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The No Makeup Selfie Has Morphed into a Cancer Awareness Campaign

Every once in a great while something good can come of something mean-spirited.

When former film siren Kim Novak was mercilessly ridiculed for having what appeared to be a face full of (badly placed) fillers at the Academy Awards, novelist Laura Lippman tweeted a makeup free selfie as a token of "solidarity" and challenged others to follow suit.   read more


March 24, 2014  |   6:03 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Kate Upton Is the New Face of Bobbi Brown

Kate Upton is famous, and drooled over, for lots of things. But, till now, most of the attention she's garnered (and there's been a lot) has been focused more on her incredible figure than her beautiful face.   read more


March 21, 2014  |   8:03 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Madonna Flaunts Tufty Underarm Hair

I doubt Madonna was jockeying for a gig with Dove's Learn to Love Your Underarms campaign but, for whatever reason, the 55 year-old "I'll try to shock you till I'm 6 feet under" superstar was flaunting her hairy pits via social media yesterday.   read more


March 21, 2014  |   6:03 AM  |  11 COMMENTS
It's International Happiness Day! (Feeling Meh? Here's How to Fake It)

Since the dawn of time, there've been umpteen gazillion studies done on happiness. Ok, so I made up that stat but it's true that analyzing happiness is a popular pursuit because much like discovering the Fountain of Youth, unlocking the secrets to what makes us truly content would be life changing.   read more


March 20, 2014  |  11:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Terrified of Aging? Please Watch This Video

"There is no cure for aging, because aging isn't an illness," a new Public Service Announcement from the British non-profit, Age UK, reminds us.   read more


March 20, 2014  |   7:03 AM  |  COMMENT
MAC's Maleficent Collection: Unleash Your Inner Angelina

Fairytale fans have been waiting on spindles and needles for the live-action, somewhat twisted version of "Sleeping Beauty" to hit theaters ever since Disney announced nearly five years ago that they'd do the story from the antagonist's point of view and that Angelina Jolie would lend her considerable talent (and beauty) to the production.   read more


March 19, 2014  |  10:03 AM  |  2 COMMENTS
Thought the Ice Cream Cleanse Was Too Good to be True? How About Trying the Tequila Diet?

If you'd asked me a few hours ago whether I thought tequila could help you lose weight, I'd have thought for a minute and then said, "Sure, because it makes you throw up." I'm witty that way.   read more


March 19, 2014  |   7:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Hate Spinning? Throw Your Bike in the Pool!

Riding a stationary bike can be one helluva kick-butt workout, and once you get beyond the mental frustration of pedaling a whole lot to get absolutely nowhere, can also be a ton of (sweaty) fun.   read more


March 18, 2014  |  10:03 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Maybe Your Toddler's Onto Something: Eating Clay is Apparently Good For You

From helping with digestive ailments (acid reflux, constipation, bloating, etc.) to clearing up skin issues and a host of other maladies, the consumption and/or application of healing clays is supposed to work wonders on your body. This would explain why more than two hundred cultures across the globe participate in the practice, known as geophagy, on a daily basis.   read more


March 18, 2014  |   8:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Weight Loss Via Caffeine-Infused Shapewear -- Wacky Enough to Work?

For the woman who has everything -- including, apparently, the ability to suspend disbelief -- comes Revolution Slim Active Sports shapewear.   read more


March 17, 2014  |   1:03 PM  |  COMMENT
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