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13 Best Color Protecting Conditioners

Want your hair color to last longer than your last relationship did? Use these top-rated hair care products   See products


August 9, 2013  |  10:08 AM  |  32 COMMENTS
We Tried It: A Lip Balm That Acts Like a Lipstick

Anyone who has ever seen the inside of my purse, or my bedside table, or my cosmetics drawer (yeah ... drawer), knows I'm a lip balm-aholic. I've got my Fresh Sugar on me at all times, plus an assortment of cocoa butter sticks, Kiss My Face tubes, argan oil-based glosses, and other health food store balms stashed everywhere -- I'm never more than an arm's length away from a lip balm fix.   read more


August 5, 2013  |   2:08 PM  |  1 COMMENT
10 New Workouts That Put Prancercise to Shame

The class list at my gym has more options than a Chinese takeout menu ... and some of the classes, like "Animal Flow" or "IntenSati," seem even more mysterious than the "brown sauce" that covers my usual tofu order.   read more


August 5, 2013  |   6:08 AM  |  4 COMMENTS
Got 10 Minutes? We've Got Your Perfect Workout

Think about what you actually do with 10 free minutes of your time. I waste at least 10 minutes each morning combing through my closet with seemingly nothing to wear. And then I spend 10 minutes perfecting my cat eye and attempting to tame my beastly hair. Then there are the minutes I waste on non-appearance-related pursuits that are probably even less beneficial: Like the 10 minutes I spend flipping through Netflix until my boyfriend and I agree on the perfect movie. Or the 10 (or more likely, 60) minutes I devote to pictures of cats and corgis on Buzzfeed.   read more


August 2, 2013  |  11:08 AM  |  1 COMMENT
We Tried It: POUND Rockout Workout

I'm a fiend for the latest dance-inspired workout (blame my ballet training and Gwyneth-like workout obsession), and jumped at the chance to attend a POUND class last week. POUND?, you ask. Sure, you could dismiss it as a bizarre West Coast fitness thing (basically, hardcore air-drumming with weighted drumsticks), but this is a full-body, drenched-in-sweat workout. In a word, awesome.   read more


July 24, 2013  |   9:07 AM  |  2 COMMENTS
14 Best Color Protecting Shampoos

Want your money to wash down the drain right along with your freshly done, beautiful hair color? We thought not. It makes no sense to spend a fortune on coloring your hair at a salon, only to use hair care products that strip the color at home. So stocking up on proper hair care products post-treatment is an absolute must. Typically your hairstylist will suggest that you use a color safe shampoo and conditioner after you get an all over color or get highlights, to maintain the hue and prevent fading color. However, they might also try to sucker you into buying hair care products that are too pricy -- and ones you're not sure you'll even like.   See products


July 23, 2013  |  12:07 PM  |  43 COMMENTS
11 Best Movie Makeovers

Beauty makeovers are our guilty pleasure. Whether it's gasping at the inaugural episode of America's Next Top Model or teaching a makeup-challenged friend how to apply a sultry smoky eye, we love transformations. But the best makeovers of all time happen on the big screen -- Hollywood invented the art of the plain Jane to goddess montage.   read more


July 22, 2013  |   3:07 PM  |  1 COMMENT
Countdown to Bikini Ready: Top 5 Workouts to Get that Beach Bod

Ahh, the summer life. It's such a paradox. On the one hand, you're happy as a clam wearing your new sunglasses, floating around in airy fabrics, debuting your fresh highlights, and showing off your cute pedicure. On the other's bikini season.   read more


July 22, 2013  |  10:07 AM  |  1 COMMENT
6 Relaxing Yoga Poses to Try at H(ommmm)e

Let's address the Ganesh (err, elephant) in the room. You wear yoga pants regularly. But you actually practice yoga...maybe...once or twice a month? For busy women everywhere -- no matter how much you love the calm feeling after an hour and a half of breathing, stretching, and focusing -- it's tough to squeeze in a yoga class as frequently as you'd like.   Start breathing


July 17, 2013  |  11:07 AM  |  7 COMMENTS
The Surprising New Rachel Zoe Collection You've Gotta See

Here's a collaboration we are 100 percent over the moon about: Rachel Zoe and Robin Moraetes, the co-owners of DreamDry salon, paired with BaubleBar to create a jewelry collection inspired by the salon's most popular hairstyles. We're even more elated that all of the pieces are below $75.   read more


July 16, 2013  |   3:07 PM  |  COMMENT
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