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    LOVE LATISSE! yes, it is pricey. But it will work. I have been using this product for a year (2 1/2 bottles) and enjoying long (noticeable) lashes since the third month. My husband doesn't comment on many things but he noticed my longer lashes after 10 weeks of using the product. My normal lashes are sparse, short and very light. and they usual fall out more frequently. But while using morese, my lashes do not fall out nearly at all giving them time to grow. And the individual lash seems to be slightly thicker and darker. I do have the side effect of my eye lid being slightly darker pink (I am very fair and so this is probably more noticeable on me) but any amount of eye shadow, light or dark conceals this completely. I can't say enough good things about this product, love, love, love it!
    redbirdchick | 8 reviews

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    Works AWESOME!

    I bit pricey but they constantly have rebates and you can sign up for their brilliant points to use towards $$ off future purchases. This works awesome! I love it.. makes my lashes LONGER and FULLER even if don't use it consistently every night. I don't use the brushes it come with (feel that you are wasting product) So I apply it with a eyeliner brush, and don't waste much and I also make sure to brush the excess on my brows too!
    dimps2lv | 5 reviews

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    It really works!

    I decided to start using Latisse because although my lashes are long, they are sparse. I was hoping to get more growth, not necessarily length. The most important thing is to use it every night, before going to bed. I had some minor irritation the first day, skipped the product the following day in order to allow my eyes to get back to normal. Started using it again the third day. From that more on, I did not have any more irritation. The bottle is small, but it lasts a long time. In fact, I ran out of brushes while I still had product left. I would not recommend this to everyone, but what I did was clean some of the brushes I had in hydrogen peroxide (or rubbing alcohol), rinsed them REALLY WELL with water, allowed them to dry, and reused them. I never had any problems. I know the company insists on being very careful with how we used them, but REALLY, do we cleanse our eye liners every day? Use it every day, religiously, and forget about it. Don't look in the mirror every day to see if your lashes have grown. It will drive you mad. It's like watching grass grow! You will see results after about 2 months, for sure. In fact, my lashes are so long now that when I open my eyes wide, even without mascara, I can feel them brushing below the eyebrow. The only two drawbacks I have encountered so far are: first, the lashes are so long that they brush against my glasses, so I am constantly cleaning them; second, some of the lashes, especially at the corners of the eye, grow in all directions! Some grow longer than others. I snip them a tiny bit if they get out of control. I am on my second bottle now and still love the product. One of my friends who has been using it a lot longer, told me that once you achieve the desired results, you only have to use it once a week. Overall, awesome results! Try it!
    h2orius | 1 reviews

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    From a medical perspective

    Latisse totally does what it says it's going to do. Why? Because the drug company who manufactures this same exact medication as a glaucoma drop just happened to notice that patient's eyelashes were growing, thickening and darkening like crazy after using it for a while. Someone got smart, changed the name and packaging, and Latisse was born from Lumigan...except your insurance won't cover more. ;) How do I know this? I've worked for eye doctors for over 10 years now. Lumigan, Travatan and Xalatan have all shown marked eyelash growth when being used to treat glaucoma. It works exactly the way it promises. The drawbacks are the redness of skin and darkening around the eyes, skin irritation, some red eyes, and some people have noticed brown pigmentation in the irises of their eyes. (although thats not very common, so don't freak out) Another ripoff are the brushes. They're crappy to begin with, and make precision work of putting the product at the lash line all but impossible. Not to mention, they want you to use one per eye and throw them away immediately. Pfft. Forget that and just buy yourself a tiny eyeliner brush and some brush cleaner. You'll save product usage, skin contact...and annoyance. This is also something that you have to use long term, because if you stop...the effect goes away. You can maintain by using it 3-4 times a week, though. Overall? Expensive, but it works.
    snakey1219 | 2 reviews

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    Definitely works

    This product definitely works! I wish it would work I had some places that grew out quicker and some not at all. Also some would get near my tear duct every now and again...and now I have little fuzzy hairs growing there...not cool! Its not really noticeable from far but just be careful. The brushes in the kit...totally pointless. I threw those away right off the bat...If you feel morekay you can use your finger tips or some other make up tool. You will definitely be able to use this littttleeee bottle a lot longer! And I did have slight darkening around the eye lid..but it seemed to go away after I stopped using it. Or if you wear make up that will cover it up too.
    iheartproducts | 38 reviews

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    This stuff really works!!! I've bought so many beauty products and a few work but most don't even come close to living up to what they are supposed to do; this one is different. It took about 6 weeks for me to begin to notice results but now it's been almost 16 weeks since I began using it and my eyelashes are so long! Some tips I have: Reuse the applicators a few times before throwing them morey because you will have much more of the products then you will have applicators. I put just one drop in the lid and dip the brush tip in and apply to both eyes. Lately I've put a little on my eyebrows after my lashes (but I've only been doing that a week or so). My first bottle lasted about 13 weeks. The only problem I've had is that the place I apply above my lash line is a little discolored (radish). It's not too bad though. Defiantly not bad enough to event think of stopping!!! I want to tell everyone about this! It is expensive but so worth it!!!
    leodaisy | 15 reviews

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    Latisse - effective but expensive

    Having to go through Chemo, I lost my eyelashes and then they grew back longer and thicker, and then they went back to normal. So I thought I'd try latisse because I loved having giraffe like eyelashes. It works but it took a full 3 months before I got complete results and if you stop using it within a month you lose any thickness and length. Now I use it 3-4 per week as maintenance. more I hated their plastic applicators so I bought a small paint brush with natural bristles and use so much less of the product - one drop does both eyes. I can now extend a bottle to 2-3 months. I just wash the brush with soap when it needs it. So it works out to be about $30/month which isn't too bad. Also I love that my lashes are darker now - I almost don't need mascara and it's the first time that I haven't used a curler since starting to use mascara. Doesn't get a 10 because of the price and crappy applicators.
    charliecat | 6 reviews

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    Amazing but expensive

    If it were financially possible for me i would never be without his stuff. I saw results after about 3 weeks and people actually commented on them. I didn't even realize that people noticed eyelashes that much...I guess they didn't notice mine much before I started Latisse. I was able to buy a couple of boxes because my dermo had a sale (or the company did--I'm not sure which), offering 2 boxes morer &120. Even at that price it's expensive for the average consumer but the results are dramatic. i didn't notice any color change to my eyes, either. I wish that the price would go down and that the results would last after you stop using it, at least for a litle longer than they do. I guess the results can only last as long as it takes for all new lashes to come in, but still... I give this product a 10 for quality and a 6 for price, so I'm giving it an 8 overall.
    FractalHelix | 13 reviews

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    Believe It

    This product works! I've been using it just over six months now, but you'll start to see results within a couple of weeks. I'll never be without it. My lashes are incredible. I have green eyes and have seen no change in my eye color.
    Houndlvr | 5 reviews

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    Best of all

    Have tried othere brnds and some didn't work well but you will see a difference in 3 weeks...and they they wiill show great results. This is definately a 10
    gagirl1953 | 6 reviews

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