Stories by Meghan Rabbitt

Beauty Goodies Made in the U.S.A.

We've never been the kind of gals to go all crazy with the patriotic spirit on July 4. Don't get us wrong, we love this country and what it stands for -- the land where dreams are realized, no matter where you come from. Sounds hokey, but roll with us on this one.   See products


15 Healthy Smoothies for Radiant Skin

Sick of hearing what you can't drink if you want perfect skin?

Coffee. Booze. Soda. Even fruit juice is a no-no. What's a thirsty gal to do? The answer: Healthy smoothies.   See recipes


This Might Be the World's Meanest Photographer

So, this is what it looks like to take candy from a baby.

Award-winning photographer Jill Greenberg captured some serious emotion when she recently gave her little portrait subjects candy -- and then snatched it away from them to capture their reactions. Not surprisingly, the images are causing some controversy.   read more


This New Straightening Treatment Spanks the Brazilian Blowout

About three months ago, me and my unruly, mind-of-its-own hair went to the Fernando Romero Salon in Beverly Hills for the new Agave Healing Oil Smoothing Treatment. I was hopeful, but skeptical.   read more


Dunkin Donuts' New Bacon, Egg, and Doughnut Sammy is The Healthiest Breakfast They Offer

While cronuts are currently all the rage in New York City (for those of you who haven't heard, the cronut is a croissant-doughnut hybrid that's apparently so tasty, they're selling on the black market for more than $40 each), the rest of us doughnut lovers have this to look forward to: On Friday, Dunkin Donuts will debut a new breakfast item called the Doughnut Bacon Sandwich.   read more



Our Friend Tests a Man Diaper, We're Still Laughing

There are so many scenarios we wish men really knew what us women have to go through. Childbirth is way up there. Waxing isn't far behind. Wearing heels for hours. Dealing with all the joys that go along with "that time of the month."   read more


On the 'Fatkini,' the Abercrombie CEO's Fat Attack, and H&M's New Plus-Size Bikini Model

First it was the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch all over our newsfeeds, when comments he made seven years ago resurfaced in this article (and countless backlash pieces) about how he wants only size-10-and-unders shopping in his stores. The Chief D-Bag made it clear that his company is only interested in going after "cool," "good-looking" kids -- no fatties in Abercrombie, thanks.   read more


Aaaand I'm Officially Starting to Use Eye Cream

There are moments in life when you realize, "Uh-oh, I'm not fresh-faced and 20-nothin' anymore." Like the moment you see a close-up of yourself and can't look away from the crow's feet. Or when you notice the first sun spot has emerged on the top of your hand.   read more


6 Foods That Ease Chronic Pain

When you're dealing with chronic pain, it can be tempting to reach for anything that will make you feel better. And by anything, we mean drugs. Strong ones.   See more


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