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The Best HD Makeup Products For Your Next Close-Up

Most of us are never on TV or the silver screen, but we are the stars of our own reality show. Social media updates, selfies, wedding pictures, your professional LinkedIn profile pic ... there are plenty of photo ops around the corner and you want to look great because let's face it: thanks to the internet, those unforgiving, high def photos are going to be around forever.   read more


March 25, 2014  |  11:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Makeup Tricks Before & After: Can You Tell The Difference?

Almost every makeup tutorial comes with a little nugget of advice that you can tack onto your routine and claims to make a world of difference. Want eyes as big as Zooey Deschanel's? Line your waterline with a nude eyeliner! But is the difference between normal eyes and gorgeous doe-like eyes really as simple as a few swipes? Is it a placebo effect? Or are your eyes just watery and full of liner?   read more


March 21, 2014  |   7:03 AM  |  COMMENT
11 Ways To Lose A Few Pounds Without Really Trying

You can look high and low for a magical pill, squeeze out a few more juice cleanses, or drift from fad diet to fad diet, but at the end of the day, we all know the only way to lose weight is through a healthy diet (or "lifestyle" if you're not a fan of the D word) and exercise.   read more


March 19, 2014  |   8:03 AM  |  4 COMMENTS
Now, This Is How You Wear a Crop Top

After flight cancellations, subzero temperatures and polar vortexes, spring can't come soon enough. Once the sun decides to grace us with its presence, it's tempting to shed every layer and flaunt as much skin as possible, but keep in mind that spring -- your closet's transitional period -- is not the same as spring break. Take a cue from the celebrities making their post-awards-season rounds. Instead of pairing their belly-baring tops with thigh-skimming skirts or cutoffs, they opt for modest bottoms to slowly transition the look into spring. Need proof that the crop trend can be less Coachella-swimsuit-cover-up and more sophisticated chic? Click ahead for some serious style inspiration on how to master a tasteful pop of skin.   read more


March 19, 2014  |   7:03 AM  |  COMMENT
The Top 4 African American Skin Care Issues, Solved

Everyone has their pet peeves in the realm of skin care. Wrinkles, blackheads, enlarged pores, acne, dark circles -- the list is practically endless. Although certain conditions can be influenced by your skin type, age or lifestyle, the likelihood of some problems can hinge on your skin tone. Case in point: African American women are more likely to suffer from keloid scars, ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation and eczema -- four skin conditions that are not only more prevalent in dark skin, but sometimes hard to detect and to treat.   read more


March 18, 2014  |   6:03 AM  |  COMMENT
A-List Latina Beauty Secrets From Zoe, Demi, Naya & More

Actresses, musicians and TV personalities have plenty in common -- designer gowns and hall of fame hairstylists -- but in the beauty world, all eyes are on their flawless skin. With their access to top skin care professionals and expert makeup artists (not to mention their always-knowledgeable mothers) celebrities can be a great source for transformative beauty tips.   read more


March 14, 2014  |   9:03 AM  |  12 COMMENTS
The Easiest Cure Ever for PMS, Stress, Insomnia and More (P.S. It's FREE)

You breathe all the time. You're (hopefully) breathing right now. You've been doing it since birth, which kinda makes you a pro, right? Sadly, most of us aren't good at it because we aren't diaphragmatic breathing, aka belly breathing. Most of us go for the chest variety, which is too shallow and can throw off the body's oxygen and carbon dioxide exchanges, which can create a whole host of problems, including pain, stress and digestive issues. Simply training yourself to breathe more deeply and focus on your breathing patterns makes a world of difference. Ready to stop OD-ing on coffee, popping painkillers or staying up past your bedtime? Learn how to breathe.   read more


March 11, 2014  |   7:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Forget Spring Break -- Think Spring Safari

Welcome warmer weather with functional khaki and earth-toned pieces inspired by spring runways and faraway travels   read more


March 7, 2014  |   7:03 AM  |  COMMENT
The Best Photobombs, Selfies and Instagram Snaps of Awards Season 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch was crowned the new King of Photobombing with this stunt he pulled on U2 at the Oscars.   read more


March 3, 2014  |  10:03 AM  |  COMMENT
Oscars 2014: All The Red Carpet Looks You Need To See

The year's awards season has been a Cinderella story in the making for Lupita Nyong'o, so it was only fitting that her Prada gown (which she helped design, naturally) was reminiscent of a Disney princess, from the fairytale pale blue to matching headband.   read more


March 2, 2014  |   5:03 PM  |  1 COMMENT
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