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Reader Q&A: "Does Anything Work to Reduce Cellulite?"

Posted 02/14/12 at 05:05AM by Audrey Fine

This week's question comes from Emma in Oregon who wants to know "Is there any exercise that will help me reduce cellulite?" For answers to that age-old question that plagues lots of us, we turned to Ashley Borden, a celebrity fitness consultant. Let's find out, can you reduce cellulite?

"I would say there are things you can do to improve it," says Borden. "Myofascia release -- or as i call it 'rolling out' -- helps eliminate the appearance of it because it breaks up the tissue."

Ok, but what is myofascia release? We wanted to know too, so we consulted Dr. Ben Kim's website, as he explains: "The goal with myofascia release is to promote healthy superficial fascia, which is a layer of connective tissue that lies between your skin and your muscles. Over time, sub-optimal food choices, lack of optimal rest and activity, and emotional stress can contribute to a buildup of metabolic waste throughout your body's superficial fascia. When this happens, your superficial fascia can develop restrictions that impede proper flow of nutrients and waste products between your skin, fascia, and muscles."

Myofascia release can be achieved via massage, but by "rolling" Borden's talking about using your own body weight to roll on a foam cylinder. The pressure -- a sort of self-massage -- helps to restore the "flow" that Kim referred to. [Editor's note: It hurts a lot the first couple of times but in a (kind of) good way.]

Can't picture yourself rolling around on a foam tube? Borden reminds us that, "old school strength and cardio work is still great -- any time you build muscle it keeps your metabolic rate higher and burns fat."

If you're looking for a solution that won't make you sweat, you can consult this list of creams that really do work at reducing the annoying dimpling. Another solution is to apply a self-tanner, sometimes some simple camouflage is the best plan of attack.

Hint: Before going for the faux glow, be sure to get your skin as smooth as possible by following these expert skin care tips.
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  • Posted by EricaC123 on 12/29/12 at 03:08pm

    Tube rolling, interesting..

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  • Posted by beautybody on 03/25/12 at 08:05pm

    I wish I could roll out my cellulite. Nothing is more unattractive to me.

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  • Posted by powerwoman033 on 03/14/12 at 09:08am

    When it comes to cellulite and toning up, I pretty much figure creams and potions won't do the trick. I realize it took some work to achieve my level of cellulite and flab, so it will most likely take even more work to get it off or make it better. I will be trying the rolling massage technique along with some exercise! Thanks for the informative tips!

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  • Posted by Nicole2814 on 03/10/12 at 09:24pm

    its alright

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