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What Is The Werewolf Diet? (And Why Are Madonna and Demi On It?)

Ah, kooky celebrities with their kooky diets! While we exert the effort to stay in shape with run-of-the-mill healthy diets and frequent exercise, our favorite celebs are taking part in alarmingly named fad diets that are first reported on by the Daily Mail. According to the (sometimes less than trustworthy) publication, slim stars like Madonna and Demi Moore are now clamoring to the "Werewolf Diet." Yes, the Werewolf Diet.   read more


Missing From the Grammy Awards: Amber Rose's Tattoos

The quest for the perfect concealer is one that may never come to fruition. It's possible that, despite all of our best efforts, the holy trifecta of coverage, color match, and believability (do we look like we have perfect skin, or do we look like we're wearing concealer?) will always remain the unattainable unicorn of the makeup world. We're generally looking for the right stuff to put on our faces, where much of our most visible blemishes occur, but even so, we think Amber Rose might be able to teach us a trick or two.   read more


You Won't Photoshop Nicki Minaj and Get Away With It

Bloggers and backseat critics alike are outspoken in their case against the rampant use of Photoshop to alter and perfect women's appearances -- like, "coughing up $10,000 for unretouched photos of Lena Dunham's Vogue shoot" outspoken. For all of the constant chatter surrounding the subject, it's rare that the subject (or victim?) of the retouching actually calls out a magazine for the practice in question. (Hey, we don't blame them -- if we were appearing in a national publication, we'd hope they hit our blemishes with the Blur tool, too.) Leave it to Nicki Minaj to be the one to come forward and confirm what we already know -- duh, that was Photoshopped.   read more


Research Explains Why We're Naturally Drawn to Shiny Objects

It's unmistakable: the aesthetics-loving eye is generally drawn to things that shine. This is perhaps most obvious when we're makeup shopping. Though we know in our heart of hearts (or is it really in our heads?) that we're better off sticking to wearable neutrals and soft colors, we can't stop ourselves from swatching opalescent glitters and high-shine glosses all over our hands before we remember why we came to Sephora in the first place -- plain old black mascara.   read more


Victoria Beckham Is Making Big Fashion Moves

Victoria Beckham has come a loooooong way since her days as a reluctant Spice Girl. The icon formerly known as Posh juggles motherhood, marriage, and a wildly successful fashion line and makes it look easy, all with baby Harper perched on her hip. And now, for the fifth anniversary of her eponymous collection, Beckham is showing us just how literally she takes the phrase "go big or go home."   read more


Bizarre Barbie Plastic Surgery App Gets Pulled From iTunes

Considering she's a plastic doll and all, it's kind of crazy how Barbie has become a sort of scapegoat for everything wrong with society's perception of beauty. Her unrealistic measurements and generic, doll-like brand of beauty have been translated into a metaphor for impossible expectations. We've seen Photoshopped images based on how a woman with Barbie's frame would look in reality, as well as Barbie dolls Photoshopped into "average" weight and the infamous plus-size Barbie.   read more


Alexander Wang Ditches Manhattan For New York Fashion Week

We've heard all sorts of rumors regarding the winds of change affecting the upcoming New York Fashion Week, from whispers of designers switching their locations out of Lincoln Center to some designers who are reported not to be showing at all. But it's Alexander Wang, ever the trailblazer, who might be making the most revolutionary move of all.   read more


Modeling Agency To Pay $450,000 In Dues To Former Interns

The fashion world at large seems to have a serious problem with controversy surrounding internships. If it's not designers like Alexander Wang and Donna Karan coming under fire for their alleged mistreatment of unpaid interns, it's publications like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. The modeling industry has also seen its fair share of abuse allegations, but this latest lawsuit is one we didn't exactly see coming.   read more


Accessories Made With Real Cat Fur Found In German Megastores

If that undercover PETA video showing rabbits having their fur ripped out of their bodies wasn't enough to turn you against the fur industry for good, maybe this latest scandal will. Animal advocacy group Animals' Liberty discovered that two popular German retail chains were guilty of using -- brace yourselves -- cat fur in their wares. And the worst part? These particular fur items were marketed under the guise of being faux.   read more


Celebrate the Super Bowl With One of These Haute Couture Helmets

Whether you're a dyed-in-the-wool football fan or only in it for the chips and guac (ooh, and buffalo wings), the Super Bowl has something for everyone. It may not be the most refined of festivities, but hey, it's a festivity, and we've never been the type to turn down a party. Little did we know, 48 of our favorite fashion designers were on the very same page this year.   read more


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