73 Beauty Products Everyone's Obsessing About

From StriVectin-SD to eyelash super-growth serum, expert advice on the biggest trends insiders love (and hate)

We've been watching. Reading your blogs and product-review posts. From must-have acne remedies to the cosmetic procedures you (sometimes) admit you've had, find out what more than 35 pros -- dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairstylists and makeup artists -- said about your "It" topics: Are they hot or just hype? (As if we needed more reasons to obsess!)

By Alexandra Drosu

1. Skin care: acne 911 Mario Badescu Drying Lotion ($17, nordstrom.com ) You say: "Heavenly," says one poster. "I dab it on at night and by morning the pimple is gone." Experts say: Dr. Leslie Baumann, author of "The Skin Type Solution," says, "Look for anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as salicylic acid, or ingredients that kill bacteria, such as benzoyl peroxide." The final word: Many acne formulas include one or more of Baumann's suggested ingredients, including Badescu's formula, which contains sulfur and salicylic acid. Choose one that's not too drying and doesn't burn or irritate your skin. 2. Zap zits Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device ($185, sephora.com ) You say: Those searching for an antidote to topical treatments flock to this device, marveling at "how quickly it clears up a pimple." The only catch? You need to use it as soon as you see red, which is why some posters call it "an expensive experiment." Experts say: Dr. Fran Cook-Bolden, author of "Beautiful Skin of Color," acknowledges that certain acne bacteria "can be sensitive to heat." But she says the device doesn't replace topical treatments like benzoyl peroxide. The final word: Can you spare the cash? It might be worth a test drive. Otherwise, the price tag is hard to justify. 3. Sensitive skin relief Bayer Aspirin ($3.49/24 tablets, walgreens.com ) You say: Crush aspirin and mix it into a paste with a few drops of water to make an exfoliant. "It clears pores and softens skin," swears one poster. "The anti-inflammatory properties soothe redness." Experts say: Cheryl Renella, owner of Channing's Day Spa in Chicago, Ill., says this old-fashioned remedy works if you're sensitive to traditional face scrubs, but you shouldn't use it if you're allergic to aspirin. "It's good for [getting rid of] blackheads and dead skin," she adds. The final word: Aspirin may work, but we prefer a product formulated for sensitive skin. Less mess, too! Try Laboratoire Reméde Sweep ($44, blissworld.com ). 4. Beauty goes green Care by Stella McCartney 5 Benefits Moisturising Cream ($76, sephora.com ) You say: With more organic lines debuting every day, how does Care by Stella McCartney stack up? The consensus is that it's eco-friendly, but "ineffective" in terms of skincare. Experts say: Most organic products are made with pure essential oils, which can be irritating to the skin, warns spa owner Ole Henriksen. His advice: Test products before applying enthusiastically and don't set your expectations too high just because it's good for the environment. The final word: The moisturizer works well for daily maintenance but for dramatic results, stick with cosmeceuticals. 5. Step-by-step skincare Proactiv Solution 3-Step System ($39.95, proactiv.com ) You say: Maybe it's those Jessica Simpson ads that make many of you so curious about Proactiv. Some said it "cleared up every blemish" while others complained it "made my skin really dry." Experts say: Kim Hartwell, spa director at Soho Sanctuary in New York, says Proactiv's active ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, is particularly effective for younger, oilier skin. "It can make skin sun-sensitive," she adds, so don't forget to apply sunscreen daily. The final word: Works for the Lindsay Lohan set; not as effective for those older than 25. 6. Miracle cream or marketing genius? StriVectin-SD ($135, strivectin.com ) You say: Love it or hate it, StriVectin-SD has you abuzz. Fans say it's taken "years off my face" and "gives a nice glow," while naysayers call it "no miracle product" and "a run-of-the-mill moisturizer." Experts say: Peptides (a derivative of StriVectin-SD's patented ingredient, Striadril) are lauded for their anti-aging properties. But not all dermatologists agree. San Francisco derm Dr. Kathy Fields sums it up as "excellent marketing, but no better than any other moisturizer." The final word: If you see results, stick to the regimen. If not, StriVectin-SD offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee. What do you have to lose? 7. Precious potion La Mer The Refining Facial ($75, cremedelamer.com ) La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold ($525, shoplaprairie.com ) You say: The pure diamond powder used in La Mer's exfoliant is a hit: "Witness glowing, perfectly smooth skin." Some find the scrub "harsh." You're less inclined to embrace La Prairie's serum, citing results that vanish the "next morning" and gold as a potentially "strong irritant." For those who liked the "illuminating" effect, the steep price tag was prohibitive. Experts say: Dr. Cook-Bolden says diamond powder "can be effective" but "a mild exfoliating cloth" can work just as well. Other experts like Olga Lorencin-Northrup, co-owner of Kinara Skin Care Clinic, see this trend as a "fad-driven marketing technique." Although, she says, "It sounds quite glamorous!" The final word: Diamond powder is a gem, but gold is better left in your jewelry box. 8. The biotic frontier SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex ($133, amazon.com ) You say: You love this new anti-aging product, call ing it "pricey but worth it." Claims include, "Skin looks younger and healthier," and, "Even my husband noticed." Some voice concerns over human growth factors, hormones produced by the body that regulate cell division and reproduction. Experts say: "I am very protective about what I recommend," says Dr. Cook-Bolden, but TNS makes her cut. It's one of "the most researched anti-aging ingredients," proven to enhance skin texture and improve skin elasticity. She adds, "It sells itself" because patients see results. The final word: This product is destined to be an anti-aging superstar. And for those concerned with human growth factors, all ingredients are synthetically derived. 9. Targeted treatments Anti-aging serums You say: Savvy posters recommend anti-aging serums citing such benefits as "higher concentration of active ingredients" and "penetrating the skin better." Enthusiastic advocates have scrapped using a moisturizer altogether: "I can get away with only serum and primer." Experts say: "Serums are more effective than creams," says Lorencin-Northrup, because skin directly absorbs the product without emulsifiers. But most experts agree: Don't toss your moisturizer; the two work hand-in-hand. The final word: A great delivery system for anti-aging ingredients. We're fans of Rodan and Fields Anti-Age Capsules ($75, rodanandfields.com ), which take the guesswork out of dosage. 10. A cup of youth RevaléSkin Day Cream with 1% CoffeeBerry ($120; To find a doctor -- they must give you a code to purchase -- go to revaleskin.com ) Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Face Mist ($28, olehenriksen.com ) H2O Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex ($35, h20plus.com ) You say: Morning tea and coffee means much more than a caffeine fix for beauty junkies. Both skincare ingredients are "packed with antioxidants" which "help protect against free radicals." Although many of you are green devo-teas, you're also curious about new, more potent products containing African Red Tea and Coffeeberry. Experts say: Coffeeberry, which is rich in phenolic acid, shows the most promise, says dermatologist Dr. Lisa Airan. Ole Henriksen has become an African red tea convert. "It has 50 percent more antioxidants than green tea," he says. The final word: Coffee therapy is our cup of tea. Who can resist products packed with antioxidants? 11. At-home facials Clarisonic Skincare Brush ($195, sephora.com ) You say: Reviewers rave about this rechargeable brush that uses sonic frequencies to clean skin, saying it made "a difference after using it once." The price tag, however, is a major deterrent; others complained of the company's "terrible" customer service. Experts say: Spa owner Renella says the brush can be effective in the hands of a pro, but at-home users could "over-stimulate skin and cause breakouts." If you own one, she adds, use sparingly -- no more than once a week. The final word: Deep-cleaning facials are best left to the experts. For at-home use, try a manual brush like Shiseido "The Skincare" Cleansing Massage Brush ($21.50, nordstrom.com ) 12. Skin care from the inside out Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Supplement ($42, murad.com ) Dr. Brandt Skincare Anti-oxidant Water Booster ($35, sephora.com ) You say: Murad fans say the vitamins have reduced acne. "I've noticed significant improvement in my skin," says one reviewer. Others prefer Dr. Brandt's Water Booster, calling it a "solid" product and noticing "fewer breakouts." The most common complaint: It tastes bad. Experts say: They're skeptical about beauty vitamins and other ingestibles. Dr. Fields says, "There are no before-and-after images to prove these products work." The final word: Odds may not be in our favor, but we're willing to take a gamble. Just check with a doctor to ensure vitamins don't counteract with medications. 13. Uncovering youthful skin Chemical peels You say: Peels performed by qualified dermatologists get rave reviews, with posters saying "it's worth every penny" and it uncovered "younger, fresher skin." Though most candidly warn of "burning," "redness" and "itching." Experts say: "Lactic and retinoic peels help even skin tone and improve texture," says Dr. Airan. She adds that choosing the type of peel depends on the results patients hope to achieve and how much recovery time they can afford. Based on these preferences, a dermatologist can handpick the right formula. The final word: Start slow. Choose a less potent peel, then graduate to more intense treatments. 14. Filling in the gaps Juvéderm and Restylane You say: Juvéderm and Restylane share the same active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, making them popular fillers for lips and nasolabial folds. Fans commend results such as "fuller, voluptuous lips." Most complaints involve untrained technicians, "significant bruising" and the expensive price tag. Experts say: "Both work for the same problems: wrinkles, lip and laugh lines and plumping," says Dr. Bruce Katz of the Juva Skin and Laser Center. The big difference: The newer Juvéderm lasts a year while Restylane clocks in at six months. The final word: What a difference a good doctor makes. Do your research and don't skimp if you want great results. 15. A dynamic solution Botox You say: The only injectable that tackles dynamic wrinkles, Botox gets universally good reviews. Enthusiastic posters call it "a woman's best friend" citing little pain, reasonable cost and results that are "visible immediately." The major drawback? Its effects only last up to six months. Experts say: "It's our favorite procedure," says Dr. Cook-Bolden, adding it "gives excellent results." In fact, it's the most effective approved procedure that safely blocks neurotransmitters she says. Adds dermatologist Dr. Jody Alpert Levine, "In the proper hands, [Botox] has the lowest side-effect profile." The final word: We can't stress this enough: Training means the difference between terrible and terrific results. 16. In the beauty spotlight Gentlewaves & Omnilux You say: Light treatments like Gentlewaves and Omnilux use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to target signs of aging, acne and skin pigmentation. The best feedback comes from acne patients who say it "leaves skin calm" and see results "after one treatment." Experts say: LED treatments can stimulate and prevent the breakdown of collagen, help brighten complexions and effectively reduce redness, says Dr. Katz. However, the procedure requires multiple sessions (as many as six to eight) and isn't "effective for deeper wrinkles." The final word: A great, non-invasive treatment for those in their late 20s and early 30s, the age when you're just beginning to see fine lines. 17. Tuning in to radio waves Thermage You say: You're on the fence about Thermage, a treatment that uses radio-frequency energy to plump up collagen and improve firmness. Comments range from "no noticeable results" to claims of "sagging." Positive reviews said skin looked "smoother and tighter." Experts say: Adverse effects are a worry of the past, says Dr. Airan, adding "new improvements in tip size and protocol" provide greater safety and better results. The procedure tightens tissue and lasts up to two years, she says. The final word: Today's Thermage is worth exploring. Less invasive than other treatments, it's a good alternative if needles make you squeamish. 18. Healing beneath the surface Fractional laser resurfacing You say: The consensus? Fractional laser resurfacing helps tremendously with acne scarring and discoloration, showing "an improvement in tone and smoothness." Some complained of mild pain and redness with Fraxel, while others found the need for multiple treatments expensive. Experts say: With the advent of new lasers such as Affirm, Pixel and Sciton, treatments have become more effective, faster and painless, says Dr. Katz. What used to take an hour and required topical anesthesia is now a 20-minute procedure. The final word: Do your homework: Choose an experienced dermatologist and discuss treatment options. 19. Eye baggage Under-eye rejuvenation You say: Searching for a permanent cure for puffy eyes? One solution, a lower bleph, is a hot forum topic. Although many complained of "uneven swelling" and "gooey drainage" after the procedure, in the end most "loved the results." Experts say: Dr. Elie Levine warns, "Lower eyelid [surgery] is fraught with danger if not assessed properly." For those cleared for the procedure, he advises fat preservation instead of removal, which "often looks outstanding at first" but can develop into "hollowed out lower eyelids." The final word: Try other options like laser resurfacing first. The risks may not be worth the potential results. 20. Embracing the beauty thread Feather facelift You say: It's safe to say most of you saw immediate and positive results, some raving, "I saw a complete change in my face." Potential problems arose gradually in the form of "puckers" or broken threads, which required further surgery to fix with some opting "to ta ke them out." Experts say: Although patients do see results from thread lifts, the effect is short term, says Dr. Levine. He adds that results are often "subtle" and can eventually "create unsightly wrinkles." The final word: Although less invasive than a facelift, the short-term benefits make it unappealing. Try other temporary treatments, like Botox or fillers. 21. Embarking on a medical safari Lipotourism You say: Many are curious about medical safaris where you can "see the lions and get a nose job," but few have actually booked tickets. The handful who have sought cheaper/exotic treatment overseas offer contradictory opinions, some saying they encountered "old equipment" while others said care was "great." Experts say: Most doctors advise against what could become a potentially high-risk situation with no recourse. Dr. Fields says: "If you're outside the country and something goes wrong, who are you going to call?" The final word: Good doctors exist around the world but it's best to seek treatment close to home. 22. Makeup: HDTV skin Dior DiorSkin AirFlash Spray ($60, sephora.com ) Sally Hansen Fast and Flawless Airbrush Makeup ($7.99, ulta.com ) You say: Those with normal to dry skin praise airbrush foundations (particularly DiorSkin AirFlash), gushing that skin looked "flawless" and "poreless" and acne scars were "invisible." Drawbacks? It "settled in crow's feet," could be "quite expensive" and "looked horrible" on oily skin. Experts say: "Airbrush foundations can be tricky," says makeup artist Mai Quynh. She advises blending with a sponge around hairline and jawline for a seamless look. Makeup artist Cathryn Van Breene adds, "It's not ideal for outdoor events where weather can be a factor." The final word: You had us at "flawless." Just avoid using on oily skin or during summer outings. 23. Mineral makeup ColoreScience Suncanny SPF 20 Foundation Brush ($55, find stores at colorescience.com ) Joppa Loose Mineral Foundation ($14.50, joppaminerals.com ) You say: Pure mineral makeup promises to give excellent coverage without irritating sensitive or acne-prone skin, and according to you it delivers: "No itching, dryness or breakouts" and "[it] blends beautifully." Experts say: "Minerals alone are drying, which is good for oily skin," says makeup artist Tricia Sawyer, making these products is a great choice for those who are acne-prone. Women with dry skin should stick to more moisturizing foundations, she says. The final word: These minerals are worth studying. We especially like that ColoreScience rolls SPF protection into most of its products. 24. Brightener with a midas touch Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat ($39.50, nordstrom.com ) You say: This product has been around for years but re mains a favorite. Posters gush, "I can't live without it!" Some note that light diffusers in the product reflect flash photography, giving you "white circles under the eyes." Experts say: "It's a great design, and shows great results," says Sawyer, of the pen-like dispenser. She offers an expert tip to avoid inverse raccoon eyes: Take a pale, baby pink shadow and brush lightly over concealer. "It will cut the flash effect," she says. The final word: Brides take note! Do a photo test run to ensure picture-perfect makeup. 25. Universal blush Nars Blush in Orgasm ($25, sephora.com ) You say: One blush that suits everyone? Hard to believe, but posters insist "anyone can wear it" and they "love the natural glow." It also wins points for lasting on oily skin. A few complain they felt like a "disco ball." Experts say: "It's one of my favorites," says makeup artist Vanessa Price, adding it's the "perfect mixture" of pink and peach. Why the appeal? "The pink works for cool tones, peach for warm." Plus, she adds, it's a blush and highlighter in one. The final word: The color and texture makes this blush a beauty bag must-have. 26. Lush lashes without mascara RevitaLash ($150, revitalash.com ) You say: Created by a doctor for his wife to help in her recovery from breast cancer, this product is an overwhelming hit. Admirers call it "truly amazing," noticing "dramatic results" and "longer and fuller" lashes. The consensus: It's "worth every penny." Experts say: Robin Coe-Hutshing of Fred Segal Studio says this new product "truly works to re-grow lashes." Hair loss expert Dr. Paul McAndrews agrees, saying it helps "stimulate growth for fuller, longer lashes." Expect them "to grow 10 to 20 percent longer" with visible results within two months. The final word: Those with sparse lashes have finally found their dream product. 27. Party lashes Revlon Lash Jewels Eye Accents ($14.95, drugstore.com ) You say: Who can resist bejeweled lashes? Many have tried this product that creates jewel-like droplets on the ends of lashes with varying success. Since it's "tricky to apply," they've summed it up as a "cool product" that's not "worth the hassle." Experts say: Makeup artists like Van Breene have used Lash Jewels on photo shoots, but rely on their expertise to get perfect results. If you can master the technique, the product is "great for a fun night on the town," she says. The final word: If you dig eye bling, the reasonable price makes it an inexpensive experiment. 28. Serious mascara Dior Diorshow Mascara ($23, sephora.com ) Benefit BADgal Lash ($19, =UTF8&n=164983011&bcBrand=core" target="new">benefitcosmetics.com ) CoverGirl LashExact Waterproof Mascara ($7.19, drugstore.com ) You say: Mascara is one hot topic on beauty boards, but posters have a hard time agreeing on the best. Two popular choices ooze drama: Diorshow ("Light-years better than any drugstore brand!") and Benefit BADgal Lash ("I need my dramatic, super-black lashes!"). Experts say: For dramatic results, makeup artists like Matin Maulawizada and Price love both Diorshow ("It really coats the lash") and BADgal Lash ("[It] doesn't flake"). For daily use, Price recommends CoverGirl LashExact: "When I use it, I don't need a lash curler." The final word: Take these out for a twirl to find your new favorite. 29. Embracing the jewel tone M·A·C Technakohl Liner in Purple Dash ($14.50, maccosmetics.com ) Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Eye Definer in Pine ($5.39, ulta.com ) You say: "I took a giant leap out of my comfort zone and got a liner called Sage," says one thrilled poster, about taking the technicolor plunge. Others have embraced the trend completely, trying out shades of eggplant, sapphire and even peach. Experts say: Jewel-toned eye pencils are hot this fall, so "use liners as your accessory to fashion," says Van Breene. Choose a color that complements both your eye color and your outfit, she advises. The final word: Although the sky's the limit, rainbow eyes should be avoided. Stick to deeper shades of sapphire, garnet and bronze. 30. Lip gloss addicts M·A·C Lipglass ($14, maccosmetics.com ) Chanel Glossimer ($25, chanel.com ) Lancôme Juicy Tubes ($17.50, nordstrom.com ) You say: If there's one thing you're passionate about, it's lip gloss, and everyone has an opinion. The criteria you look for: "not too sticky," "long-lasting" and "great shine." Favorites include: M·A·C Lipglass, Chanel Glossimer and Lancôme Juicy Tubes. Experts say: Quynh steers clear of "sticky, tacky" formulas, and avoids Lipglass unless she wants extreme shine. Her favorites: Shiseido The Makeup Lip Gloss ($20, sephora.com ) and Chanel Glossimer, because "they're not super-sticky and offer medium shine." She recommends slicking on Glossimer in Sirop, "a pretty pink color" most people can wear. The final word: For high shine, M·A·C Lipglass reigns supreme. Those who prefer less tack and natural shine: Stick to Chanel Glossimer. 31. 1940s red lip M·A·C Lipstick in Ruby Woo and Russian Red ($14 each, maccosmetics.com ) You say: For perfect red lips, you turn to M·A·C lipsticks in two shade s. Ruby Woo's "gorgeous matte lipstick" makes you feel like a "1940s movie star" and "stays on forever." Russian Red's "show-stopping red" has "bluish undertones" perfect for brunettes and "stays put through cocktails." Experts say: Hot off the runway, expect this fall to see "sculpted crimson mouths" reminiscent of "old Hollywood" glamour, says Quynh. Matte lipsticks are "easier to wear" and "stay put," says Sawyer, adding: "Anyone can wear [Ruby Woo]." The final word: This trend makes a red-hot statement. Shy types may want to slick on berry shades instead of scarlet. 32. Invisible lip liner DuWop Reverse Lipliner ($19, duwop.com ) Bourjois Contour No Color ($12, sephora.com ) Benefit D'Finer D'Liner ($18, benefitcosmetics.com ) You say: Fans of the DuWop liner call it the "answer to my prayers" for getting rid of "lipstick feathering." It also works as a great primer "to fill in cracks." The similar colorless liners by Bourjois and Benefit launched over the summer. Experts say: Matin isn't a fan of colored lip pencils: "I hate liners for the most part," he says. But he recommends invisible liners for those who need them. "I like Benefit's," he says. "It works." The final word: An essential for every girl. Beauty bonus: One liner matches all your lipsticks. 33. Bee-stung plumpers DuWop Venom Gloss ($18, duwop.com ) Philosophy Big Mouth ($22, sephora.com ) Bare Escentuals Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish ($18, bareescentuals.com ) You say: Lip plumpers are invading makeup counters, but three in particular top your lists: Philosophy Big Mouth is "by far the best," while Bare Escentuals offers "lip plumping and color all in one" and DuWop's gloss "plumps instantly." Experts say: Some experts, like Matin, call lip plumpers "a gimmick." However, the tinted varieties score better points with makeup artists: "I like Venom Gloss," says Sawyer. "I use them on Lindsay Lohan." The final word: Forego traditional colorless plumpers and pick a tinted gloss version instead. 34. Custom cosmetics Prescriptives Custom Blend Lip Gloss ($26, prescriptives.com ) Prescriptives Custom Blend Makeup ($15-$62, es.com/custom/custom_blend_landing.tmpl" target="new">prescriptives.com ) Memoire Liquide Bespoke Perfumery (prices vary, memoireliquide.com ) You say: For those who know what they want, nothing can beat personally tailored makeup. Prescriptives has taken the lead, offering custom-blended foundation, powder and lip gloss. Fans rave: "A foundation that truly matches my skin is priceless." Experts say: Customized products, says Coe-Hutshing, call "back to a time when greater emphasis" was placed on customer service. Plus, she adds, it gives someone an opportunity to "walk away with something unique" like a signature scent. The final word: For those who can't find what they're looking for, customized products are worth the extra expense. Otherwise, they can be spendy. 35. Makeup as fashion accessory Urban Decay Commando ($26, urbandecay.com ) Stila Fall Fantasy-A Tale of Enchantment Palette ($32, sephora.com ) You say: "For the girl who has everything," makeup worn both as an accessory and product gets rave reviews (even if it's a limited edition). The Diorlight necklace, designed after a Dior couture diamond, gives glamour to gloss." Others prefer Urban Decay's casual "dogtag-inspired package," which slides open to reveal two lip glazes "that look great on everyone." Experts say: "It's clever, wearable and people love value added to functionality," says Coe-Hutshing, adding: "It's like getting the gift in a Cracker Jack box." She's keen on Stila's Fall Fantasy-A Tale of Enchantment Palette, which doubles as an agate necklace. The final word: Two favorite indulgences in one pretty package! What's not to love? 36. Beyond brow waxing Threading You say: Fans rave threading is "better than waxing" and "hairs grow in slower." Others love the effortless, natural look and "accurate job," but some say it was more agonizing than waxing: "The eyebrows weren't bad, but the upper lip was painful!" Experts say: Threading trumps waxing when it comes to sensitive areas. "Waxing peels a thin layer of skin off," making it sensitive to sun damage and pigmentation, says Michelle Ornstein, owner of Enessa Aromatherapy. Plus, no wax means no chemicals that further irritate skin. The final word: This thread is worth following. But ask around and find a seasoned expert who can make the experience less painful. 37. Eyebrow toupees Brow transplants You say: For some, the hefty price tag of this procedure ($4,000-$7,000) is worth the cost. After trying ineffective "quick fixes" you've found "success." Your best advice? Find a good doctor; "it's an intricate surgery that requires artistic ability." Experts say: "Anyone with absent or thinning eyebrows" can be a candidate for a brow transplant, says Dr. McAndrews. Scalp or arm hair is individually placed onto the brow; side effects are rare and the hair will "grow the rest of the patient's life." The final word: The cost requires commitment, so exhaust all options first. A less expensive alternative? Damone Roberts Brow Gain ($35, damoneroberts.com ). 38. Hair, nails & teeth: stiletto therapy Band-Aid Activ-Flex Blister Block Stick ($6.49, target="new">cvs.com ) Avon Foot Works Therapeutic Cracked Heel Relief ($4.99, avon.com ) You say: Stilettos take their toll on feet, so keeping heels smooth is a top priority. The best prevention tool? Band-Aid Blister Block: "I have yet to get a blister." For cracked heels, you like Avon because it soothes "dry, sore feet." Experts say: Use a double-sided pumice, says Julie Serquinia, owner of Paint Shop Beverly Hills. After showering, "use rough side first, then go over heels with the smoother side," she says. Apply a heel cream and top off with body oil: "It makes feet look shiny." The final word: With these products, your Jimmy Choos can come out of the closet. 39. At-home french mani Sally Hansen French Manicure Guides ($2.39, drugstore.com ) Orly Original French Manicure Kit ($12, orlybeauty.com ) You say: Mastering the at-home French manicure still eludes you, so many of you simply "stick with clear polish." Others use "sets with tip guides" to achieve a clean crescent, but it takes "a few times to do it perfectly." Experts say: The key to French manicures is nail polish remover, explains Serquinia. Apply a base coat, then use "a flat brush" to "apply white polish just to tips." Dip brush into remover and sweep over nails to clean up line. "Be sure to follow with a topcoat," she says. The final word: Michaelangelo didn't paint the chapel in one day. Keep perfecting your technique until you succeed. 40. Cuticle rehab Creative Nail SolarOil ($4.99, drugstore.com ) You say: More and more are saying no to fakes and embracing natural nails. One reason: "Nails need to breathe." Your advice for getting tips in shape: "Use SolarOil on cuticles," apply sheer shades "for a fresh look" and "get a regular manicure." Experts say: "Soak nails in lemon juice," says Marion Fenwick, Bliss Spa nail trainer, of the first step to nail rehab. It "makes nail tips white and clean." Next, apply a good nail oil and buff. A buffer will "make nails shine like glass," she adds. The final word: Follow these easy tips to shiny, happy nails. 41. Blindingly white smile Go Smile Advanced Tooth Whitening On-the-Go ($89, gosmile.com ) Crest Whitestrips Premium Plus ($39.99, prod1354005" target="new">walgreens.com ) Blush Professional Teeth Whitening System ($79.95, blushteethwhitening.com ) You say: Stars know the value of a dazzling grin; so do you. Your favorite whitening treatments include: Go Smile ("works but pricey"), Crest Whitestrips (effective but can cause "sensitivity") and Blush Teeth Whitening ("easy to use"). Experts say: Most at-home treatments contain 5 to 10 percent hydrogen peroxide, says Laura Kelly, dentist and president of the American Academy Cosmetic Dentistry, whereas "in-office products vary in strength, up to 35 percent." Although whitening kits may not be as strong, they can be effective. But "have your dentist monitor results." The final word: All the products contain similar amounts of hydrogen peroxide. Choose based on your favorite delivery system: Crest's portioned strips, Blush's trays or Go Smile's brush. 42. Hair repair Kerastase Masquintense ($53, kerastase-usa.com ) L'Oréal Color Vive Conditioner ($4.49, drugstore.com ) Phyto Phytosesame Express Hydrating Conditioner ($28, amazon.com ) You say: Those who "highlight, blow-dry and flat-iron" are on a quest to bring hair back to life. A popular choice, Kerastase Masquintense, softens locks and repairs damage. The high price deterred some, but one poster says: It's "very concentrated" and a "small amount" does the job. Experts say: Kerastase has "great conditioners for unruly hair," says Salon AKS stylist Nyree Busby, but may not be the best conditioner for all hair types. For fine, colored hair: Try L'Oréal Color Vive. "It won't weigh [hair] down," she says. For everyday use: Phytosesame. The final word: Not all conditioners are created equal, so pick the best product for your texture. If you're confused, consult your hairstylist. 43. Flyaway tamers at your fingertips Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Frizz Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray ($5.81, amazon.com ) You say: When it comes to taming flyaways, your creative juices start flowing. Best advice? "Spritz hairspray on an old toothbrush" to smooth flyaways. Another tip? Comb "clear eyebrow gel" through hair, says one poster. Experts say: Busby's flyaway weapon: anti-humidity hairspray, like Pantene Frizz Control Hairspray. "Spray on fingertips and lightly touch wherever the flyaways are popping out," she says. "It lasts all day." The final word: Why bother with special taming products? Your tips are expert-worthy. 44. Serious root lift Tigi Catwalk Root Boost ($9.99, drugstore.com ) Matrix Amplify Root Lifter ($14.99, folica.com ) >You say: For those with fine hair, root volumizers help make strands look "lively and full." Tigi's Boost gives " great lift." Another favorite? Matrix Lifter: The nozzle lets you spray directly on roots for "precise" application. Experts say: Carmine Minardi of Minardi Salon in New York City, N.Y., says: "They both come out as a foam and have applicator tips to get close to roots." Polymers in the products produce lift, especially in fine hair. For added body: "Dry hair three-quarters of the way, then apply product," he says. "It has more strength." The final word: Medium-to-coarse hair may not get enough lift from these products. For added strength, Minardi recommends Davinas Wizard Quick Setting Gel No.8 ($23, ettorespa.com ) 45. Iron will Chi Turbo Flat Iron 1 inch ($185, folica.com ) T3 Bespoke Labs Medium Duality Iron ($160, sephora.com ) You say: When it comes to hair, you're willing to pay the price. Those who switched from drugstore irons to $100-plus devices say they're "never going back." It "scares" you how "straight [the Chi] gets hair," while the T3 lets you "set the temperature" so you "don't fry." Experts say: "A temperature control gauge is important, especially with fine hair," says celebrity stylist Mark Slicker. Guy Riggio of the John Frieda Salon agrees, which is why he uses the T3. Plus, ceramic plates make it "safe for all hair types." The final word: Professional irons are worth the extra expense and cut styling time in half. 46. Shockingly straight hair Japanese straightening treatments You say: Your battle cry: "No more dryers or straightening irons!" Instead, you turn to Japanese straightening treatments to achieve "low maintenance, silky, shiny" locks. The downside: it's "expensive," "a long process" and "re-growth can look nasty." Experts say: "It's the perfect remedy for hair that's coarse and unruly," says Slicker, but he warns: Choose your technician wisely. At first people love it, but shoddy work can make hair break off. His suggestion: Choose an expert trained through the Yuko system. The final word: Ask for recommendations from someone who has had the treatment for more than six months. Bad work will be evident by then. 47. Loose curls Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum ($24.50, amazon.com ) You say: Straightening balm, frizz fighter, shine serum -- this product does it all. How do you use it? In wet hair to "save time when you straighten." It also helps you combat frizz "in humid weather" and "achieve shine." Words of caution: Use a little and avoid roots otherwise it "looks as though you haven't showered in days." Experts say: "I love Biosilk," gushes Busby. "It helps protect against humidity, gives great shine and makes hair feel soft." Most hair textures can use it, but apply sparingly on fine hair, "just on the ends." The final word: This multi-functional product is perfect for travel. One bottle takes care of all your hair care needs. 48. Multiple-personality Products Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Curl Creme ($32, fredsegalbeauty.com ) Korres Bamboo Styling Cream ($17, p/B000IZ5412/ref=sr_1_1/104-3330801-0595908?ie=UTF8&s=hpc&qid=1190070881&sr=8-1" target="new">amazon.com ) ISO Bouncy Curl Definer ($12, amazon.com ) You say: For those who are "hard to please," finding the right curling balm is a labor of love. After trying "everything under the sun," Bumble's Curl Conscious gives waves "separation without frizz." Another suitor? ISO Bouncy Curl, which leaves hair "soft and bouncy." Those who haven't found a perfect match say, "I like a bit of crunch." Experts say: With curls, the technique to apply balm is as important as the product, says Slicker. Comb cream through and "ribbon hair so it forms a loose curl," he says. Let air dry. His favorite curling balm is ISO Bouncy because it's "perfect for finer textures." For a crisp curl, use Korres Bamboo Cream. The final word: Do you want Botticelli-esque curls or crispy beach waves? Choose a product accordingly. 49. Stimulating hair growth Lasertron Hair Brush ($149.95, verseo.com ) HairMax LaserComb Premium ($545, hairmaxshop.com ) You say: To some, laser brushes that promote hair growth sound "far-fetched," but many are willing to try them. Results vary. Some complain they never "noticed a difference" and call it "a waste of money." Others are "impressed" and say they see "results after six months." Experts say: Hair growth expert Dr. McAndrews is skeptical. "There is not one independent study showing it causes hair to grow," he says, adding Rogaine and Propecia (an oral pill) are the only FDA-approved treatments for hair growth. The final word: For now, stick with more established treatments containing minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine. 50. Flintstones for your hair Oral supplements You say: Those desperate for longer, shinier hair have turned to supplements to speed up growth. Omega-3, one choice, is being quickly replaced by biotin, also known as vitamin H or B7: "Omega-3 is healthy but if you want hair to grow faster take biotin," says one poster. Experts say: Although hairstylists say some supplements such as folic acid and flaxseed oil can help strengthen locks, Dr. McAndrews says no studies support such findings. He adds: "The shine of your hair is related to the cuticle. If scales are broken, hair will look dull." The final word: Take supplements for overall health benefits. If hair looks healthier, you'll be pleasantly surprised. 51. Snap-on hair HairDo by Jessica Simpson Clip-in Extensions ($90 and up, hairextensions.com ) You say: Most have given HairDo extensions, available in natural and synthetic versions, their "wholehearted approval" calling them "the best extensions on the market for the price." Some have expressed difficulty in matching hair color and say the large size of the cap made the piece "partly detectable." Experts say: Clip-ins are "quick and easy" and "fun for a fancy night out," says Lynn Hyndman, owner of Purple Circle salon in Los Angeles. But they rarely disappear seamlessly into natural hair. To blend better, Lynn says: Ask your stylist to "cut layers into the weave." The final word: Perfect for a night on the town, but for everyday use consider custom, sewn-in extensions. 52. Color maintenance John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze ($9.99, ulta.com ) L'Oréal Professional Colorist Collection (formerly ARTec) Color Depositing Shampoo ($15, haircareusa.com ) You say: Keeping color vibrant takes work. You turn to hair gloss and color-depositing shampoo for help. L'Oréal Colorist Collection shampoos help eliminate "brassy undertones" and "add subtle tones." The Glaze leaves hair "bouncy and shiny," but color "isn't any different." Experts say: "Color-depositing shampoos are a good temporary fix," says celebrity colorist Nelson Chan. Gloss works better, but "limited color choices" make it difficult to find the perfect shade. Adds John Frieda salon colorist Negin Zand: Blonde gloss works on blondes but brunettes and redheads risk "a funky color on highlighted hair." The final word: Stick with products to prevent fading and add shine. For a real color boost, head to a salon for a custom-tinted gloss. 53. One-night-stand color L'Oréal Color Pulse ($5.49, walgreens.com ) You say: Temporary colors are a "nice pick-me-up" for a case of the winter blues. The mousse makes application easy ("it doesn't drip") but some found bright colors lasted longer than the stated eight to 10 washes: "For me it lasts several months." Experts say: "They are safe and fun," says Chan, but never "fade out completely." If you're a blonde, "be careful if you go a darker color," adds Cowboys and Angels colorist Emily Wheeler. Funky cherry on blondes can leave you in the pink for months. The final word: Check to be sure the product doesn't contain ammonia or peroxide, and stay within a few shades of your natural hair color. 54. Red is the new blonde Red hair color You say: Prime time is filled with luscious redheads, but can anyone wear scarlet? Most advise taking baby steps: Try "a few highlights" or choose an "auburn" shade. "You could always go redder next time," advises one poster. Others warn: "Red hair fades" quickly and can be difficult to get out of blonde hair. Experts say: "Almost anyone can wear red," says Wheeler. "There are cool reds and warm reds," she says, but you need to determine the right undertone. Suggests Zand: "Try a wig first." The final word: We still have redhead envy, but the extra maintenance makes us sit this trend out. Instead, indulge in scarlet highlights. 55. Pull a Britney Dramatic cuts You say: Though most say you'd "never buzz off you hair," many admit to making questionable decisions on a whim. Luckily, these choices can turn out well: "I was sick of my knee-length hair," says one poster, who spontaneously got a pixie crop: "I loved it." Experts say: When a client comes in seeking a dramatic change, ask them why, says Busby. You don't want them "to go dramatic and be upset the next day," she says. "You have to play psychologist." Giving clients time to think makes them consider the change. The final word: Rehab aside, most of us have made a hair decision on the fly. The best thing to do: Work it. 56. Communication with your stylist Getting the 'do you want You say: A picture may be worth a thousand words, but others beg to differ. Some brought in a photo, but ended up looking "nothing like the picture." Your advice: Be polite and be concrete. "An inch to me ended up being two and a half to the hairdresser," says one poster. "Use a ruler!" Experts say: A picture is still the best way to convey what you want, says Riggio. But make sure to discuss the photo too, adds Slicker. Determine whether the style will complement your face and ask the stylist to reiterate what you've discussed, he says. The final word: Seek a consultation before a major cut to make sure you see eye to eye with your stylist. 57. Urban pixie cut Going short You say: Short styles look "elegant, chic and daring," make hair appear "thicker and healthier" and are "easy to manage," according to some posters. Others worry they can't "pull it off" or that "men prefer longer hair." Experts say: "Hair is moving short" this fall but some women will "always hang on to long hair," says Slicker. For those making the cut, he advises a modern version of the '60s pixie with softer edges and longer bangs. The final word: Hair trends come and go but if you've fantasized about a short crop, take the plunge. After all, hair always grows back. 58. Bedazzle your 'do Dominique Duval Rain Forest Bobbi Stick Leaf with Crystals ($70/set of three, dominiqueduval.com ) You say: Remember Katherine Heigl's vintage stunner at the Emmys? A well-placed hair gem can attract attention. Detailed, decorative pins are a "fast way" to add some "glitz." Just check the quality: "Metal can damage hair unless it's highly polished." Experts say: "People are staying away from tiaras," says Busby. Instead, she prefers discreet crystal pins for an evening occasion. Summer is filled with casual accessories, but fall hair "is more classic" with less embellishment, she says. "Don't wear pins to the grocery store!" The final word: Think Grace Kelly: a jeweled detail embellishing a sophisticated chignon. 59. Body gradual tanners Aveeno Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion ($8.69, drugstore.com ) Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($7.14, drugstore.com ) You say: These moisturizers work as gradual self-tanners; you're fans of Jergens and Aveeno, which give "results after a week" and create a "natural-looking tan." Others complain of "streaks and blotchiness" and "its quick disappearing act." Experts say: Kerry Nicole, owner of Wax Poetic in Burbank, says bronzing moisturizers are a great way to make spray tans last longer. "Building a tan from scratch," she says, is another story. Instead, she recommends using it in conjunction with a true sunless tanner. The final word: If you're in no hurry, give these gradual tanners the green light. Otherwise, opt for a professional treatment and use them strictly for maintenance. 60. Baby-soft skin Neutrogena Body Oil ($9.99, walgreens.com ) Dr. Hauschka Body Oil ($27, earch-alias%3Dbeauty&field-keywords=dr.+hauschka+body+oil&Go.x=0&Go.y=0&Go=Go" target="new">amazon.com ) You say: Much print is dedicated to body moisturizers, but more of you are discovering body oils are more effective and versatile. The Neutrogena Body Oil "sinks into skin," helps "maintain moisture all day" and works as a "great highlighter on legs and chest." Experts say: "Oil traps in moisture," says Sawyer. So the best way to achieve baby-soft skin? "Right after the shower, drench yourself in body oil and air-dry," she says. The occlusive oil will stop water from evaporating off the body, trapping moisture into skin. The final word: This silky revolution is worth slathering on, but do it at night when you know you won't get sun exposure, which can fry your skin. 61. At-home airbrush GlowFusion AirGlow Airbrush Gun ($175, fusionbeauty.com ) You say: This new sprayer has piqued your interest, with many of you asking, "Does it work?" The few who have reviewed it were "pleasantly surprised" by how "natural" their tans looked. However, learning to control the mist took some effort, and tans look "a little blotchy." Experts say: Applying a spray tan at home can be "tricky," says Nicole. Her advice for an even, natural application: "Do it in your shower, get someone else to spray you, and use a hair dryer to dry yourself off." The final word: Not worth the hassle. If you're after perfection, visit a salon or spa. 62. Banish your scars Mederma Skin Care for Scars ($18, walgreens.com ) You say: From StriVectin-SD to cocoa butter, a topical treatment to eliminate stretch marks still eludes you. Some swear scar creams such as Mederma help make them fade; others say "self tanner helps cover" effectively. And remember, as one poster says: "You are not alone!" Experts say: Sadly enough, "topical treatments have so far been ineffective," says Dr. Fields. Her best suggestion: "Retin-A with alpha hydroxy, twice a day until irritation," then continue going on and off the treatment. The final word: Scar treatments seem to offer best results. But if you're desperate, try a different approach: fractional laser resurfacing. 63. Crazy smooth bikini Brazilian wax You say: A Brazilian wax is like Mardi Gras: You have to do it once. Whether you turn into a regular depends largely on your threshold of pain and whether softer hair with slower re-growth is worth the discomfort. Advocates say they'll "never shave again," while one-timers vow: "I can't put myself through it." Experts say: Aesthetician Doris Nunez at Salon AKS offers a few pain-reducing tips: "Take two Advil 15 minutes" prior to your appointment, choose a technician you trust ("it's painful when you're tense") and breathe. "Take a deep breath and let it out, like having a baby," she says. The final word: Follow expert tips and give it another chance. You might be surprised. 64. Bye-bye bikini bumps Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pads ($38, blissworld.com ) PFB Vanish ($19.95, pfbvanish.com ) You say: For years Tend Skin ($35, tendskin.com ) has been a staple, but newer products with targeted delivery systems have you chatting. Bliss Pads are a cinch to use. As one poster says, they're "a must-have for the girl who loves to wax." The PFB Vanish roll-on applicator is "easy to apply" and "evenly distributes product." Experts say: Women who wax are susceptible to ingrown hairs, says Nicole, because the follicle grows back weaker making it harder to break through skin. Products like PFB Vanish are "convenient," she says; effective formulas contain salicylic and glycolic acids, which help free trapped hairs. The final word: We love these easy-to-use remedies. No more pouring haphazardly. 65. Aspiring to be fat-free Smart Lipo You say: Smart Lipo is a popular topic. Most are "delighted with results" and say the worst part was the "burning sensation of the laser." Some suggest results are deceptive, claiming doctors use mainly Power Lipo, only employing Smart Lipo at the end to "tighten skin." Experts say: A laser fiber is threaded under skin and "melts the fat but tightens" simultaneously, says Dr. Katz. Other pros include: "one session, fast recovery and no serious side effects." Although it can be used in conjunction with Power Lipo, it's often employed alone, he says. The final word: Melting fat away is an irresistible idea. Those considering liposuction should entertain this tightening alternative. 66. Holy grail of firming Bliss Fat Girl Slim ($29, blissworld.com ) Bliss Slimulator ($22, blissworld.com ) Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite ($12.99, drugstore.com ) You say: The unconvinced among you lament you've been "sucked in too many times," but those with faith say creams can "firm" skin and improve "texture," particularly Fat Girl Slim and Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite. Insists one poster of the Nivea cream: The "dents" on the "back of my thighs have decreased. I count them!" Experts say: Caffeine, the active ingredient in many creams, "improves tone and texture," says Bliss Spa educator Anita Schuessler. Massage for 30 seconds to stimulate circulation. Adds Hartwell: Dry brushing, even without cream, improves circulation and lessens appearance of cellulite. The final word: An effective cellulite cream is the Holy Grail of beauty: We're not sure it exists, but we'll keep looking for it. 67. Dissolving cellulite Mesotherapy You say: Mesotherapy (often used to get rid of cellulite) has met some criticism on the boards. Some posters are suspicious of the "mystery cocktail" injected into the body; others complain they are still "tender and bloated" after two months. Experts say : "Mesotherapy is quite controversial," says Dr. Levine. The treatment involves "injecting herbs, vitamins and medications that are approved for other purposes." Since there are no clinical studies in well-established medical journals, and concerns over "allergic reactions," Dr. Levine doesn't recommend this procedure. The final word: We'll stick with exercise and a healthy diet (and pray those cellulite creams actually work). 68. Thigh Slimmers VelaSmooth You say: VelaSmooth, which incorporates infrared light, radio frequency waves and vacuum massage, promises firmer skin and cellulite reduction. Those who have tried multiple-treatment packages say at best they see "the slightest of results" and "lost 5 cm in the thighs, but cellulite has not improved." Experts say: "This product is in its infancy," says Dr. Levine, so time will tell whether it's truly effective. Patients need multiple pricey treatments, about 12, which can cost more than $2,000. He adds: "It's a slow, long, repetitive procedure that can be painful." The final word: Keep this treatment on your radar. Give it time and check the beauty boards to see whether results have improved. 69. Bite back at spider veins Sclerotherapy vs. endovenous laser You say: Unsightly veins are a common concern, and many question whether to seek sclerotherapy or endovenous laser surgery. In sclerotherapy, a solution is injected making veins collapse and fade, generally with good results: "After one visit, most were completely gone." Lasers remove veins through thermal destruction. Those who have tried both said: "The injections are cheaper and better than the lasers I tried." Experts say: "Lasers used on small veins can still cause pigmentation," says dermatologist Dr. Ronald Moy, so for smaller spider veins, sclerotherapy is the safer choice. He adds: Endovascular lasers are better for larger varicose veins. The final word: Each case is different, so seek a doctor's consultation. 70. Wrap yourself slim Body wraps You say: Wraps are "great for detoxifying and tightening up loose skin" but offer only a "temporary solution." Most of you continue to seek the spa treatment because it's "super-relaxing" and a perfect way "to drop inches quickly for a special night." Experts say: Mylar wraps have an "osmotic effect that gets rid of excess fluid retention," says Henriksen. Celebrities do it before awards shows "because they lose inches," he adds. But "be sure to rehydrate and avoid salty foods." The final word: The perfect special occasion indulgence: a relaxing treatment to help you fit into that little black dress. 71. Workout flip-flops FitFlops ($45, bathandbodyworks.com ) You say: Flip-flops that tone while you shop? Sounds like a dream, so it's no wonder some were a "bit skeptical." The results? "Amazing!" Reviewers call them "comfy and cute" and say they can "feel them working thighs and butt." One poster adds: My husband asked, "what exercises I had been doing." Experts say: "Conventional footwear is designed to keep the foot stable so muscled are relaxed," says Ann Marie Cilmi, Bliss director of education. "FitFlops destabilize the foot slightly to make your legs work harder." Added benefit: These slides tone butt muscles, too. The final word: FitFlops are an irresistible buy. And the reasonable price makes them worth testing. 72. Eat yourself thin "The Fat Flush Plan" ($20.23/book, amazon.com ) You say: This cleansing diet promotes "fat burning, not fat storage," and some say the "phenomenal" diet got "rid of cellulite." Devotees who "incorporate principles" into their lifestyle have found success: "Today, I'm 33 pounds lighter," says one poster. Experts say: As a diet, "there's sound nutritional science behind it," says registered dietician Ashley Koff. But she adds, "It's not going to flush out cellulite." Weight loss shrinks fat cells and liberates toxins, which are then flushed through the system, she explains. The diet has been very successful for menopausal and perimenopausal clients, she adds. The final word: For those tired of fad diets, "The Fat Flush Plan" promotes healthy principles and solid nutrition. 73. Celeb diet "The 5 Factor Diet" ($24.95/book, amazon.com ) You say: This diet seems like "a celebrity gimmick" but converts say it's "easier than most" and produces results in a "healthy way." Type A personalities enjoy "counting successes -- five meals, five ingredients, five workouts." The best part? "Love any diet that gives you a cheat day," says one poster. Experts say: If you don't end up with Jessica Simpson's body, don't get discouraged. "Celebrities have a different set of resources," says Koff. But the diet itself is "based on the core tenets of good nutrition" and promises results, she says. Plus, the cheat day is mentally important: "There's a permissiveness that says I'm not derailing." The final word: Combine fitness and nutrition for a better body? Sign us up. Lowest Rated Lip Glosses Luxe vs. Less Nail Polishes Editor's Favorite Mascaras Subject Subject Subject Message Message Message http://www.google.com /content/package/c_73_products/
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