at a nickel-sized dollop of straightening cream (like me). Worked through wet curls before a blow-dry, it renders hair slippery and round-brushable without an oily silicone effect; my blow-out remained nicely un-wavy all day." -- Beth , Editor Cons: "It kept my hair from becoming wavy at the end of the day but is still no match for humidity." -- jnetgerrior, member Alberto VO5 Sheer Hairdressing Weightless Leave-In Anti-Frizz & Shine Creme , $5.99 average user rating: 8* Pros: "It makes my hair nice, shiny, and frizz free after blow-drying or straightening. Does the same job as the expensive products your hairdresser tries to sell you for half the price." -- ChristineY, member Cons: None *At time of publication Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum , $5.99 average user rating: 6* Pros: "I still have a few flyways when I use it, but frizz is definitely minimized and it also adds shine. Not a bad price either." -- Buttons, member Cons: "Moderation is the key ... just a little too much makes hair look greasy instead of shiny." -- EmilyHansen, member *At time of publication Bumble and bumble DeFRIZZ , $24.99 average user rating: 8* Pros: "This product consistently works for me -- on both wet and dry hair -- to tame frizz and leave my hair shiny. It's best mixed with a creamy leave-in conditioner if applying to wet hair, but works great on its own to tame stray frizzes or smooth dry ends when hair is dry." -- DeLux, member Cons: "Price is high, but when I find a bargain price, I stock up." -- bhaughey, member *At time of publication Redken Outshine 01 Anti-frizz Polishing Milk , $14.99 at salons average user rating: 8* Pros: "It really gets the frizz out of my hair when I wear it curly and adds a little shine to it! I also love the packaging. The pump makes it so easy to use!" -- kjohns11, member Cons: "You do have to take care to distribute well throughout hair. If too much is in one area, it appears greasy [and] feels crunchy." -- jfishfrr, member *At time of publication Davines MOMO Anti-Frizz Fluid , $17.59 average user rating: 9* Pros: "I live in the muggy south and this product has become an essential for surviving hot and humid days. It tames my hair and leaves it silky smooth and smelling fresh." -- carlyharrell, member Cons: None *At time of publication TreSemme No-Frizz Ultra Light Shine Spray , $4.99 average user rating: 8* Pros: "No frizz at all, even when I apply it on wet hair, and my hair is super-thick! It has a very nice, sweet smell to it and leaves just a little shine without feeling thick or greasy. It's like a miracle for my hair!" -- musicmodel , member Cons: "If you put on too much it makes your hair look somewhat greasy. It smells sort of good at first, but then your hair will smell kind of gross after awhile. I also find that it leaks out of the bottle in small amounts." -- btyadt, member *At time of publication Frizz-Ease Original Formula Hair Serum For Dry Frizz-Prone Hair , $9.09 average user rating: 7* Pros: "I put this on when my hair is damp just before I blow-dry. The result is unbelievable. Straight, shiny like crazy and very [few] flyaways. The trick is to put it on slightly damp hair." -- fashbashgurl, member Cons: "This bottle is really tiny and goes fast if you really have a lot of hair like me. And it gets expensive to use on a regular basis." -- Daysky, member *At time of publication John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Runway Straight Smoothing Milk , $5.99 average user rating: 6* Pros: "It really does protect your hair from damage from curling irons and straighteners. It also really brings out the different browns in your hair." -- Erica07, member Cons: "This left my [thick, coarse, colored, straightened] hair feeling too puffy and greasy, even when I used really small amounts." -- Missy87, member *At time of publication Neutrogena Triple Moisture Smooth Shine Anti Frizz Cream , $7.39 average user rating: 9* Pros: "I use this product every day. I had a really bad experience with a perm and instead of curling it started frizzing. Now [my hair is] curly as it should be and soft." -- kathyt42, member Cons: "I add water to it before distributing through my hair. Before doing this, I found that my hair was very limp -- happens when I use too much product." -- Maryco, member *At time of publication MOP C-Straight Straightening Cream , $15 average user rating: 4* Pros: "Not much is needed. I used it on my normally straight hair, that has just a touch of a perm left & it seamed to control it some." -- scat413, member Cons: "Unfortunately, after using this pr oduct and blowing my hair dry, my hair feels sort of sticky and dry -- definitely not run-your-fingers-through-it soft as I'd hoped." -- sawilly, member *At time of publication Frederic Fekkai Coiff Perfecteur Anti-Frizz Silkening Creme , $25 average user rating: 9* Pros: "My hair is naturally wavy. This product did a wonderful job at lightly smoothing my waves (I used it with Fekkai's wave spray), that looked soft and shiny." -- mmstetson, member Cons: "I seriously can't say anything bad about it except that the price is a bit higher than I'd like to pay -- but I'm willing to do it if it means beating the humidity with gorgeous hair!" -- BeautyChick01, member *At time of publication Pantene Pro-V Anti-frizz Creme, Moisturizing Curls Curl Shaper , $6.95 at drugstores average user rating: 8* Pros: This is a very good product for curls. It has the frizz fighting power of a serum, minus the grease. It keeps curls from poofing up and it gives them a good shape. It makes hair soft and has a nice smell." -- selinasesshy, member Cons: "This product is okay and a decent approximation of Matrix's smoothing cream. Didn't really do much for my hair but reduce frizz a bit -- I have very curly hair, so I don't need much in the way of curl boosting." -- jamirblaze, member *At time of publication Arrojo Studio Defrizz Serum , $15 average user rating: 9* Pros: "With this product, no more frizz, even in rainy weather. My blow-dried straight bangs no longer curl into a comma shape at the hint of humidity. It feels great on your hair; doesn't weigh it down at all!" -- CWFFWC, member Cons: None *At time of publication Marco Pelusi Marco Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner , $35 rating: 9.5 Pros: "Just one or two pumps miraculously detangle knots and tame frizz on all hair types. Collagen temporarily fills holes in the hair shaft, making even color-treated hair look instantly shinier and healthier." -- Charli , Editor Cons: "Left my hair feeling stiff." -- buell0400, member Suave Professionals Healthy Curls Anti-Frizz Cream , $2.99 average user rating: 9* Pros: "My natural curls were bouncy, well-defined and frizz-free. This product is moisturizing and light -- perfect for my incredibly dry, incredibly fine head of hair. I've since abandoned my over-priced professional product for this. It works better, and I get much more product for about one tenth of the cost! -- ashalofs, member Cons: None *At time of publication Citre Shine Shine Mist Anti-Frizz Spray Laminator , $4.49 average user rating: 9* Pros: "I have wavy unruly hair. When I take the time to straighten it, I spray a little of this on my brush and run the brush though my hair. It keeps the ends of my very long hair from looking dried out. And it has a nice, but not overwhelming scent." -- Icep25, member Cons: "Beware ... if you spray too much too close to your head, it's like straight oil." -- caseycb, member *At time of publication Rene Furterer Control Emulsion Anti-frizz , $23 average user rating: 10* Pros: "This product tamed my hair and did not let it get frizzy, even after an entire day in the sun! It is very useful when hair is untamable!" -- lesley, member Cons: None *At time of publication The Best Products for Curly Hair Pretty Curly Hair Photos Curling Iron Tricks: Messy Ringlets Subject Subject Subject Message Message Message /content/flash/c_frizz/
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This is trash my my hair dry and brittle no shine, I threw it away. Really just too much alcohol in one bottle.

by lin44 Monday, January 28, 2013 at 11:51AM Report as inappropriate

I agree, the alcohol made my hair dry...

by lin44 Monday, January 28, 2013 at 11:46AM Report as inappropriate

I use Argen or coconut oil products.

by MissPurple Friday, January 25, 2013 at 12:51PM Report as inappropriate

I’ve been using argan oil on my hair and it’s been HEAVEN. No more frizz, more shine and it’s really soft. It’s not greasy and it smells good too, which is always a bonus. It should be on here!

by laura_wolfhart Friday, December 28, 2012 at 09:27AM Report as inappropriate

I have thick hair that is course and wavy. I have tried no less than 20 different frizz reducing sprays over the last 15 years or so. I have tried the designer ones and the drug store ones and every one in between. Yes, even the expensive moroccan oil! I keep coming back to the Antioxidant Leave in Protecter from the Shielo brand. NOTHING works better to calm the frizz, add shine and protect hair from all the heat styling instruments.

by jasmine_santa_maria Sunday, June 17, 2012 at 04:52PM Report as inappropriate

Some good suggestions here but try Aveda

by TBjunkie Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 12:10AM Report as inappropriate

thank youu

by Nicole2814 Sunday, December 25, 2011 at 10:19PM Report as inappropriate

really want to try tripple mositure

by Nicole2814 Friday, November 18, 2011 at 09:15PM Report as inappropriate

I'll have to try the Neutrogena.

by attagirl Monday, April 25, 2011 at 11:29AM Report as inappropriate

One of my coworkers uses Garnier Sleek and Shine after she uses her Chi flatiron, and her hair looks fabulous.

by LipglossandSpandex Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 09:26PM Report as inappropriate

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