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Keep Your Kale, I'm Trying the New "Ice Cream Cleanse"

A California creamery claims that raw, saturated fat is a "miracle worker" for the human body

Who's down for a cleanse?
Who's down for a cleanse?
I am an ardent fan of the juice cleanse. I've tried many of the commercial ones (Blue Print is my favorite) and always enjoy the results -- if not the first 12 hours.

The leaning out, the de-puffing the clear(ing) complexion -- all aces in my book. And, I absolutely love the no-brainer convenience of reaching for a bottle and not having to plan a meal. Factor in that I genuinely like the way most of them taste (that nasty macadamia milk notwithstanding) and, if they weren't so expensive, I'd be happy to juice cleanse my way through life.

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In fact, I've been contemplating the 5-day "Excavation Cleanse" -- spring break is just around the corner -- but this morning, something came across my Feedly feed that may have (permanently) altered that plan.

The headline alerted me to the fact that Kippy's, an organic, non-dairy ice cream shop in, where else?, Venice, Calif., is promoting the first-ever "Ice Cream Cleanse." Had it been April 1st, I wouldn't have bothered to click through but, as it turns out, the story was on the up and up.

The shop, which scoops only Truly. Raw. Gourmet. ice creams and sorbets which are "100% Real Food" ("We use ingredients that are as close as possible to the way nature made them. We never add fillers, emulsifiers, or preservatives"), offers a $240, four-day cleanse that has you eating five pints of ice each day. For reals.

In a very convincing couple of paragraphs, Kippy's explains (and justifies) the cleanse, hammering home the point that "raw saturated fat helps us digest, repairs the gut, feeds the brain, boosts metabolism," and is pretty much the holy grail for all that ails you. Oh, and according to the spiel, in addition to all those internal benefits, living on ice cream for the better part of a week will make you lose weight and feel great while doing it. So, really, what's not to like?

Call me a skeptic but, even after reading the rationale, I wasn't too sure I bought the concept, I mean, talk about sounding too good to be true. Determined to learn more, I did a little Googling and found a story on Fitmodo by a guy who'd taken the cleanse for a spin with his girlfriend.

Despite figuring out that a pint of Kippy's Truly Raw Coconut contains 820 percent (!) of one's RDA for saturated fat, this guy dug into his pints with gusto. Aside from the typical jolt to the digestive system, intermittent lulls in energy and some wacky dreams, the four days passed without much drama and he ended up losing nearly six pounds. (Which, alas, in typical post-cleanse fashion, returned within a week or so.)

"[I] generally felt pretty good for most of it," he writes. "At no point did [I] ever feel truly hungry. Even cravings were very manageable, which was pretty shocking."

So, I ponder ... a bottle of blended spinach, beets, ginger and apple or a pint of dark chocolate Himalayan Fire Salt ice cream? Seems like a no-brainer, right?

For most normal people, sure, but, truth be told, I don't even like ice cream all that much. However, in the name of science (?) and because it's my journalistic duty to get to the bottom of these types of critical beauty mysteries, I might just be willing to give the ice cream cleanse a shot.

How about you?

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