5 Tutorials to Make Your Acne Disappear

Follow these tutorials for a seamless, spot-free look

10 Acupressure Cures You Can Do at Your Desk

Heal a hangover, period cramps or killer headache anywhere, anytime by pressing these pressure points

The 9 Best Shampoos for Fine Hair

A fuller head of hair is just a lather, rinse and repeat away. Here are our readers' favorite volumizing shampoos for fine hair

How to Wear Color on Your Wedding Day

Use these wedding color ideas to make your day as bright as you are

13 Best Tinted Moisturizers

We have our list of top-rated foundations and what our readers think are the best moisturizers on the market, but why stop there? See what our readers think about their favorite tinted moisturizers. Here's to hitting two birds with one stone!   See products


The Eyes Have It: Expert Makeup Tips for Glasses-Wearers

Eye makeup is a tricky enough business as it is -- glasses or no glasses. You have to avoid those little mascara specks all over your eyelids, worry about creasing, take into consideration your eye shape ... add to those concerns a pair of thick-framed glasses and you have quite the conundrum on your hands. So we called upon our favorite glasses-wearing makeup expert, Bobbi Brown, to share some of her best eye makeup tips and tutorials for glasses wearers -- straight from her new book, Everything Eyes. Here, her top tips and what to avoid.   read more


No Thanks: Snake Body Treatments Hit the Philippines

Here's a beauty treatment we could happily skip: The people of the Philippines are letting python snakes crawl all over them in a squirmy new "massage."   read more


Women Reveal the Worst Time for Dieting

If you're dieting, you probably already know what some of your triggering foods are -- the things that make your mouth water and make you instantly reconsider your weight loss goals (hello, French fries and pizza). But did you know that there's also a bad time of the week for tempting the diet gods?   read more


Study: Your Partner's Self Control Affects Your Own

Ah, relationships. They're supposed to make you your best version of yourself, and in the best case scenario, they do. But what happens when your relationship begins bringing out the worst in you? It happens more than we think -- especially if our partners happen to have poor self control.   read more


Jennifer Lawrence Somehow Skipped the 'Awkward' Grow Out Phase

• Jennifer Lawrence is rocking a full-on bob now, as seen on the red carpet at Cannes. How did she manage to skip all the awkward stages between a pixie cut and a regular chic bob? She's seriously not human. [The Gloss]   read more


Our Mom's Body Image Affects Us More Than We Think

We get it from our moms: the way that we look, but also the niggling self doubt and sense of unhappiness with our bodies. According to a poll from KidsHealth.org and Discovery Girls Magazine, women and girls give each other a hard time about their own appearances.   read more


Kim K. Goes For Givenchy On Her Big Day

• Kim Kardashian, ever the pliable sack of clay in Kanye West's paws, wore a Givenchy dress to the couple's wedding ceremony in Florence, Italy. Givenchy is, of course, one of Kanye's favorite designers, and Ricardo Tisci, the head of the house of Givenchy, is one of Kanye's BFFs. She wore Balmain to the reception. [Us Weekly]   read more


9 Best Sunscreens for Your Face

Not to rain on your sun-filled, summer parade, but here are a few facts that should make you wake up from your margarita-and-sun-induced coma and force you to take a big whiff of the sunscreen: The incidence of melanoma (a deadly form of skin cancer) is on the rise -- an estimated 76,690 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed in the US in 2013. If that doesn't scare you, this will: 80 percent of the aging that dermatologists see is due to excess sun exposure, since it can break down the collagen and elastin in your skin and cause more wrinkles.   See products


The New Face of Chanel No. 5 Isn't an Actress but, By Gosh, a Real Model

Casse-toi Audrey Tatou! You're out and Gisele Bündchen is in as the new sheriff of Chanel-ville.   read more


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