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25 Looks From the 2024 Golden Globes To Make You Feel Like You Were There

Did someone say "besties"?
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Barbie may not have scored well, especially given the avalanche of buzz and craze (and money) it received globally before the 2024 Golden Globes happened, but her makeup style totally ruled the red carpet this year.

There was glitter and embellishments everywhere, and not just on Taylor Swift's nails. The gowns were dripping in sparkle, and when they weren't, it was the stunning jewelry the celebrities were sparkling in. That may explain the overall nude and monochromatic makeup preference: balance is key to timeless elegance, after all. Still, as always, red made its appearance, mostly through dresses and hair accessories; least of all on the lips this year, but we shall not leave you wanting. When it comes to hair styling, there was a mix of old Hollywood waves, sleek ponytails adorned with not-so-discreet, but oh-so-fab hair accessories, and even heavily styled hair was the opposite of elaborate (meaning there were no sculptures made of hair this time, thankfully). The hairstyle type was mostly relaxed — like messy buns, half-up-half-down, or free, flowing, not overly styled hair. Overall impression? The most down-to-earth, although marvelously sophisticated, red carpet celebrity makeup and hair looks in recent years.

The makeup was there to bring their best features to glow, not overshadow them. And the hairstyles? Not only can you easily recreate them (for real, though), but you've probably already styled your hair this way for a special night or two. See what we mean by down-to-earth? Enjoy the glamor and natural beauty of both, the Golden Globe winners and guests alike.

Image via Christopher Polk Golden Globes 2024/Getty

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America Ferrera
The side-swept bob that you've worn to your friend's birthday dinner? Red carpet-worthy, too. It suits America fabulously, and she paired it with rosy lips, cheeks, and lids to match.

Image via Steve Granitz/Getty

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Ali Wong
One makeup trend that stood out? Absolutely flawless base, as you can see on Ali Wong. Gentle, monochromatic pink makeup with a sleek lower bun spoke elegance all the way.

Image via Amy Sussman/Getty

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Andra Day
The gorgeous placement of highlighted braids complemented the coral pink eyeshadow, opening the whole face to glow. The brown lip liner was placed impeccably to give the lips a lustrous look.

Image via Monica Schipper GA/Getty

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Amanda Seyfried
Amanda was one of the few people who opted for a bolder makeup look in terms of color pallette. The hair was straight, pulled back and secured at the ears, allowing the purple shadow, applied all around the eyes, to make them take center stage.

Image via Axelle Bauer-Griffin/Getty

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