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The Looming Guac-pocalypse, Anna Wintour Sits Second Row And More...

All the "hey did you hear?" beauty and fashion news you need to know this morning...

Guac-Aggedon Is Nigh. Sigh.
Guac-Aggedon Is Nigh. Sigh.
• Still think Global Warming is a figment of Al Gore's imagination? Chew on this: Chipotle says that climate change will most likely increase prices on several produce items -- including avocados -- and may force them to stop offering guacamole and some specialized salsas. The chain uses, 97,000 pounds of California-grown fruit every single day and scientists say that rising temps in that state may reduce production by 40 percent in our lifetime. [ThinkProgress]

• If your back aches from slouching over your computer a French design company may be able to help. The Up T-Shirt "incorporates elastic fabric across the shoulders in such a way that good posture is rewarded by greater comfort" and, they're not half bad looking. Beats walking around the office with a book on your head. [The Week]

Fancy Chanel Cotton Pads
Fancy Chanel Cotton Pads
• For those for whom a run of the mill cotton ball simply won't do, there's a new wave of "luxury cotton pads" popping up on the vanities of the, well, I suppose, ridiculously rich(?). Available from chi-chi brands like Clé de Peau, Chanel and Shiseido for about $20 a pack, the pure cotton pads are marketed as being ridiculously supple, soft and absorbent. And, one pad does the work of as many as 3 to 4 pedestrian cotton balls so, yeah, they're totally worth it. #firstworldproblems [Byrdie]

•Anna Wintour must've passed that Management: 101 class with flying colors. Vogue's editrix did the nearly unthinkable yesterday by swapping seats with an underling at Valentino's Paris couture show. Jaws were agape when they spotted Wintour in the second row (tantamount to Podunk in couture show geography) but, she was slumming for a good reason; the girl sitting in her front row/center seat is reporting on the collection for, you guessed it, Vogue. [ The Daily Beast]

Pat McGrath's Owl Eyes for Alexander McQueen
Pat McGrath's Owl Eyes for Alexander McQueen
• Speaking of PFW, makeup artist supreme, Pat McGrath pulled another awe-inspiring look out of her bag o' tricks yesterday at the Alexander McQueen show -- Owl Eyes. "It's futurism mixed with nature," McGrath explained. "We decided to do the owl world in a punk eye makeup way." Spiny black feathers were cut and meticulously glued onto models brows and lashes in a process that took four hours. "When would I ever make it easy?" she deadpanned. []

• And, now that we're speaking of feathers...Just when you thought you couldn't get any more grossed out by what goes into some beauty products comes this little nugget: chicken feathers will soon be used to plump up your sagging face and help lend shine and bounce to hair. "The feather fiber grinds to a powdery talc making the keratin useful," says the USDA researcher who invented a machine that separates the fiber from the quill of the feather. Each chicken has roughly 10,000 feathers, we consume 8 billion of them each year. I'm no math genius but that leaves us with a lot of feathers lying around looking to be useful. In addition to helping out with beauty items, "The list of things that the [feather derived] keratin-rich material has been used to make is vast: dishes and furniture, clothing, circuit boards, wall insulation, filters, planting pots, shoe soles and hurricane-proof roofing." [Modern Farmer]

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• In celebrity news today, Jessica Alba (she who recently gave Dr. Oz the facial of his life) has been tapped by Braun as the spokesperson for its electronic beauty devices because, "[As] a strong, passionate woman and advocate for others is the perfect ambassador to talk about the role beauty and our products play in helping women feel their best."

• Also, after 5 years Katie Holmes and her pal Jeanne Yang have shuttered their cleverly titled Holmes & Yang fashion label. "We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to helping the line including our customers, contractors, vendors and the press for their support," the duo said in a statement.

• And, finally, in case you didn't get enough of Matthew McConaughey this award season, the newly minted Oscar winner has announced that he's releasing a line of t-shirts emblazoned with his "Alright, Alright, Alright" catchphrase which, in case you're not a card-carrying McConaughfile, was also the first line he ever spoke on film (in "Dazed and Confused). The shirts will be part of his "Just Keep Livin'" collection that's sold exclusively at Dillards. No word as yet on when the tees will hit shelves.


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