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Barbie Nails You Haven't Seen a Hundred Times Before

Pink is still the CEO
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The Barbie mania put us, perhaps briefly, and perhaps not, in a world within our world, one where childhood nostalgia intertwines with a sophisticated palette of a grown woman. Even Google turns all pink when you search for "Barbie movie" — give it a try, it's really cute. The allure of Barbie takes on a new form via our new experience with her (and of her — one that transcends generations yet maintains a touch of grown-up elegance. Barbie nails have been around steadily over the years, but they are now taking up more room. You can find intricate bows, dainty pearls, and even miniature recreations of Barbie's outfits, 3D or painted. Pink is still the CEO of colors used and softer pinks at that. Here, fuchsia will just not make the cut.

Nail artists are increasingly posting Barbie-inspired works on their accounts, and the Barbie nail designs we're sharing with you manage to aesthetically merge innocence with elegance, reminding us that even as adults, we can hold onto the enchantment of our youth while embracing our refined tastes. It's a nod to the past, a celebration of the present, and a playful wink at the future — all captured in the intricate details of a manicure. Barbie nails aren't just a trend; they're a charming reminder that some things, like the magic of Barbie, never truly fade away — they simply grow up alongside us, in joy and style.

Image via @naileditbeauty

Photo 2/11
Heart Dip
We love the almond tips looking like they've been dipped into a jar of little hearts.

Image via @pomalowanki_iwona_wilk

Photo 3/11
Curves And Edges
The curvy design complements the straight nail tips, making this take on a negative space manicure playful and artsy at the same time.

Image via @_nailsbyemmaa_

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Barbie vs Barbicore
True Barbicore aesthetic would require nude, not pink nails, as we see Barbie in the movie with an opaque rosey-nude nail color. However, our nails spoke <>Barbie through pink nail designs, and this mani brings the two together.

Image via @monmayernails

Photo 5/11
Longer nail — bigger canvas. You could join some 3D detailing with cream and metallic nail polishes in one big, happy, Barbie manicure.

Image via @jellybayn_nails

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