Your Post-Summer Skin Rehab

Your how-to on treating discoloration, breakouts and your last (hopefully!) sunburn of the summer

The Sparkling, Fresh Fragrance for Every Season

From new finds to longtime favorites, these are beauty products that our editors use until the bitter end (of the tube)

The Best Natural Deodorants That Work

We did the (sometimes stinky) testing for you and found that these 12 natural deodorants really do work

My Daily Chill Pill

Guest Editor Kristen Bell's tip for instant relaxation and stress relief

Finding Love in the CrossFit Box

When we think of CrossFit, well, romance doesn't really cross our minds. Sweating and suffering, yes. But love? NO. But it turns out we just hadn't met JP and Amanda, the Texas couple who decide to get hitched while at their CrossFit class.   read more


There's Now A FitBit For Your Vagina

Kegels are supposed to help you keep your pelvic floor tight, which promotes better health and better sex. And if you're really hoping to get your pelvic floor in tip top shape, you should give the kGoal a shot.   read more


Your Binge TV Habit Could Be Bad for Your Health

Quick! Get up from your couch and put down the remote! It's killing you, at least according to a new study out of Spain, that reports that people who watch three or more hours of television a day could be risking an early death.   read more


A Real Photoshop Foot Fail

• Behold, this unfortunate Revolve Clothing model whose toes have gone missing in some terrible Photoshop disaster. TRAGIC! [The Gloss]   read more


20 Best Soaps


20 Best Soaps

Ladies, it's 2014 -- if you can take pro-quality photos, tweet the news, Skype your Mom, and check the weather in Bali all with your phone, why shouldn't your beauty products multitask, too? Sure, you can argue that soap isn't exactly innovative; but sometimes, the most decadent novelties are in the basics -- namely, the ability to wash off the day's grime with nothing but water and a good bar (or bottle) of soap.   Get soap


13 Super-Chic Bikinis for Women Who Hate Bikinis

Did you know that three out of five women would rather have a Pap smear every day for a week than wear a triangle top bikini in public? Probably not, because I made that up, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were true. Even if you are totally cool displaying swaths of skin to the sun and your fellow man -- comfort and freedom of movement aren't hallmarks of itsy-bitsy two-pieces. (Just try diving into a strong wave if you don't believe us.)   read more


Eating Green Won't Necessarily Help You Lose Weight

There's no doubt that fruits and veggies are good for you -- we've been hearing that message since we were kids. But can they help you lose weight?   read more


7 Brand-New Beauty Products We're Stockpiling for Summer

By this stage of the game, you should already have your summer essentials. (If not, check out my roundup from June.) Sunscreen, beach spray and self-tanner are taking over my bathroom.   read more


What We Really Mean When We Say You Run 'Like a Girl'

How many times have you been told you kick or throw or fight like a girl? Probably more than once or twice, right? Have you ever thought about what that really means, though? Implied within the idea of doing anything "like a girl" is the idea that girls somehow do things poorly.   read more


Introducing Beauty Without Boundaries's mission has always been simple: Bring women the best beauty advice in a candid and relatable way.   read more


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