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Why I Think Stealth Resolutions are the Best Kind

Posted 01/03/11 at 01:17PM by Audrey Fine

One of very few things in life that I think is more excruciating than having to listen to someone give a play by play of a dream they had the other night, is having to endure a litany of intended new year's resolutions. I mean, I may love you dearly but, please, spare me the pontificating and just DO whatever it is you're wanting to accomplish -- then I'll be impressed.

Take these two girls at my office, I'll call them Jane and Meghan because, well, those are their names. Anyway, these two brave chicks didn't sit around boring the entire steno pool (we don't really have one, I'm just making sure you're paying attention) with their "this year I'm gonna (insert resolution)" proclamations, instead, both of them showed up this morning sporting entirely new looks!

Over the holiday break Jane had cut her amazing long, glossy hair into an even more awesome bob. A drastic change like that had to have taken guts, but she just kept her eye on the prize, sucked it up and did it -- to fabulous results.

And, Meghan, whom I've only ever known as a blonde, waltzed right in here today with chocolate brown hair -- the tone of which is so incredibly flattering that it's hard to believe it's not natural.

There's also my friend Staci who, for 2010, decided she was going to lose the weight she'd gained with her second pregnancy three years ago. For 12 long months she kept quiet about it -- she didn't drive us all nuts with tales of diets and spin class and weigh ins. Instead, she kept her tribulations to herself and when, on Friday night at a new year's eve party, she showed up looking healthier, happier and tinier than we'd seen her in years, we were all blown away. There was a resolution that had succeeded -- on so many levels.

I guess my takeaway is that I won't be hopping onto some soap box to declare that I'm finally going to wear sunblock and actually start moving my lazy butt (a little) or that I plan to conquer my struggle with aging gracefully. Rather, I'm going to make a commitment to not talk about those things. To just, as some clever ad guys once said, DO THEM.

How 'bout you? Do you have your eyes set on accomplishing a thing (or 20) this year? Does telling your friends about a goal you're working towards make it easier to get it done? And, would you ever, ever in a million years dive right in and get a pixie ?
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  • Posted by EricaC123 on 12/30/12 at 09:07am

    Nice reading

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  • Posted by powerwoman033 on 03/14/12 at 08:32pm

    I think New Year resolutions are the perfect set up for failure. I am good enough at not staying consistent without setting myself up for more disappointment. I agree that sometimes it's best to keep your New Year aspirations close to the vest! :)

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  • Posted by anna_davis on 11/28/11 at 02:19pm

    i love listening to what people are hoping for in the new year. no matter if i dont know u much, tell me what ur planning to work on. Im their to suport anyone who wants help making their life better or making their hopes come true

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  • Posted by LipglossandSpandex on 07/21/11 at 08:02pm

    I don't think that it's necessary to be silent about your resolutions. One of mine was to run a marathon--and I did. But I needed running buddies to help keep me motivated and we trained for races around the same time. Sharing your goals can help you achieve them if your friends are supportive. A friend at work has been working on losing weight/eating healthy/becoming more active. She told me and that I'd been a motivation to her. That inspired me to continue to be healthy, and I liked encouraging her and seeing her succeed. Yes, it can be really annoying when people overshare or just TALK TALK TALK about doing their goals and never actually do anything about them. But there's nothing wrong with getting some good friends in on it!

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  • Posted by jmk on 02/24/11 at 05:04pm

    I think it's a great idea to keep your resolution to yourself if you tend to get caught up in pitfalls. But, sometimes sharing your goals with close friends will help you stay on track...

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  • Posted by Bon_Bon on 02/21/11 at 02:17pm

    Keep your lips locked. Great advice, I wish I had done that because every time I fail someone has to point it out to me.

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