The U.S. Falls Far Behind When it Comes to Healthcare

The United States is one of the richest countries in the world, but when it comes to health, we rank last among developed nations. What's up with that?   read more


June 17, 2014  |   6:06 AM  |  1 COMMENT
New Cancer Research Says We Should Get Off Our Butts -- Now

• Sitting down? Stop doing that right now. Get off your bum as quickly as possible, because it turns out that too much sitting is linked to certain kinds of cancer, including colon and endometrial cancers. According to a study done at the University of Regensburg in Germany, people who spend the most time sitting during the day have 24 percent increased risk of getting colon cancer, and women who sat all day had a 32 percent increased risk of endometrial cancer. The good news? Even periodically getting up can help reduce your risk. [Web MD]   read more


June 17, 2014  |   5:06 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Russell Simmons Reveals the Healthy Secret to His Success

Russell Simmons is a giant in the music world. He co-founded Def Jam records, created the Phat Farm clothing line and owns a chain of vegan restaurants in New York City. But the thing that actually brings him pleasure and peace in life is yoga. And, says Simmons, yoga is what's helped make him successful.   read more


June 16, 2014  |   6:06 AM  |  COMMENT
Study: Sun Worshippers Need More Than Just Strong Sunscreen

Bad news for sun-aholics. If you're one of the many who has a special relationship with the sun's rays and who can't wait for the official start of tanning season, well, beware. Sunscreen may not do enough to protect you from skin cancer.   read more


June 13, 2014  |   6:06 AM  |  1 COMMENT
You Booze, You Lose (Sleep, That Is)

If I wasn't so dang tired, I could sit here and type up a whole bunch of ways that sleep is important for you. About how it helps to regulate the body, keeps stress in check, appetite under control, brain function firing on all synapses and all sorts of other great things. But in the interest of keeping both you and I awake, let's just cut to the chase and agree to agree that getting a good night's sleep is of paramount importance to pretty much every, single, solitary aspect of your well-being.   read more


June 12, 2014  |   6:06 AM  |  COMMENT
Move Over Kale, There's a New Top Veggie in Town

Hey health freaks: We hear you over there touting the relative benefits of superfoods, shouting from the hilltops how much you love stuff like kale and acai berries. But guess what? The truth is, some of these so-called superfoods may not be as healthy as we thought.   read more


June 11, 2014  |   6:06 AM  |  COMMENT
Olivia Palermo Rules Summer with a New Sunglasses Collaboration

• Professional pretty person Olivia Palermo just teamed up with Westward Leaning to design a collection of sunglasses. The range is named for all of her favorite places like Palm Springs and Saint Germaine, and all cost $210, ten percent of which goes to charity. [Stylebistro]   read more


June 11, 2014  |   5:06 AM  |  COMMENT
The 'World's Ugliest Woman' Takes on Online Bullying

A few years ago, Lizzie Velasquez was browsing around YouTube when she came across a video one day, titled, "World's Ugliest Woman." She clicked, and found out that the video, which had garnered more than four million views, was actually about her.   read more


June 10, 2014  |   6:06 AM  |  4 COMMENTS
Study: You Can be Obese and Still be Super Healthy

• There is such a thing as being obese and healthy. It's called "metabolically healthy obesity," and it means that the obese person doesn't have an increased risk for health problems because of their obesity. This isn't every obese person, of course, but what researchers are calling a subgroup of overweight people. But basically? Obesity isn't as black and white as you might have thought. [Greatist]   read more


June 10, 2014  |   5:06 AM  |  1 COMMENT
The Incurable Disease That Almost Stole My Career

One morning, I woke up and realized my eyes were swollen shut. The rash that had been creeping up my chest over the holidays was now covering my entire neck. I'd been keeping it under wraps by avoiding plunging necklines, styling my wardrobe around turtlenecks. But the outfit that I had planned for my blog shoot today was not going to hide the rash, and red was not a part of my planned color scheme.   read more


June 6, 2014  |   9:06 AM  |  12 COMMENTS

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