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8 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles You Can Actually DIY

There's something so enchanting about braided hairstyles. Braids are one of the few effects that can transform a hot mess of unwashed hair into an ethereal masterpiece. To that end, I'm not ashamed to admit that I spend a good amount of time on Pinterest swooning over boards dedicated to intricate braided hairstyles.   read more


How To Do Your Own Bridal Makeup

It's July, which means we are officially about a month into wedding season! (Yay!) It also means that a lot of brides have been asking me how to do their own makeup for their weddings, with concerns ranging from, "I'm worried it'll melt off" (check out these melt-proof makeup tips) to "I don't know how to get my makeup to look good in photos."   Step one


The Dramatic Pixie Cut Makeover

Our makeover dream team -- celebrity hairstylists and owners of Lukaro Beverly Hills salon Luke and Rona O'Connor, and celebrity makeup artist Taylor Babaian -- shows how a busy mom like Rachel can add sophistication to her look in less than 10 minutes. Follow her amazing transformation to pick up time-saving tips for yourself.   See tips


24 Celebs Who Will Save The Earth

If Cameron and Gwyneth do it, will you do it too? Yes, celebs have millions
of dollars at their disposal (to offset those travel emissions, for one) but   Green celebs


Wacky Fitness Devices That Really Work

Stop us if this sounds familiar: It's 2 AM, and despite your best efforts to stop today's to-do list from taking over your mind, you're wide-awake, staring at the TV. The concept of doing a sleep-inducing shoulder stand has lost its appeal to the thought of watching part of that movie you've seen 100 times while eating the scrumptious chocolate chip cookie dough you have stashed in the freezer. And just as you're stuffing a second, third, fourth spoonful in your mouth, you're momentarily mesmerized by a peppy, slim fitness instructor wearing a leotard and a Scrunchie, describing some overweight girl's amazing (and, uh, completely bogus) transformation story: "Kate lost 150 pounds after just two months of using the fat-blasting thingamajig. It was so easy! Buy one now and we'll send you free ankle weights and an instructional DVD."   See devices


U.S. Cities with the Least Plastic Surgery

Would you spend your savings on cheek implants? Maybe not, if you live in middle America. Or if you live in Arizona, you might prefer a chemical peel instead. Or, if you live in Jersey City, you might skip plastic surgery altogether and learn to love your so-called natural beauty "flaws."   See the list


9 Most Expensive Skin Care Creams

Designer lipstick? $29. Top-of-the-line eyelash curler? $19. Eternal youth in a jar? Evidently, the sky's the limit. While beauty and skin care secrets go from today's obsessions with Botox and sunscreen all the way back to Cleopatra's milk-and-honey baths, maintaining a youthful appearance has always involved smooth, hydrated skin. That said, although the world's most legendary beauties regularly get expensive facials and splurge on high-tech treatments, we bet even they think twice about dropping an entire grand on a palm-sized tub of anti-aging moisturizer. (You read that right; we said "an entire grand.")   See the list


9 Haircuts to Try Before You Die

Earth to all those stuck in a hair rut: Your hair is there for the experimenting. It's the one part of your identity that gets to have all the fun with little to no permanent consequences. So take advantage! Instead of wearing the same, "safe" style every day, we implore you to try something different, something wacky, something good for your sense of adventure -- a brand new haircut. It's amazing how even a trim can not only change your appearance, but also help you feel more feminine, daring and empowered. (As celebrity hairstylist Italo Gregorio says, "You won't know what's right for you until you've tried as many things as possible.") Besides, the beauty of hair is that if you don't like it, you can always change it. See the 9 haircuts you should try before you die now.   See cuts


13 Crazy Makeup Looks to Try Before You Die

From full brows to bright eyeliner, there are a ton of makeup looks seen on the runways that might seem too "out there" for daily wear. I mean, really, who's going to use stencils to apply her eyeshadow, then glue a giant piece of lace to her face? (Oh wait, is that Lady Gaga with her hand raised?)   See looks


10 U.S. Cities with the Most Tattoos

Well, it's official. Whether or not you think tattoos are sexy forms of self-expression, Maxim, Playboy, and FOX have all pegged tattooed beauties as some of the hottest in the world. The most recent picks? Britney (yes, she still makes many of the lists!), Angelina, Katy Perry, Zoe Saldana, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba. And, lest we forget the opposite sex: Johnny Depp (People's "Sexiest Man Alive" two years in a row), Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Hugh Jackman, to name a few, all have several tats. They are but shining examples of the reason tattoos are today's favorite "beauty marks."   See cities


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