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Pssst: Guys Hate Bright Lipsticks, Beanies, Too-High Heels And More...

A non-scientific survey proves -- yet again -- that men and women view fashion differently

In a "Why not? Let's have some fun with this" type study, HuffPo asked friends of the male persuasion their opinions on 23 various trends we female folk flock to.

Turns out that a lot of the styles we girls go for are less than hits with the guys.

QUIZ: Is Your Guy a Metrosexual?

Here's a smattering of what they had to say about some of the fashions in question and, to make matters more interesting, I polled my own Facebook friends -- some of whose opinions are represented, too. (Editor's Note: Two of my friends wisely evaded the direct question by responding, "It's the archer, not the arrow," and "The artist not the brush." They'll be running for office next November.)

"I hate how girls wear those knit hats on the top of their heads. It's clearly not even for warmth, and it looks dumb."
Beanies: Huffpo: "I hate how girls wear those knit hats on the top of their heads... it's clearly not even for warmth... and it looks dumb... always very neon-colored."

"Clunky wedge sneakers have to go."
High top/wedge sneakers: Huffpo: "I hate Isabel Marant sneakers. *EXPLETIVE.*"

"This look is played out."
Floppy hats: Huffpo: "There's this look I would call 'the bourgeoisie bohemian" that involves those floppy felt hats. This look is played out." My FB: "Floppy hats need to go. In fact, most hats on women need to go."

"Gross, you're going to get that on me."
Bright lipstick: Huffpo: "Gross you're going to get that on me." My FB: "The hottest article a woman can don is brains. Lots of intellect and please share with us. Extra points for dry witticism. That gets closer to appearing like say, Penelope Cruz, than a $40 lipstick ever will."

"I hate when women wear shoes that they know are uncomfortable and then complain."
Too high heels: HuffPo: "Guys won't be looking at your shapely physique if your ankles keep buckling and you walk like a toddler with a diaper full of poop and/or a drunk giraffe." "I hate when women wear shoes that they know are uncomfortable, and then they complain all night about how much their feet hurt. I'd much rather a girl wear shoes they can have fun in." My FB: "If you can't walk in them, don't buy/wear them."

"Pantsuits should only be worn by Secretaries of State."
Pantsuits: My FB: "Pantsuits should only be worn by Secretaries of State and German speaking skinny androgynous types in brick lined basement cafes. Dark blue narrow pinstripe and a bowler preferred."

"Can you say age inappropriate?"
Hair bows: HuffPo: "[I can't stand] giant bows in girls' hair, after roughly the age of elementary school."

"Granny. Granny. Granny."
Over sized sweaters: My FB: " We are visual creatures. So anything that messes up the view sucks. 'Yes over sized sweaters, I'm talking to you.'"

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