E.L.F. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

AS LOW AS $3.00


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    It's Alright....
    by anna_isabel
    I love this product. The only thing I don't like is that there are clumps of the blush in it. Overall, It's a pretty good product :)
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    by abbyobrian
    I really wanted the NARS bronzer/ blush palette like this but it was so expensive and I wanted to start to attempt contouring so I bought this for like 3 dollars or something. It is my absolute favorite, it blends beautifully even though the bronzer looks too deep for my fair skin tone in the package it is easily applied and looks just as good as any other bronzer I have used ( Tarte, Bobby Brown etc.) LOVE it and for so cheap it is definitely worth buying!
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    elf makeup
    by angela_appleford
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    Pretty Duo!
    by Billie77
    This duo is great. Especially for when I travel. This case is really nice and sturdy. The mirror inside is big and the colors are gorgeous. The blush & bronzer are similar (not exact) to the Nars Laguna and bronzer (can't type the word!) duo. And at $3, if it breaks or gets lost, it won't be the biggest deal (I would still be sad). The colors have some shimmer in them, so I particularly like them for warmer weather.
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    Very Good Bronzer, but Not for contouring!
    by Lani702
    Okay for just 3 bucks, how could I resist! I use Paulas choice reviews before buying anything and read up on ingredients, ELF is right up there with many brands I own like Mac, Dior, Estee Lauder, well...you name it, I'm a Makeup/Skincare junky ok.. So the name on this is Very misleading because while it is a Very good bronzer, it has too much shimmer to "Actually" use as a contour. Without the shimmer and if it were just plain Matte it would have been sooo Perfect, but if you use this to contour your cheeks, you'll just look Dirty and like a shiny brown disco ball. SOOOO many women today think bronzer and use it to contour, I use to be one of them.. You can't use shimmer to make a natural dark shadow that creates the illusion you really do have high cheekbones., you need just basic matte colors for that. The blush if used lightly is not bad, but I got this just for the bronzer. It does create a nice sunkissed look, but you can easily go over board. Like anything else, a Good quality brush like Real Techniques or Makeup forever kabuki should be used. Honestly even ELF is pretty darn good. I would stay away from the Mac Stipple though because it sheds.. I got mine from the Mac store itself and it was horrible! And don't use Bar Escentials either, they have the worst especially Kabuki brush for bronze blending.
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