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What I've Learned: I'm Old Enough to Have Wrinkles, But Not Wise Enough to Decide How to Handle Them. HELP!

Posted 03/16/12 at 03:40PM by Audrey Fine

I'm at an age where I'm struggling with how I'm going to handle this whole fakakta aging process. While I already dread looking in the mirror and seeing my mom's face on top of my shoulders (no offense mom, I love you, but I never knew you as a hot 22-year-old), I'm also conflicted over what to do about it.

I live in Los Angeles. Should I capitulate and start booking appointments with Beverly Hills' finest nip/tuckers? Should I jump on the Human Growth Hormone bandwagon with the rest of the scared-to-become-geezers crowd? Should I move to a small town in Podunk, where people (hopefully) don't worry so much about such trivial matters? Should I just be grateful to be alive and concentrate on more important goings on, like the atrocities in the Sudan (and maybe get George Clooney to like me as an ancillary fringe benefit)?

It's all very confusing because I don't want to be vain. I've never been vain. In fact, I have long prided myself on being a wash n' wear, this is my face, take it or leave it kind of gal. But now that I've reached an age where most are seeming to "leave it," it's unsettling -- and the fact that it's unsettling is further unsettling.

Working in a business where I'm continually bombarded by articles about women dropping thousands on cosmetic procedures to "look like BARBIE" should make it easier. These women are (in my mind anyway) pathetic with a capital fake boob P. How could I possibly want to emulate them? Why can't they be happy with what they were born with? Why would they risk their lives -- or even their credit scores -- to mess with what Mother Nature hooked them up with? But then, minutes later, I'll see before/after photos of some 40-something celeb who looks just a little less haggard and my mind will swing over to "hey, I'm lucky to live at a time when I can actually do something to keep Father Time's paws off my face for a little longer" and I'm back to feeling conflicted.

Do you guys grapple with this? How are YOU planning to handle gravity messing with your jowls? I'd love to hear. Who knows, maybe we can arrive at a sane game plan together. Barbie be damned.
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  • Posted by EricaC123 on 12/29/12 at 01:35pm


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  • Posted by bo_toadie on 03/24/12 at 09:30pm

    You need to love yourself first. What you do to your body should be independent of what anyone else thinks. If you base your looks and self worth on feedback from others, you will never be satisfied.

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  • Posted by geli_an on 03/23/12 at 05:44am

    I believed that you must start taking care of your skin as early as your early 20's, so when you reach a little older then you will be able to harvest everything that you planted and it will be worth it, as what they say prevention is the key. I am using anti aging cream for almost a year now and I'm only 24, and I think delaying aging is alright rather than escaping from it. When that time comes i will embrace it for it is a representation of what I have gone through to life.

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  • Posted by MssDani on 03/22/12 at 12:00pm

    At 23 I don't have any wrinkles yet but I have started a skin care regimen to keep my skin looking its best. I'm not sure how if I will feel the same way when I'm older but my mother always taught me to embrace aging. I know that it can be hard with the way society has bashed aging but it should be a priviledge to grow older. Her words to me " Every wrinkle, gray hair, and stretch mark was earned through being a mother." Like I said before I am still young and my view could change but for now I will embrace aging when it comes.

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  • Posted by tiffany_gallehugh on 03/19/12 at 05:29pm

    Yes and I am older than you. I dont feel it but starting to see it. I do creams I have done botox,restalyn. Hated the outcome. If I am going to spend that kinda money I will do a lift. I eat clean because diet plays a big role. I will fight forever. Hormones too. You reach the age of 35 it is a blessing to do HRT. Look at Suzanne Somers. Now just to save the money to do a few laser treatment and light treatment. If not a go, I am old enough to think about a mini brow lift and eye. Because that is where my age is showing.

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  • Posted by beautybody on 03/19/12 at 12:44pm

    I am 32 right now and deciding what products to use to keep aging at bay. I won't rule anything out at this point. I haven't used botox or any fillers yet, but maybe in the near future. Hmmm....

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