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The Bikini Bridge Succeeds The Thigh Gap As The Thinspo Trend Du Jour

Great, just what the women of the internet needed -- another supposed "thinspo" craze to obsess about, much like the completely insane "thigh gap" of 2013. (It's over now, right? We can leave that whole thing in 2013? Yes? Good.) While the very unfortunate anorexic and otherwise ED community on Tumblr inspired the thigh gap movement, you'll never believe where the "bikini bridge" got its start. Once you wrap your head around it, you'll laugh... and then you'll cry.   read more


Federal Trade Commission Charges Four Familiar Weight-Loss Companies With Fraud

Oh, you can't lose weight and get a "gym body" just by sprinkling some weird powder of undisclosed ingredients onto your food? You don't say. The ambitious (and completely unrealistic) claims made by sketchy weight-loss products like Sensa and LeanSpa may be tempting -- who wouldn't jump at the chance to achieve said gym body without spending one precious second on the elliptical? -- but we've always seen them for what they are, and that's sketchy. How these companies have been able to continue their ridiculous marketing over the years is beyond us. At last, the Federal Trade Commission is cracking down, and they're not going to let these products get away with it anymore.   read more


Miley Cyrus For Marc Jacobs Is Happening

• Miley Cyrus just can't stop making moves! The controversial twerker has inked her biggest fashion deal yet, ensuring that she hasn't just peaked in 2013. Marc Jacobs's spring 2014 ad campaign stars one very bummed-looking Miley against what looks to us like a post-apocalyptic background. [The Cut]   read more


Kristen Wiig Sets Our Collective Heart Aflutter With Her New Haircut

Kristen Wiig may keep an impressively low profile as far as celebrities go, but when it comes to haircuts that make front-page news, this press-shy funny girl has nowhere to hide. We can't imagine she'll have an issue with it, either -- the "Bridesmaids" actress may like to keep her private life out of the public eye, but could anyone really complain about their new haircut alone setting off style copycats the world over?   read more


Model Lyndsey Scott Surprises Fans With Her Secret Career

Forget the old trope about lingerie models' best features being found in their bras. Lyndsey Scott, who you may recognize from Victoria's Secret and runway shows alike, has been told by modeling agencies that she needs to be "cooler." We already think she's really, really cool -- and why? Because the computer science graduate, 29, has developed a lucrative secret side project that couldn't be further removed from her modeling life.   read more


Breaking: Young Men Are Using Way Too Much Body Spray

Listen up, boys, particularly those of high school and college age! While dousing yourself in body spray may seem like only the best and best-intentioned of ideas, your overpowering cloud of fragrance just isn't doing it for the ladies.   read more


A Lack Of Exercise Puts Women At Greater Cancer Risk

We know: it's all too easy to maintain the status quo of a sedentary lifestyle, especially when your office hours involve a lot of quality time with a computer chair. The justifications for a day spent on the couch are plentiful, but it turns out we could be doing much more harm to our bodies than a few extra pounds.   read more


Dog Vogue Is Exactly What You Think It Is

One thing we know for sure about fashion: it's for humans. Sure, some of these humans are equally interested in outfitting their helpless pets in shirts, sweaters, and sometimes even Halloween costumes, but we don't foresee a future in which our pups will be picking out their own wares from vast wardrobes, nor do we imagine we'll be buying any pet fashion magazines any time soon.   read more


Kim Kardashian And Friend Boast Their Butts On Instagram

Kim Kardashian's particular brand of fame has become so ambiguous -- "fashion design," Khroma Beauty, motherhood, her relationship with Kanye West, a shot at acting here and there -- that we'd almost forgotten what landed her all those opportunities in the first place. You can say what you want about Kim, but there's no denying that she's done pretty well for herself for a girl who got first got her name in headlines just by being Paris Hilton's friend with the big butt.   read more


Forever 21 Steps Up the Quality of Their Footwear Offerings

The magic of Forever 21 is that you could stock an entire new wardrobe twice over for under $200. There's no other store we can think of, fast fashion or otherwise, with prices so low that we can pick up everything we need and more without hearing the collective heaving sigh of our bank accounts. We don't want to make a habit of sacrificing quality for quantity, but who can blame us on those 2-for-$20 jeans?   read more


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