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Quiz: Is Your Guy a Metrosexual?

Manicures, shopping sprees, and was that a facial he got last week? Find out if your man is one-upping you in the beauty department

So what exactly is a metrosexual you ask? Well according to good ol' "Merriam-Webster," every one's favorite scholastic companion, there is actually a proper definition for the word coined in the '90s:

met-ro-sex-u-al (noun/adjective)
"A usually urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes."

Scroll down to start the quiz and see if your guy qualifies as a metrosexual.

Sure your guy might be following recently acceptable trends and getting a manicure once in a while, but is he adding on a spa pedicure or seaweed facial to his visit? It is more common for the modern man to pay extra attention to his grooming habits than the men that came before him. Just look at recent male celebrity role models like David Beckham and Tom Brady. Both are "manly" athletes that just happen to invest in the way they look, and because of that they're married to gorgeous celebs like Victoria Beckham and Gisele Bundchen.

You aren't the only one possibly noticing that your guy is paying more attention to the way he looks -- the beauty industry is taking note as well. And why shouldn't they? According to recent financial reports stated in the "New York Times," (excuse us as we adjust our glasses) consumers spend almost two billion dollars more on male grooming products then they did ten years ago. Is it your hubby or boyfriend contributing to the rise in sales?

So go ahead and take a moment to take the quiz below and find out just how metrosexual your man is. Because who knows, maybe it's called a MANicure for a reason ...

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Quiz: Is Your Guy a Metrosexual?

Your guy might have metrosexual tendencies. He cares about the way he looks, but is "man-scaping" a hobby of his? Definitely not. While some light grooming is important to him, it doesn't take precedence over the Monday night football or something really important like you, for that matter. He might have some things down, like using face wash and applying after-shave, but here are a couple of ways he can continue to care, but not obsess over the way he looks:
- While he's likely already made the switch from Bud to Bud Light, here are some other super helpful and delish healthy food swaps for guys. Check them out and make the switch in the fridge, he and his waistline will be totally grateful.
- If pimples are a problem and he doesn't want to secretly snag your concealer, teach him how to properly pop a pimple the right way by watching the video.

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