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Solve Your Winter Skin Problems -- Stat!

When the weather turns from sunny and mild to cold and blustery, our skin often turns too -- from supple and hydrated to cracked, flaky and ashy. We know that adding moisture-infused products to our skin will help hydrate it. We also know (and have heard a thousand times) that in the winter we usually need to switch from lighter moisturizers to more intensely hydrating ones, right? Right.   See skin problems


December 24, 2013  |  10:12 AM  |  12 COMMENTS
13 Best Powders

When it comes to face makeup, most of us will go to amazing lengths in order to find that perfect product. That one foundation, powder or concealer that completely hides spots, minimizes lines, smoothes texture and creates an overall flawless finish. (Does one such product even exist?!) We will spend a ton of cash -- maybe not on one product, but on the hundreds we've tested in a lifetime, read reviews until we're dizzy and, of course, allow makeup artist after makeup artist convince us that their product is the best. That's a lot of work for a category of makeup that shouldn't really get noticed, right? Well, in order to put an end to this madness and to hopefully save you a few bucks, we thought we'd share a list of the top-rated face powders according to our readers.   See powders


August 5, 2013  |  10:08 AM  |  96 COMMENTS
One Month to a Flatter Belly

Getting rid of your pooch doesn't have to be grueling. Try these surprisingly easy nutrition tips and ab workouts for women to get a gorgeous-looking midsection in time for bikini season   See tips


April 17, 2012  |   4:04 PM  |  88 COMMENTS
12 Beauty Breakthroughs You Must Try in 2012

It seems like every day a new beauty product comes out and with each one comes the same thing: Hope. Hope that this anti-aging serum will erase those brown spots. Hope that this smoothing cream will banish frizz for good. Hope that this spot treatment will make acne a distant memory.   see beauty products


December 28, 2011  |   1:12 PM  |  50 COMMENTS
Master At-Home Highlights with These Tricks

Highlights can add dimension to hair and give it a gorgeous sun-kissed effect when done correctly, but a few missteps can make you look skunk-like or worse. Thanks to experts Rona O'Conner, celebrity colorist and co-owner of the Lukaro salon in Beverly Hills, Calif. and Marcy Cona, Clairol Global Creative Director of Color and Style we got the scoop on how to successfully highlight hair at home -- read on to see their tips.   See tips


September 7, 2011  |   5:09 PM  |  7 COMMENTS
Stress Reducing Exercise Moves You Can Do in Minutes

Picture this: You're sitting at your desk watching the to-dos pile up when you get an IM from your boss saying "can you come into my office -- now" and before you take a second breath your phone rings -- it's your son's school. Your blood is boiling, your heart is pounding and you just want to SCREAM. Welcome to the wonderful world of stressed out women   See moves


April 14, 2011  |   4:04 PM  |  32 COMMENTS
11 Easy Ways to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

Wouldn't life be easier if a magic calorie-burning pill did exist? One that has zero side effects and is actually good for you?   See tips


April 14, 2011  |   3:04 PM  |  81 COMMENTS
6 Simple Moves for Very Sexy Legs

Wish you had legs like Angelina Jolie or Jessica Biel? Or maybe just legs you'd feel confident showing off in shorts or dresses this summer? Yeah, us too. That's why we talked to master trainers to give us the leg workouts for women that actually work -- and work fast.   See moves


April 14, 2011  |   8:04 AM  |  63 COMMENTS
6 Best Butt Workouts for Women

Did you know that your booty (ahem, gluteus maximus) is the largest muscle in your body? So why is it that the exercise we practice most for this massive muscle is called the sit-on-it-for-hours? OK, that's not really a butt workout exercise (duh), but it's truly our butts' favorite pastime. Until now. We're here to change all that.   See moves


April 14, 2011  |   8:04 AM  |  71 COMMENTS
Backstage Beauty Tips That Work in Real Life

You might think that because models are so stunning, exotic, sexy, what have you, that they don't need much in the way of hair and makeup to look fabulous. Think again.   See tips


March 2, 2011  |   6:03 AM  |  21 COMMENTS
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