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The Best Gender-Inclusive Skin, Hair and Makeup Products

Because beauty doesn't have to be gender-specific.
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Over the last few years, we've seen the emergence of a slew of beauty brands challenging traditional norms with gender-neutral products. It makes sense since skin is skin and hair is hair. How you care for yours really has nothing to do with your gender. These days, there are also quite a few gender-inclusive makeup brands out there that encourage everyone to get in on the fun.

So we rounded up the best gender-inclusive beauty products across the categories of skin care (for your face and your body), hair and makeup to fill out your routine.

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Eir NYC Active Face Wash, $22

This gender-neutral facial cleanser is made with African black soap to deeply cleanse without stripping your skin of moisture. The mousse-like texture is ultra luxurious and feels so good.

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Consider this face serum a glass of water for your skin. It's formulated with sodium hyaluronate to lock in moisture and relieve dryness. It also contains soothing chamomile and lavender. The lightweight gel texture makes it an excellent choice for oilier skin types.

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Context launched its genderless skin care line in 2018. The brand's detoxifying face mask is our favorite of the bunch. It draws out impurities and makes skin feel softer and smoother.

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Non Gender Specific creates products for people of all genders, skin tones and skin types. And you'll certainly feel fancy when you use this luxurious face oil that contains over 70 nutrients to boost skin health.

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