5 Beauty Products That Totally Hide Your Hangover

These hangover beauty remedies will make you look amazing, even after two bottles of wine

Brush on Beauty

Step up your beauty game with these tips and tricks for making the most of your makeup brushes

How to Look Stylish When You're Dressing a Baby Bump

Because maternity shouldn't equal muumuu

Victoria Beckham's Latest 'It'll Keep Me Young and Beautiful' Obsession

When Mrs. David Beckham takes time from her busy day designing clothes, posing for paparazzi and shuttling her kids to and fro to tweet her affection for a product, the world (or her nearly 8 million followers, anyway) pays attention.   read more


The U.S. Falls Far Behind When it Comes to Healthcare

The United States is one of the richest countries in the world, but when it comes to health, we rank last among developed nations. What's up with that?   read more


New Cancer Research Says We Should Get Off Our Butts -- Now

• Sitting down? Stop doing that right now. Get off your bum as quickly as possible, because it turns out that too much sitting is linked to certain kinds of cancer, including colon and endometrial cancers. According to a study done at the University of Regensburg in Germany, people who spend the most time sitting during the day have 24 percent increased risk of getting colon cancer, and women who sat all day had a 32 percent increased risk of endometrial cancer. The good news? Even periodically getting up can help reduce your risk. [Web MD]   read more


How to Defend Against Diet Bullies

Whether it's splitting a pizza over episodes of "The Bachelor," going on late night fro-yo runs after a long day, or nursing a hangover together at your favorite brunch spot, food plays a huge part in our friendships. The operative word being huge, since new research suggests your friends are making you fat.   read more


Nicole Richie Enters Her Blue (Hair) Period

• We seriously loved Nicole Richie's purple hair. She was one of the few actually-adult, thirty-something ladies rocking colorful hair who managed to do it with style and class. Now, it seems, Nicole has given up the purple for something slightly louder. She's gone totally blue! The new hue look is a sort of electric tone, a bit more punk. We like, but we may have warm and fuzzy feelings for the purple. [Glamour]   read more


We Tried It: The Hot New Keratin Hair Treatment

My hair is curly but fine. This makes me one of the lucky ones: I can blow it out quickly, and it holds any style. My messy curls morph into soft waves in about 15 minutes. It's pretty awesome.   read more


Is Lululemon's Luster Gone for Good?

Maybe it's because the company is steeped in bad karma (founder Chip Wilson famously named his business Lululemon because he thought it was "funny" to watch Japanese people try to pronounce "L") or because of a string of public relations nightmares that were mishandled at best, but, whatever the reason, Lululemon is no longer the cool kid in town-- which, considering she was the prom queen for many years running -- is saying a lot.   read more


Russell Simmons Reveals the Healthy Secret to His Success

Russell Simmons is a giant in the music world. He co-founded Def Jam records, created the Phat Farm clothing line and owns a chain of vegan restaurants in New York City. But the thing that actually brings him pleasure and peace in life is yoga. And, says Simmons, yoga is what's helped make him successful.   read more


'Orange Is the New Black': The Weirdest Place You'll Find Rad DIY Beauty Tips

The first thing I learned while watching the Netflix series "Orange is the New Black": Be thankful for bathroom stalls with doors. The dramedy, about a waspy New Yorker who gets busted for being a drug mule and ends up behind bars, is packed with teachable moments and covers the gamut of jailhouse clichés (Lesbians! Contraband! Shifty guards!), but what really stuck out was the inmates' undeniable ingenuity -- these women are the reigning queens of DIY. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade ... and when prison gives you maxi pads, make flip-flops (or upgrade to duct tape if you're fashion forward). Stole a screwdriver? Fashion a makeshift dildo!   read more


Lauren Conrad Lends Her Considerably Covetable Hair to a Brand Endorsement

Lauren Conrad -- the one former MTV star who managed to parlay her time in affluent Laguna Beach for even greener Hollywood $$$ pastures -- has just added hair care spokeshead to her ever growing resumé.   read more


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