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12 Apps That'll Make You Skinny

For most of us, our phone is an adult-version of a security blanket. Without it we feel isolated, lost, and let's face it, bored. C'mon, admit it: Haven't there been a few times when you almost ran into a pole, a mailbox, or a stranger because you were thoroughly absorbed in a work email (or more likely, a vicious round of Words with Friends)? Thought so.   Get skinny


11 Bright Makeup Colors That Work on Everyone

Tell me if you've been here before: You see a picture in a magazine of a stunning fuchsia pink lipstick that looks AMAZING on the model, so you promptly rip out the magazine page and hightail it to Sephora with one mission: To get that fuchsia lipstick.   Get makeup


14 Best Pixie Cuts and Bobs for Your Face Shape

We make hundreds of decisions a day: what to eat, who to date, where to spend our hard-earned cash. And typically, we make our decisions based on two options: the safe way and the risky way. Do we hit our go-to Indian place or try the new spot across town? Do we date the good-on-paper accountant or go for that hot (if unemployed and still couch surfing) musician? Do we put extra cash in savings -- or buy a few stocks in a startup we really believe in?   Get a short haircut


8 Daring Color Trends Everyone Can Pull Off

Is your makeup bag filled with brown eyeshadows and clear lip glosses? If so, it may be time to break out of your beige-colored comfort zone and try one of these hot new color trends. We'll show you how   See colors


One Month to a Brighter, Healthier Smile

I recently decided that it's time for me to face the cold hard truth: I do not look like Sofia Vergara, nor will I ever look like Sofia Vergara.   Get brighter, health


7 Healthy Ingredients Your Diet Needs

If I read another article telling me to drop the Twinkie and replace it with a carrot stick, I'm going to hurl my cream-filled cakes at the computer screen.   See them


3 Lipsticks That Work on Every Woman

Since we spend all our waking hours talking to pro makeup artists and celeb hairstylists, we editors are walking beauty encyclopedias. Have brittle nails? Take a fish oil supplement. Want to elongate your face? Get side bangs and contour your face with bronzer. But ask us which lipstick shades flatter women of all skin tones and we're stumped.   Discover the univers


Sephora Stalker: Women Reveal What's Really Worth Buying

When Holly Golightly gets the mean reds, she goes to Tiffany's and the sparkling diamonds put her right at ease. Us? We go to Sephora.   See products


How to Apply Eyeliner: 10 Looks for Beginners and Pros

Want to up your "how to apply eyeliner" game? Whether you're an eyeliner rookie or a winged-tip-wearing-snob, these makeup artist techniques will help you master 10 stunning eyeliner looks on your first try.   Get looks


7 Fast Fixes for Hair Color Emergencies

Did your attempt to try the latest celebrity hair color trend end in tears and a shade that was more Bozo the Clown than Rihanna? Or did that just happen to us?   Get fixes


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